holding wine glass. How to hold a wine glass Reddit

How to hold a wine glass Reddit

How to hold a wine glass reddit

The only way to grasp it is to pinch between your thumb and one or two fingers, near the middle or bottom of the stem. 

The pinky can be used to balance against the foot. Alternatively, you can hold it by the foot if you want, but this looks silly at a meal, as you’ll have to transfer it every time you pick it up.

Generally, wine glasses with stems are recommended. 

Wine glasses with wide bottoms are uncomfortable to hold otherwise and avoid heating the wine. Just do whatever feels more comfortable, whether that be holding it by the bowl or holding it as a cup.

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Alternative method to hold wine glass

Although holding a wine glass is not rocket science, there are ways to do it that are correct and wrong. The glass should usually be held by the stem instead of the bowl.

  1. Place a thumb and two fingers on the stem. Put your thumb, index finger, and middle finger on the stem of the wine glass.
  • Your middle finger should rest just above the base of the stem on the lower half of the stem. Place your fingers on the lower half of the stem.
  • The stem of the glass can only be touched by these three fingers. The other two fingers should rest on the base.
  1. Extend the stem with the index finger and thumb. Support one side of the stem with your index finger, then the other side with your thumb.
  • Hands should be placed near the lower half of the stem.
  • If your fingers touch the base of the glass, it is fine if they brush against it. The remaining three fingers should be curled into a loose fist in the palm.
  1. Grab the stem straight above the base. Using only your thumb and index finger, pinch the stem above the base of the glass.
  • Despite pinching the stem of the glass, these two fingers also drag along the top of the base.
  • From underneath, extend the middle finger along the base and hold the glass in place.
  • Keep the remaining fingers still, allowing them to press into your palm or follow the middle finger.
  1. Use your thumb to turn the base. Your thumb should rest on the base of the glass while your index finger and middle finger support the bottom of the base.
  • When using this technique, your fingers never touch the glass stem.
  • Incorporate your index, middle, ring, and pinky fingers into your palm so that they form a gentle curve. Support the base with the tops of your index and middle fingers.
  • It is suggested to practice this holding style when you’re alone before trying it in polite company. It is socially acceptable, however it is also not the most stable.

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