10 Cool Shot Glasses for Drink

10 Cool Shot Glasses

Cool Shot Glasses

Shot glasses are small glasses designed for storing liquids in amounts between 25ml and 50ml. In addition to being used to drink, shot glasses can also be used to make cocktails, such as jiggers.

Shot glasses can be used to serve cocktails as well as strong spirits and liqueurs in appropriate amounts. 

It has traditionally been drunk in a rapid-fire manner, thus the name ‘shot’.

According to the UK’s Weights and Measurements Act, a business may serve a single shot of 25ml or 35ml, or a double shot of 50ml. 

A shot in the US is defined as one fluid ounce (30ml), one fluid ounce and 1.5 fluid ounces (44ml), and two fluid ounces (74ml).

Pourers are typically used instead of simply pouring spirits or liqueurs straight from the bottle. Having a pourer allows for better control of the flow of liquid in a shot glass because of its small size. 

Using a pourer is particularly useful when creating layered shots such as the B-52 since the contents of the shot cannot mix because the liquid can be poured slowly.

Best Cool Shot Glasses

Tequila is preferred by some people. Others prefer vodka.  What about some whiskey shots? 

It doesn’t matter what poison you choose, you’ll need a cool shot glass no matter what. 

Among the various options you have out there, you can find tactical shot glasses and caped superhero glasses. 

Choosing the right option for your home bar can be challenging because there are so many options available. 

Luckily, we scoured the internet to collect some of the best shot glasses around, so worry no more fellow boozers. 

If you want to see which shot glasses made the list, click on the links below each description.

1.Barbuzzo Mason Jar Shot Glasses

cool shot glass 1

Who doesn’t like mason jars? In addition to use as a shot glass, the new 2.4 oz shot glass can also be used as a glass of water. Is it really necessary for a shot glass to have a lid that looks similar to that on a tiny mason jar?

We have a great selection of cool Mason Jar Shot Glasses so you can place your favorite shot glass with your moonshine-carrying mason jars and enjoy your favorite beverage with a bit of southern charm.


2.Genuine Fred Cool Shooters Shot Glass

cool shot glass 2

It’s hard to imagine they’re made from actual ice, but the Cool Shooters Ice Shot Glasses are one of the coolest shot glasses on the market. It is easy to make a cool glass by pouring your liquor into the silicone mold, freezing it, and you have a glass that keeps your drink cold until you are ready to drink it. You don’t have to clean your shot glass after you use it. The shot glass can either be eaten or allowed to melt away. 


3.JoyJolt Heavy Base Shot Glass

cool shot glass 3

After a successful shot, one of the most satisfying aspects of the game is slamming the glass to the ground. The shot glasses’ sturdy weighted bases prevent breakage, resulting in virtually unbreakable shot glasses. The sophisticated design looks striking on a shelf and feels solid in the hand.

Furthermore, the square-shaped shot glasses contain two ounces, so they make excellent cocktail measuring glasses.


4.Crystal Clear Checkers Shot Drinking Glass

cool shot glass 4

Is there anything better on a Tuesday night than playing Shot Glass Checkers, the ultimate checkers game, with shot glasses. A whiskey game can be played against vodka or a game played with any combination of liquors you enjoy. There are 13 clear one ounce shot glasses and 13 frosted one ounce shot glasses included in this set, as well as a glass checker board with rubber feet. Regardless of whether you win or lose, you won’t care at the end of the game. Shot Glass Checkers is technically a game in which everyone wins.


5.Genuine Fred DOOMED Crystal Skull Shot glass

cool shot glass 5

The type of shot glass shown here will appeal to boozers who like to spice up their libations at night. The crystal skull that serves as the wall of the “Doomed” Crystal Skull Shot Glass is actually a skull. No matter which drink you choose, you will see the skull in that color. With its 2.5 ounce capacity, you can drink whatever you choose, and its eerie effect will definitely enhance the evening.


