How to hold a stemless wine glass(1)

How to hold a stemless wine glass

How to hold a stemless wine glass?

Throughout history, wine has played a significant role in society. As such, anyone who enjoys this fine liquor is expected to follow its etiquette. 

What is the proper way to hold a wine glass? Is there a basic etiquette regarding wine? In this article, we will share a few tips that can help protect you from becoming embarrassed at the next party you attend.

1. Take the glass up towards its base

  •  Due to the lack of a stem, you’ll need to hold this type of glass as if it were a standard drinking glass. Rather than holding the glass by the middle or top, grab it at its base.
  • As a safety precaution, you can wrap the thumb, index finger, middle finger, and one of your other fingers around the glass, but keep most of your fingers off of the glass. You should curl away the other two fingers a bit from the glass or support the glass from underneath.

2. Avoid unnecessary contact.

  • In order to prevent your stemless wine glass from getting warm, it is recommended that you hold it briefly and infrequently.
  • When taking a sip, try to keep your glass steady. It’s a good idea to put the bottle down when you are not actively drinking the wine.
  • You are almost guaranteed to leave fingerprints when you use a wine glass of this kind. It doesn’t matter when you’re around family and friends, but when you’re trying to woo someone new or impress wine connoisseurs it can work against you. Stemless glasses are better left in the cupboard and replaced with traditional glassware instead.

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What is the  purpose of stemless wine glasses?

Rather than have a stem, stemless glasses offer a stable, solid grip, similar in size and shape to whisky glasses. In spite of brand variations in size, height, and shape, stemless wine glasses offer different ways to serve different types of white wine or red wine and even champagne.

These glasses are often used for picnics and casual events because they are more convenient to store and transport. It’s a cheap, affordable wine that is a crowd pleaser that you do not mind getting the glass oily or warming up, and you do not care about getting the wine warm. For example, when served chilled in the spring and summer, stemless glasses make it easier for the wine to warm up to a comfortable temperature.

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