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The Most Elegant Way to Hold a Wine Glass

Hold a Wine Glass

A wine glass is a type of crystalline transparent glass purposely used to hold drinks and liquor. 

Most of the time, wine glasses are functionalized with stemware properties, which means the stem present at the base’s peak permits the drinker to hold a glass with the condition that the drinker remains unaffected by the temperature of the drink. 

Sr. NumberMethods
1The Base Pinch Method
2The Bow Method
3The Full Tilt
4Grab the base of the glass

It is composed of three parts: the bowl, stem, and Full Tilt

#1. The Base Pinch Method: Only the pointer finger and thumb are involved to visualize this method into action; it is also spiraling your two-finger mentioned above around the stem and a little bit tilting of your glass side by side.

Holding a wine glass

#2. The Bow Method: This method is one of the comfortable and easiest ways to hold wine glasses without tiring your hand, wrist, or fingers; even when saving for a longer time, this method requires you to whirl your fingers in the stem portion of the glass.

holding a wine through stem

#3. The Full Tilt: A glass is held this way so that your thumb is on the foot and then the entire object is tilted towards your nose. This method is best used while seated, as it is not very stable. With varietals with more colorful hues, such as 1992 Leflaive aged Chardonnay, you are more likely to see their color.

holding a wine glass full tilt

#5. Grab the base of the glass

As stemless wine glasses have no stems, they must be held as regular drinking glasses. When holding the glass, hold it at its base instead of its middle or top. Ideally, you should use your thumb, two fingers, and your middle finger to hold the glass. Wrapping all four fingers around it will lead to the glass breaking. If you hold the glass from underneath, or gently curl your fingers away from it, it is best to support it from underneath.

stemless wine glass

The bowl is such a part of wine glass where liquor pours or is sometimes used to store the drinks, whereas the stem connects the bowl to the foot or act as a link bridge of glass, and the foot is a lower base of the wine glass that supports the glass to withstand.

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Types of wine glass

To know how to hold glasses classically, one needs to know about a different drink and its composition. 

Wine glass exhibits a wide variety of glasses with differential shapes and sizes. 

The most popular ones are red wine glass and white wine glass.

holding wine glass
image source: canva

Red wine glass: Typically, red wine glasses designate with rounder, swallow, and wider bowl with slim stem and circular foot because of the wider shape it increases the rate of oxidation and makes it compatible when exposed to air with the addition of oxygen molecules believe in smoothing the flavor of drinks or liquor, Bordeaux glass and Burgundy glass also come under a red wine glass

White wine glass: These glasses are less wider and rounder than a red wine glass but more heightened or longer than a red wine glass with a tapering end. The white wine glass is best known to pour champagne drinks on parties’ night. A Sherry and Boccalino are the best white wine glasses.

How to hold a wine glass in an idealized way?

Firstly, there is no legalized or compulsory way to hold a drinking glass.

holding wine glass 3
image source: canva

Yet, at the same time, when you have the glass in a gentlemanly or well-mannered way, it would show social etiquette or classy personality, let’s know or learn how to grasp a wine glass in a civilized manner.

The best way to hold wine glass is to hook your fingers in a stemmed part of glass present above the base area and hold it between your thumb, forefinger, and middle finger. 

In contrast, the other fingers remain restless without restraint, and it is best to whirl your glass slowly and gently with perfect movement.

Alternative way: If you didn’t consider this way, then there is also an alternative way to do it, you can pinch the lower foot of the glass instead of grasping the stem part of the glass, or you can hold wine glass through the fingers lowering the bowl part of the glass, it provides a perfect balance of holding the wine(stemless) glass.

What are the other methods to holding wine glass?

There are other methods to hold the glass properly, considering the importance of holding a wine glass properly to maintain social etiquette.

holding wine glass 5

Does it seriously matter how to hold the glass?

This objective stuff is the last thing to be worried about, but unluckily we cannot live in an idle world. 

This place is a judgemental world, so it is better to learn social etiquette instead of fighting; it saves a lot of time.

A road to high society lies in handshake’s secret, holding an irreplaceable wine glass pour with liquor.

holding wine glass
image source: canva

Simultaneously, there is no compulsion; you can carry it any way you like as long as you are enjoying your tasting wine; the other thing to keep in mind, some memorable social events can’t be ignored. It required special preparation to look classy and attractive when you hold a wine glass in an exceptional event, so then the image of grasping a wine glass purposely came into the picture.

What are the benefits of holding a wine glass at the stem?

The most relevant answer may be because the temperature at the stem remains steady, as it resists the thermal diffusion through which makes drink or liquor cooler for a longer time.

Even though at room temperature, and no greasy fingerprints formed when holding through the stem. 

The stem contributes to the stemware properties of glass, increasing the rate of oxidation when exposed openly in the air and adding flavors to the drink, making it more relaxed and actively delectable.

How to hold a martini glass?

how to hold martini glass

Although Martini glasses are very inconvenient to use at the bar (which is why coupes are much more convenient to utilize), the design has at least some background to it. 

As a result of the wide mouth, the cocktail has a higher surface area, which allows its aromas to waft upwards  directly into your face. 

Hold the stem of the glass and palm the base with one hand rather than cupping the bowl of the glass.

Martini glasses are tempting because of their large teetering bowls, but please keep your hands off of them. 

If you hold a chilled cocktail by its bowl, the contents quickly warm up. 

This is an etiquette no-no. 

If you find it difficult to balance, you can use your free hand to strengthen the base underneath.

How to hold a brandy glass?

Despite the rule that most glasses have a stem, never a bowl, a brandy snifter is an exception. Adding your middle and ring finger to this glass before letting it stand under the bowl is the best way to enjoy steam. 

Warming your hand will release the aromas that are associated with Brandy.