6.Silipint Silicone Shot Glasses

cool shot glass 6

Aside from the tie-dye-colored green, rainbow, blue, orange, and clear glasses, these glasses serve up soiree-ready visuals. Besides offering party-perfect colors (bonus: If guests plan to partake in multiple shots, the different colors can prevent glasses from being mixed up), these silicone glasses are also durable. However, they are reasonably heavy and well constructed.

Even when dropped, smashed, or knocked over, these tough glasses are resistant to cracks, chips, and fading. They are microwaveable, dishwasherable, and freezer-safe in addition to being unbreakable. Each glass holds 1.5 ounces, and the set contains six of them.


7.The Original 50 Cal Shot Glass by Barbuzzo

cool shot glass 7

This shot glass is made from premium-grade ceramic so that it will keep your drinks at the appropriate temperature for a long time. This gun mimics the look of a sawed-off 50 caliber. The ceramics appear to be made of bare stone. This gives it a unique style that can only be achieved by bullets. Shot glasses manufacturer Barbuzzo likewise produces shot glasses known as Revolver shot glasses. However, there are fewer quantities available for these. This type of shot glass holds two ounces of your favorite beverage, which redefines the term “shot glass.”. 


8.Deathly Hallows Pint and Shot glass by Orange Kat

cool shot glass 8

Due to our own small living spaces, we understand there is limited storage space for all things, including your glassware cabinet. The gadget lets you drink beer and take shots from the same glass. The glass can be turned upside down according to your mood. 


9.Shot Glasses by Valeways Store

cool shot glass 9

You can think of these glasses as teeny, tiny versions of brandy snifters. Glasses come in two sizes: a shot glass and a testing glass, which are designed for smelling, swirling, and sipping without spilling.

With the handle, you can keep your hand away from the wine when you’re drinking it or shooting it back. A standard tasting glass is half the size of these. 

Small quantities of fine spirits, such as rum, Scotch, Cognac, or whisky, can be enjoyed in a fine glass like this one. They come as a six-piece set and have a capacity of 1.75 oz. The best way to extend their life is to wash them by hand. You can wash them in the dishwasher.


10.PhotoFramesPlus Collapsible Shot Glass Key Ring

cool shot glass 10

The cool stainless steel shot glass unfolds into a capacity of 50ml when you need it, and can be attached to a keychain for easy portability. The reason for celebrating should arise at any time.


A Guide to Buying Cool Shot Glasses

  • A shot glass is a small, narrow glass vessel used to hold liquor, which may be mixed with other drinks or can be consumed directly from the glass, hence the term “shot”. 
  • Cocktails are typically prepared with shot glasses as a means of measuring liquor. At social parties and discos, people like to drink tequila and other kinds of liquor.
  • A shot glass is useful for making candles because it allows you to customize the size, shape, color, and scent. It’s easy to use these candles anywhere, from cafes to romantic dinners and event spaces to home events.
  • Shot glasses can be used to make desserts. Shot glasses look best when they hold several layers of dessert. The dessert can be made more appealing by adding different colors and textures. An appetizer that is perfect for a party is shrimp cocktails. 
  • As well as shot glasses, vases can be made from them. With shot glasses serving as vases, restaurants can create a more elegant setting without having to clutter their tables. These small floral vases allow your clients to see the whole table along with the flowers it contains. 
  • If shot glasses can be used instead of tea bags, tea lovers will appreciate them. In addition to being able to reuse the tea bag, you should store tea bags in shot glasses. 

Shot glasses types 

The following models of shot glasses were used in various occasions

  1. A standard set of shot glasses – As a standard size, glasses measure about two inches high by one and a half inches wide. Glasses with a capacity of 1.5 ounces of alcohol are widely available. Short glasses are thicker at the bottom to prevent breaking when slammed on a table or bar. 
  2. A small shot glass โ€“ It is basically a shot glass that can hold a single ounce of liquor. Also called horse shot, the pony shot is a shot taken with a pony. Cheater glasses also come in the form of small shot glasses. Shot capacity of the cheater glass is reduced due to the thicker base of this glass, which is just as tall as the standard shot glass. 
  3. Made-to-order shot glasses – Also called a shot glass, a fluted shot glass comes in several styles. This glass is standard shot glass size and shape, but it is customized and has an interesting design. At the bottom or on the side, this shot glass is engraved with a custom message or design. Restaurants and companies commonly use these shot glasses 
  4. A tall shot glass – These short glasses are perfect for drinkers who enjoy mixing alcohol with other beverages. It is usually a thin and thin shot glass with a wide top. The thinner materials in these glasses make them prone to breaking in the event that they are smashed. 

