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23 Best Gifts for Police Academy Graduation

Police Academy Graduation Gift

A police officer’s graduation from the police academy, after years of training and hard work and a determination to make a difference, is the day they become excited and filled with pride.

A police badge has always been a dream for some, and when it comes true, they can’t contain their joy.

Best Gifts for Police Academy 

There is no doubt that they will graduate from police academy in the near future, and you are very proud of them! Show your appreciation for their hard work by getting them a congratulatory gift. Is there a gift you would like to receive at the home of a new cop? Is there something they could use in their line of work? Getting your police academy diploma should ensure that you make the police proud, and it will make their first day as officers easier! It’s not too late to find the perfect gift! These gifts will be a great addition to law enforcement academy graduates’ gifts.

1.Stainless Steel Watch

police academy graduation gift 1

Simple gifts can be the most appreciated. The tradition of gifting watches as a token of appreciation has been around for a long time. Fathers usually gift watches to their sons as a way of showing them that they are proud of them.

Your thoughtful gift will never be forgotten if you include the message on the watch belt.


2.Gun Decanter Bullet Glasses

police academy graduation gift 2

It should be illegal to give such an exciting gift! Make a memorable gift for the new officer!

 This gun decanter set makes a super impressive gift your loved ones will treasure forever, so you can enjoy a drink together when you’re relaxing off the clock. 

You can use it to store whiskey or other spirits as well as decorative pieces that will delight guests. 

Adding bullet-embedded glasses is the cherry on top of such an outstanding gift. They are borderline criminals in their coolness!


3.Whisky Glasses Decanter

police academy graduation gift 3

It would make a nice, traditional gift, if ever there was one, to receive this high-quality, heirloom-quality decanter set. The cup and decanter both bear police badge etchings, as well as the name, title and badge number of the police academy graduate.

Beautifully crafted, this set of rocks, glasses and decanter is a wonderful graduation gift for police officers.


4.Whiskey Stone Bullets Gift Set

police academy graduation gift 4

The taste of whiskey is enhanced by the addition of ice cubes. As a result, alcohol absorption will be smoother and the harsh taste will be reduced. Your friends or family members will love these whiskey bullet ice cubes. 

The bullets are made of stainless steel, which ensures their durability over time. Six bullets are included in the set. These chillers work exceptionally well with whiskey. 

Your whiskey will also cool more slowly as a result of these large ice cubes.


5.Ammo Storage Box

police academy graduation gift 5

Their first few years as police officers and the police academy are two of the most memorable times in their lives. As well as an awesome piece of decor, this ammo can will serve as a great storage space for mementos from their academy days! In addition to storing their first official ID and graduation photos in this ammo can, they will be able to use it to keep items stored inside such as documents. A place where they can store these items will be a great relief to them.


6.Bullet Bottle Opener

police academy 6

The ideal gift for me as a writer is a typewriter-related one. As always, it brings back pleasant memories of one of my jobs.

Bullets remind a new cop of the job that he just graduated from, despite the fact that they are not the best things to see. Whenever they receive this set, they will be delighted with the bottle openers.

To help preserve its beautiful finish over time, this bottle opener is made from genuine polished brass. 

In addition to the rifle, the case box comes with it. When it is not in use, keep it in the case so you can store it when not using it. The color of the shirt that makes your friend the happiest is also up to you.


7.Backseat Car Organizer

police academy graduation gift 7

It’s always a good idea to give the graduate a gift that will make his or her first day on the force easier. Its two side compartments and one front compartment help officers keep many small items and documents organized in their patrol cars.

It is easy to remove the car seat strap from this bag and take it to your office thanks to the quick-detach buckle.


8.Whiskey Glasses

police academy graduation gift 8

My favorite whiskey glass may be this one. The idea is fantastic. This gift will be appreciated by everyone.

They would also be unlikely to drink 30 year old whisky if a bullet struck their glass, spilling it. Remembering those memories is not a good thing.

As far as everything else is concerned, you’re fine. An awesome gift idea.



police academy graduation gift 9

Introducing new police officers to fun gifts that also give them practice speaking with suspects might be a great gift idea! With this personalized poker set, they can have fun when there’s nothing going on at home or in the station. People who know how to read bodies will be better able to detect lies, which will lead to greater productivity!


10. Bean bags and game rules

police academy graduation gift 10

When officers graduate from the police academy, they have studied so hard that they deserve to enjoy themselves occasionally. Graduating police academy graduates can receive this game as a great gift. They’ll enjoy it with their friends and family. At graduation parties and other events, they will be so proud to see the board with their department’s name on it.


