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 Crystal Highball Glass

Highballs may seem simple in construction, but it requires a certain amount of skill to make a great one. 

Several House of Suntory West Coast Brand Ambassadors shared a few insider secrets on how to build your own highball cocktail at home. Jonathan Armstrong says: 

“The best kind of glass is a tall, heavy glass. 

That could be a Collins glass or a glass with a handle. 

The easy way to make a proper highball is to use a glass that has weight and that will stay cold for longer after coming out of the freezer. Therefore, stock up on your favorite soda, spirits, and citrus fruits.

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What is Highball glass?

Traditionally, highball glasses have been used for the serving of ‘tall’ cocktails and other mixed drinks with a large proportion of non-alcoholic mixers, and are poured over ice. 

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However, it is shorter and wider in shape than the Collins Glass, and is often used interchangeably with it.

Bloody Marys, Dark ‘N’ Stormys, mix of hard liquor, gin & tonics are some examples. 

This type of drink is normally made over ice and usually contains a non-alcoholic mixer.

The average highball glass contains about 240 – 350 millilitres (8 -13 oz.) of alcoholic beverage. It is available in sizes ranging from 7 cm to 15 cm in diameter and is primarily used for serving highball cocktails and mixed drinks.(Source

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Why is it called highball glass?

It may be referred to as highballing, which is the practice of serving drinks in tall glasses on a train excursion powered by a steam locomotive when the steam engine speeds up, and the ball that indicates boiler pressure rises to its highest level. 

One possible reason for its popularity may be derived from its dimension; they are taller than any other whisky glass, so they occupy a larger volume and reach their peaks faster. 

A highball glasses personality suits its name along the way.

Several types of glasses have evolved for all types of drinks to make them better. Even the best-measured cocktails can release aromas if their size is the correct one. Depending on the design of the glass, you can either warm or cool your new liquor once it is in your hand. Optimizing the drinking experience means taking advantage of heightened aromas and the correct temperatures.

Is crystal highball glasses dishwasher safe?

Adding a splash of color to any home with these 16-ounce highball glasses, these easy-to-clean, beautiful glasses will complement any décor. 

Additionally, they’re very versatile. Mix up some delicious cocktails, mocktails, and refreshing punches with them.

By providing high stability in harsh conditions, the highball glasses prevent crystallization, ensuring quality and progressive function, it ensures resistance to breakage and exceptional resistance to dishwasher heat, and it has excellent resistance to freezer cooling point. 

The rest of the glass is perfectly protected from scratches, no matter how minor a scratch is.

How highball is different from other glasses?

Highball vs Lowball : Despite these differences, a highball glass is short and wide so that you can smell the ingredients in it, as opposed to a lowball glass that is tall and skinny so the bubbles of long drinks are centered up. Almost always the glasses are exactly the same volume in highball-soda and lowball-flat.

Highball vs Collins glass: Although highballs and Collins glasses are essentially the same, there are technical differences between them. Highballs are tall, skinny glasses. Collins are just taller glasses. It is only due to the additional height that Collins glasses are typically 2-3 ounces larger than a standard highball.

The Collins Glass: Elevate Your Sips! 🍹
Uses of Highball Glass

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