What should you know before you go? 

The glass is used for many other purposes besides drinking, such as decoration, making candles, playing games, and even giving as a gift. Purchase shot glasses based on the occasion, the frequency of use, and the price you will pay. Furthermore, it is also beneficial to use shot glasses that are made from materials that are non-toxic. The following aspects need to be considered

  •  It is important to keep in mind the capacity of shot glasses when purchasing them. Alcohol drinkers who do not mix their drinks with other beverages or who prefer desserts should choose larger portions.
  • Composition- Glass is made from various types of materials depending on what it is intended to be used for. Material that is intended solely for decoration should not be used for drinking. 
  • Shot glasses need to be designed well. Elegant designs can be spotted more easily than common models. Due to this reason, custom shot glasses are common among companies and restaurants. 
  • The thickness of the layer – Glass thickness is important depending on how you intend to use it. The glasses should have thicker bases if you anticipate the users smashing them against the table. 
  • Cost -You should always compare the prices and varieties of the products you buy before deciding to buy them. Even though they are cheap in the short run, cheap glasses will always cost you more in the long run. For many customers, especially those who drink a lot, Amazon offers a wide selection of shot glasses. 

When buying a shot glass, consider the following factors

  • Shot glasses are made from a variety of materials, some of which are beneficial while others are purely ornamental. Shot glasses are often made of glass, but there are a variety of other options. In addition to edible shot glasses made from chocolate, you can also create them from ceramics, pewter or metal. 
  • There are different types and designs of small shot glasses, depending on the purpose of the shot glasses. To enhance the beauty of your home, use colorful shot glasses for decorating, glass vases for your flowers, and glasses for candle making. For drinks served at bars, shot glasses should have thick bases, while dessert shots should be transparent to allow customers to see what they will be drinking. 
  • The type of shot glass needed depends on the circumstances. It is possible to engrave a shot glass for a wedding with custom text, as opposed to a shot glass designed for a date. 
  • Budget should be taken into account when buying shot glasses. Ceramic and pewter shot glasses are typically more expensive than metal and glass ones. Shot glasses are the cheapest hobby since they are consumed with shot glasses. We rounded up 5 of the coolest and best shot glasses on the market for your next liquor shot.
  • Using this mason jar shot glass to start off a drinking day, you have 2.5 ounces of alcohol to start off. 
  • The Ice Shot Glasses from Cool Shooter are made of ice. The ice can either be eaten or allowed to melt away after you have taken shots. The shot glasses are more popular than the bottles.
  •  Muzzle-shot Tactical Shot Glass These are aluminum shot glasses designed after flash hiders of a gun. This shot glass holds up to 1.5 ounces of liquor. Drinking doesnโ€™t go wrong with this shot glass.
  •  Shot-shell XL Whiskey Shot Glass-This shot glass is crafted from a heavy duty stainless steel material. The glass holds 4.5 ounces of liquor and it can surely stand up against the toughest liquor glasses Shot Glass Tactical Muzzle-shot Shot Glass.Aluminum shot glasses are designed in a similar fashion to flash hiders found on firearms. 
  • The checkers game also includes a board and 13 glasses,13 of them clear and 13 of them frosted. The reason why checks are common in shot games is that no one can bet on the outcome. 


What is the best way to clean and maintain shot glasses?

Glasses with a protective coating last longer when they are cleaned immediately after use. The glass can be hand washed or put in the dishwasher, and dried upside down. By polishing, you can shine.

How much is an ounce of shot glass?

Typically, shot glasses have a capacity of 1 ounce, but some have a capacity of 1.5 ounces or more. 

How else can shot glasses be used besides for spirits?

Yes! Toothpicks and martini picks can be stored in them, and they’re also useful for serving desserts.

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