11. Smart Reusable Notebook

police academy graduation gift 11

There’s always notes being taken by cops on TV shows. Working at a job requires me to remember too many details.

Could you help them do that in a more efficient and effective way? This eco-friendly notebook can also be backed up on the cloud using the Rocketbook App (which can be heated and then used again).

Your friend will find it much easier to begin his work as a police officer with features like smart titles, smart search, and automated email transcription.


12.Wristlet Keychain

Understanding what your loved one might think is important if he is a future law enforcement officer (LEO). The decisions he made and the line of work he did are likely to cause him to question himself. In the dangerous part of the city, he’ll doubt his safety. If you are unable to be with him during his duty hours, this meaningful keychain will be a great help. Your LEO will be reassured and encouraged by the message.

He can read the message on this key chain once you give it to him and know that everything will be fine. In order to motivate him, he needs to be reassured. This simple, yet effective gift lets you give both.


13.Shadow Box

police academy 13

They have formed lifelong friendships in the police academy and will continue to do so with other officers they work with. A shadow box is the perfect way to remember all the memories you make with your friends! These boxes are perfect for keeping photographs of themselves, as well as bottle caps from beer shared with friends and colleagues when they’re not at work. It will be a symbol of a memory they have shared with a fellow officer.


14.Emotional survival for law enforcement book

police academy 14

Police officers and their families can give this to their graduating officers as a graduation gift from the police academy. It is not uncommon for family members of law enforcement officers to face difficult situations and emotional problems.

This book is an excellent gift for new police officers who may not know how to handle unpleasant circumstances at work as a prevention guide.

The book is not only useful for detectives who struggle with emotional problems or difficult situations. As a form of preparation for unpleasant situations in which they may find themselves, the guide is intended to be used by police officers and their families.

When you let your guard down and are unprepared for adversity, you will likely suffer severe consequences. 


15.You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Ridiculously Real Stories from Real Cops 

police academy 15

There is no requirement that you are a law enforcement officer to enjoy this book. Online, I discovered it piqued my interest.

A lot of the cops told absurd stories in the book, and I was fascinated by what they said. The show is funny, engaging, and entertaining. The book is sure to appeal to anyone, regardless of their career status.

Stories about police experiences for new officers are included in this book. A graduation present of this sort would be perfect for a law enforcement officer since it contains similar items.


16.Dodow – Sleep Aid Device

police academy 16

The shift work, night shifts, and irregular schedules of new officers often cause them to have different sleep schedules. Dodow is a fantastic gift for the police academy graduation because when they sleep, it’s vital they get the best sleep possible. With this ingenious device, their breathing can be calmed overnight through the use of a rhythmic light, ensuring they can fall asleep more quickly and remain asleep.


17. Travel tumbler

police academy 17

You and your policewoman are always on the road. In addition to arresting bad guys and handing out citations, she might cruise the streets looking for problems. The best way to let your girl drink coffee or tea wherever she goes is by giving her a travel tumbler. Its ability to keep drinks at the correct temperature as well as the inspirational saying it contains will be appreciated by law enforcement officers. Additionally, because it’s stainless steel, it can be used throughout her police career.


18.Canvas Wall Art

police academy 18

When they begin working, your brother, son, husband, or son will be excited about starting their careers. As the intensity increases, he will feel his nerves trembling. Using this Blessed Police Officer Canvas, you can display his latest achievement. He can hang the décor on the wall in a matter of seconds with the saw-tooth hanger on the bank. In addition, if you customize the gift, it can have his first name or last name on it, so he will love it. Moreover, you will be able to showcase the day his police academy graduation took place and show the world that you are proud of your son.


19. Duty Belt

police academy belt

Police officers wear distinctive belts as a way to identify their gear. You should assist your loved one in purchasing the equipment and supplies he needs when he is just starting out in law enforcement. There are many excellent duty belts on the market, but the Bianchi Accumold Duty Belt is among the best. Your guy will be able to find one of the three sizes available. It is also padded with two layers of foam to keep it comfortable throughout a long shift.

This belt will last up to 10 or 20 years thanks to its high-density laminate construction. In addition, it features a 3-point release, which makes it one of the safest duty belts on the market.


20. Police Body Camera 

Whether you are a police officer, detective, or guard, you are always in for a surprise during training, work, or experience. 

While the outside world may seem quiet now, it can suddenly change in a moment. 

A body camera would be a good safety precaution for your friend. MIUFLY’s Police Body Camera has night vision and is waterproof, making it a great choice for any environment. No matter what the weather is, it works. GPS tracking and plenty of storage (32GB) are features of the device.

Since it is just as tough and rugged as the police officer you love, it will protect him from erroneous allegations.