The warmth of our hands does not ruin every drink. 

Drinkers of brandy snifters are actually encouraged to palm the bowl of the glass, which is ideal when drinking a glass of Cognac

Getting a noseful of the spirits is easy with the round glass, and warming it releases the aromas from dark spirits like brandy and bourbon. 

Slip the stem between your fingers, tilt the snifter towards you, and let the chemistry do the work.

How to hold a whiskey glass?

how to hold whiskey glass

It may seem sophisticated to hold a whiskey glass while holding the stem. Then place your thumb and one or two fingers on the stem. 

Rest your other fingers on the glass’s foot or lightly hover in the air.

Glencairn glasses have a thicker stem, so if you want to ensure that the glass doesn’t slip, you’ll need to grip it tightly.

Alternately, you can engage your middle and ring finger under the middle of the stem of a whiskey glass when holding it. 

By using this grip, you will maintain control of the glass as you swirl it. Docks, Snifters, and other glasses with thin stems are suitable for this method, whereas Glencairn glasses have thick stems that may not be comfortable to hold onto.

Frequently asked question (FAQs)

1. Do you hold the stem of a wine glass or the bowl of the glass?

The glass bowl acts as a warming agent and, therefore, you detract from the wine tasting experience by holding it by the bowl. Therefore, you should  pinch your wine glass between your thumb, pointer, and middle finger while holding it by the stem.

2. Does stemless wine glass taint wine?

The wine glass cannot be held without a stem. If your wine glass is stemless, charms cannot be used, making it harder to clearly identify your glass in a crowd.

3. What is a wine glass without a stem called?

Riedel’s ‘O Range’ is made specifically for grapes and is stemless. Traditional stemmed glasses can be substituted with stemless glasses.

4. What is the reason behind thin wine glasses?

It is easier to appreciate the color of a wine when the glass is thin. That way, you get a more clear view of the colors in the wine. Moreover, as the wine glass nears the rim, it becomes thinner.

5. Is it better to have thick or thin wine glasses?

Glasses with thin lips are generally thought to be ‘less in the way’ when drinking, consequently, divided opinions exist regarding how a glass’ lip should be shaped.

6. How to hold a wine glass without a stem?

A stemless wine glass in hand. As you reach the base of the glass, grab it. You will have to hold this type of wine glass like a drinking glass since it doesn’t have a stem. Rather than holding the glass at the middle or top, grab it at its base.

7. Why do thinner wine glasses cost more?

As we hold the glass, the stem allows us to avoid putting our hand on the bowl and interfering with the temperature of the wine. There is no more and no less. The cost of the glass increases with the fineness of the crystal. The good news is that there is a wide variety of thin non-lead crystal wine glasses today

8. What should the temperature of my wine be?

The heat makes them alcoholic, dead and overly “hot.”. We have some quick tips to help you balance your schedule. We recommend sticking to our recommendation range since everyone’s perception differs. Temperatures should range from 55° F to 65° F, depending on the variety 

9. What temperature is too cold for wine?

You should not store your wine below 35° F, which is far too cold. Using 50° F will temper the acidity and sweetness enough to make the overall taste more pleasant

Bottom Line

It is likely that wine would win Miss Congeniality if it ever appeared on Miss United States. 

The wine we know is always a favorite among our favorite undercover FBI agents. 

These days, wine is more approachable than ever before, with a variety to please nearly every taste. 

Boxes and bags are both available for purchase. Hell yeah! 

There is even a can that you can purchase. 

Once the wine is out of the bottle and in your glass, you shouldn’t disregard all caution and etiquette just because you’re drinking from humble beginnings. 

When you’re ready to pour yourself some wine, here’s what you need to know.

You will always have decorative door knockers and fake fruit in your home (we’re looking at you). 

This is not the case with the stem of your wine glass. 

Make use of it! 

Despite the fact that it might feel a little unsteady to hold a fragile stem, it’s the proper thing to do-and it will make you more comfortable drinking wine.

Red wine should be served below room temperature, while white and rosé wines are meant to be chilled. 

The glass bowl acts as a warming agent and, therefore, you detract from the wine tasting experience by holding it by the bowl. 

Because of this, it is recommended you hold your wine glass by the stem, pinching it between your thumb, middle and pointer fingers. 

You’ll naturally rest your other two fingers against the glass’s base. 

The thumb and pointer finger can also be used to hold the base of your wine glass. 

Your middle finger should be under the  base to hold it steady

In addition to keeping your wine at the right temperature, holding your glass by the stem will prevent fingerprints from ruining your bowl.

So there you go! Neither your Pinot Noir nor Malbec’s tannins are identifiable, but oh my God, you can hold a glass by the stem, and no matter how wretched you feel, you can speak your mind.

The obvious choice for hostess gifts may seem obvious to those of us who aren’t skilled in cooking, baking, or candlestick making. 

We would be happy to get it for ourselves if we were in a pinch. 

You might not realize it, but bringing a bottle of wine to a dinner party can be quite a  conundrum for your host. 

No matter if you’re the host or an attendee, here’s how to handle awkward situations. 

Check out the different ways you can hold glasses which will lead to an improved drinking experience!

There are whiskey, champagne glass and martini glasses that you should know how to hold, because these are common drinks you will find at party and home functions.

To preserve the temperature of a cup of classy Cabernet, a wine glass should be pinched at the stem. 

The ideal serving temperature for red wine is about 55 degrees to 65 degrees, as known to those with a deep knowledge of red wines. A white wine should be served at a temperature of 50 to 55  degrees. (source)

It is for this reason that your traditional wine glass has a long stem, the wine should not be heated above the ideal drinking temperature by dripping heat from your hand. 

It’s best to hold a wine glass by its long stem, not by its bowl.

How to hold a wine glass Reddit

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