Libbey Lowball glass

Unveiling the Vintage Charm of Libbey Lowball Glasses

Libbey Lowball glass

Libbey is most likely familiar to anyone who has enjoyed a glass of wine. One of the largest suppliers of tableware in the world, we manufacture the most glassware in the Americas.

The best moments in life should be celebrated, and Libbey offers a wide selection of drinkware, ceramic dinnerware, metal flatware, serving ware, and home decor items to support this.

Libbey lowball glasses are made from commercial-grade, premium-quality crystalline that can handle cocktails as well as other bar drinks.

If you are planning a house party, this would be the perfect glass to drink from. Lowball glasses are shatter-proof, so they are ideal for backyard barbecues.

Now you can enjoy fine whiskey snifters without worrying about your friends breaking your glasses. The whiskey glass looks great behind any bar rail, whether you’re an enthusiast or a pro.

A Sip of History 🕰️

Before we dive into the details, let’s appreciate a bit of history.

Libbey, a name that resonates with those who appreciate the finer things in life, is one of the largest suppliers of tableware worldwide.

With a legacy dating back to 1818, this glassware giant has a fascinating story.

It didn’t move to Toledo, Ohio, until 70 years after its inception, and the company’s name evolved into Libbey

Glass Company.

They became renowned for producing machine-blown glassware in the early 20th century, collaborating with designers and artists to create iconic mid-20th century crystal whiskey glass sets. 🥂

Identifying Libbey Lowball glass

The Libbey Glass Company, following other glass manufacturers, marked its pieces with trademarks to identify them as originating from the company.

A vintage Libbey glassware can be identified by three different patterns of the Libbey trademark. Among them are:

The hallmark of any great collectible is its authenticity, and Libbey Lowball Glasses are no exception. If you’re on the hunt for vintage Libbey glassware, you can identify them through the company’s trademarks. There are three distinct patterns you should look out for:

  1. Double Circle: This trademark, dating back to around 1924, features a cursive capital ‘L’ encircled by two circles.
  2. Single Circle: The cursive ‘L’ inside a single circle, originating around 1955, is another identifying mark.
  3. No Circle: Some pieces bear no circle, which is also a valuable characteristic of genuine vintage Libbey glass.

Types of Vintage Libbey Glass

A wide variety of glassware manufactured by Libbey can be found during the mid-century period, due to Libbey Glass Company’s career of production. You will find examples of the following pieces, although the designs and colors will vary:

Vintage Libbey Glass Decorations

The distinct look of Libbey glass is partly due to the fact that it isn’t exhaustive in its design; if you happen to have an interest in an unusual or niche motif or hobby, chances are they have made a glass with a pattern depicting it.

However, it does make it increasingly important to verify the company stamps on these glasses. You should only purchase

Libbey pieces that can absolutely be identified as Libbey based on their markings, if you’re not interested in finding a pattern catalog or having it appraised.

Below are some of the categories that you might encounter when researching Libbey glassware:

  • A variety of recurring motifs are printed in gold
  • Holiday designs to commemorate the season
  • Unique scenes frosted on a glass
  • Carousel and horse patterns
  • The pattern of an animal, such as flamingos
  • Wheat stalks and other natural motifs

 Libbey Glass strives for excellence

A lot of variety exists in terms of prices for Libbey glassware, since it is a collectible that can range from extremely affordable to extremely expensive.

There are some rare pieces and large sets that are among the most expensive. The price ranges between $10 and $35 per piece for individual pieces.

One online auction features a 6-piece set of vintage Green Giant Collins glasses for $600, while another features a 6-piece set of commemorative glasses for the 50th anniversary of 20th Century Limited for $1400.

Become a Vintage Libbey Glass Lover

If you’ve been itching to start a collection of antiques and vintage treasures, Libbey glass is your ideal choice.

Not only will you infuse your home with mid-century modern charm, but you’ll also bid adieu to plain plastic glassware.

Imagine sipping your favorite beverage from a tall tumbler with the iconic ‘L’ at the bottom. It’s not just glass; it’s a piece of history that’s both functional and stylish.

Start your collection today, and experience the magic of Libbey glass for yourself. Cheers! 🍸🌟

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