21. Flag Hat/Cap

police academy graduation gift 21

It is the police’s intention to convey their pride at being public servants to everyone. Your LEO can show their patriotism and support of law enforcement with the Thin Blue Line Police Hat featuring the American flag. Its distressed denim look lends it the appearance of being worn for years even though it is brand new.

With this adjustable strap, heads of all sizes can be comfortably fitted. Mesh backs are durable and allow for high levels of breathability. In addition, the hat will go great with his or her whole casual wardrobe. Sporting venues, parks, nights on the town with friends, and fishing are all possible venues for wearing this shirt. Regardless of where they go, they’ll always look stylish and trendy.


22. Hoodies

police academy graduation gift 22

Hoodies are very popular in the spring and fall. You can gift this sweater to anyone who likes to go jogging, training outdoors, or playing basketball. With the Rothco Thin Blue Line Hoodie, officers will be able to demonstrate their support of law enforcement to the world. The 100% polyester tee will remain durable, comfortable, and long-lasting despite being worn every day of the week for months on end. Both female and male police academy graduates will appreciate such a gift.



A police officer’s feet must be kept warm, dry, and cozy by simply wearing boots when walking through the woods to search for a suspect. Supports the posterior talofibular ligament and the talus, tibia, and heels with its ankle length design. If you want your officer’s gear to match the colors of his uniform, then choose black, dark brown, and wheat.


Here are six ways to celebrate their accomplishments

The college graduation from the police academy is considered to be one of the greatest achievements in a person’s life. We emphasize thoroughness, rigidity, and hard work in the training. Training at the police academy is perceived as being harder than training at a basic military academy.

The training emphasizes a wide array of topics, including firearms proficiency, driving law enforcement vehicles, using non-lethal defense weapons such as pepper spray and tasers, criminal investigations, traffic safety, and de-escalation training.

Cadets in the police academy also practice patrolling and responding to calls as part of simulation-based training.

Police officers attend a 13-34 week academy course and RCMP officers spend 26 weeks in the program. In the RCMP, cadets spend the entire training period at The Depot, but municipal cadets return home after the training day ends.

Whether your loved one made it through the academy or not, here are some ways to celebrate their accomplishment.

1. Show them your appreciation with a police graduation gift

Your loved one deserves recognition for their dedication as a member of the community they are going to serve. The oath of honor used by law enforcement officers can be displayed on a graduation plaque that displays your honor.

2. Invite them to dinner

A dinner to celebrate a special occasion isn’t unusual, and the gesture is always welcomed. There are never enough celebration dinners.

Find a new restaurant based on what your loved one likes to eat rather than taking them to one they’ve been to a thousand times. Choosing the right restaurant where you live could make the difference between a pleasant evening and a horrible one.

You can help your loved one celebrate their achievement by asking the manager for assistance. You might be able to have a special dessert with candles, if you do not want them to sing the happy birthday song.

On a special night out for dinner, you can also present them with a personalized plaque in honor of their graduation.

A good meal in good company is always more enjoyable.

3. Ask them to share their experiences at the academy

Another way to celebrate a loved one’s police academy experience is by having them share their experiences with you. Their stories are certainly interesting. Lots of people share their funny police academy stories on Reddit, and some of them are hilarious.

Your loved one might have some interesting stories to tell about their academy experiences, and sharing experiences is an excellent way to establish a bond.

The best way to appreciate and create an atmosphere of appreciation for others is to listen to their stories.

4. Gift your loved one a personalized police graduation prayer plaque

Make a special graduation gift for your loved one with a plaque depicting a prayer to Archangel Michael. 

It includes a spot for your name as the giver, as well as the date of graduation.

5. You can present their favorite store with a gift card

Customized gifts are the best, but gift cards to a favorite store are always appreciated. Gift cards to their favorite store are a great alternative to cash or random gifts you’re not sure they’ll like.

Don’t give them a favorite store gift card, give them an Amazon gift card or a basic Visa gift card instead. Personalized gifts can be enhanced by giving gift cards.

6. Organise a surprise party

Surprise parties are the best, aren’t they? Gather your family and friends together to throw your graduate a surprise graduation party. Plan fun games for the party based on their new professions. Playing “pin the tail on the criminal” would be an alternative to “pin the tail on the donkey.” Make the party fun by playing funny games. After a tough academy, they deserve a break.


You can give your family and friends anything, but the gifts they’ll appreciate the most are those they will appreciate the most. Consider all your options before settling for cheap trinkets. We have compiled a list of great officer gifts that you can choose from.

Personalized graduation plaques can be made to reflect the personality of the graduate. Your appreciation for them will not be forgotten.

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