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Rocks Glass

Rocks glasses are traditionally accommodated by wide rims.

A slow-melting ice cube should also fit comfortably in the glass if you prefer not to dilute your dram with too much water.

As you drink this bourbon neat, you can smell the aromas of it. With their narrow rims, cask-strength beauty can become bittersweet if the alcohol aroma is reduced.

It remains an enigmatic yet undeniable fact that the choice of whiskey glass profoundly influences the enjoyment of its contents, be it whiskey, rum, a classic cocktail such as an Old Fashioned, or even a non-alcoholic concoction. 

Ultimately, the selection of the perfect glass is a highly personal decision, contingent upon one’s individual preferences regarding the manner in which whiskey is to be savored. 

As elucidated by Jordan Zimmerman, the Premium Whiskey Education & Advocacy Lead at Brown-Forman Corporation, it revolves around the “personal preference of how the whiskey will be enjoyed.”

A superior whiskey glass transcends mere aesthetics, although a genuine appreciation of its appearance and tactile qualities is certainly paramount. 

The finest barware possesses the ability to enhance the act of drinking by rendering the spirit’s taste and aroma more faithful to its intrinsic character. 

It serves as a platform for accentuating, augmenting, and celebrating the myriad layers of flavor and scent that distinguish exceptional whiskey.

In the words of Zimmerman, “Sometimes I’m drinking whiskey to professionally evaluate it. 

Sometimes I’m drinking whiskey on a casual night out with friends and want to do so over a rock or two. Sometimes, I want to sip my whiskey poolside and in a cocktail. Each occasion calls for a different ‘best whiskey glass.'”

Addressing some common inquiries:

Should whiskey glasses be chilled before pouring? 

The decision to chill whiskey glasses is contingent upon personal preference. 

Whiskey experts typically recommend serving the spirit at temperatures between 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit, approximately room temperature. 

Therefore, chilling the glass is not a necessity. However, if one prefers a cold and refreshing drink, refrigerating the glass can impart a frosty effect.

What are whiskey stones, and are they essential? 

“Whiskey on the rocks” is a classic choice, although connoisseurs concur that regular ice cubes may dilute some of whiskey’s intricate flavors. 

Consider incorporating large cubes or spheres into your drink; they melt at a slower rate and dilute the drink less than standard ice cubes. 

Alternatively, whiskey stones, also known as whiskey rocks, present a reusable alternative to ice cubes. 

They effectively chill your drink without compromising the whiskey’s flavor. Store them in your freezer, and when ready to serve, drop the stones into your glass to enjoy a cool sip at full strength.

A pro tip: Some master blenders utilize a few drops of water to dilute the whiskey down to 20% ABV, aiding in the release of its subtle flavors and aromas.

Can the same glasses be used for bourbon and whiskey?

Zimmerman asserts that this is indeed possible, although she acknowledges that some experts and purists may have differing views.

For particularly high-end pours, she gravitates toward a tasting glass like the Glencairn.

This choice encourages a more deliberate and leisurely appreciation of the liquid, enabling the savoring of its craftsmanship and rarity.

In conclusion, the act of imbibing whiskey is a multisensory experience, encompassing a tapestry of flavors, aromas, the radiant hue of the spirit, and the tactile sensation of the glass in hand.

The choice of a beloved glass is a deeply personal one, a decision that will undoubtedly elevate every future sipping session, bestowing joy for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a rocks glass called?

Rocks Glasses are short, wide, and have a sturdy bottom. They are also called lowball glasses or old fashioned glasses. Drinks made with mostly spirits are served in rocks glasses, unlike the glasses above that hold a lot of ice and mixers.

How big is a rocks glass?

A typical size is 16 oz. Typically a short, round drink drinking vessel used for cocktails or liquor served with a splash, or on the rocks.

What drinks should be served in a rocks glass?

You can order dark ‘n’ stormys, bloody marys, mojitos, and gin & tonics. Lowball glasses, Old Fashioned glasses, and rocks glasses are all types of tumblers with solid bases that hold approximately six to eight ounces of liquid. Drinks requiring ‘muddled’ ingredients benefit from a solid base.

Do tumblers count as rocks glasses?

There are many names for this type of glass – including rocks, old-fashioned, and lowball – but their shape is the same. It’s probably the most recognizable of the three types due to its solid base and short sides – ideal for holding 6-8 ounces of liquid.

How many oz in a rock pour?

A rock drink usually weighs two ounces. It pours. In the case of 1.25 oz.

What is the cost of a Scotch on the rocks?

The price range is $40 to $50. This price range is likely to be applicable to the majority of introductory single malts. Whisky on the rocks is a great way to explore subtle flavors and aromas of whisky in a unique and refreshing way.

Which rock glass is the best?

The best rock glass is Riedel’s Drink-Specific Rock Glass

To bring these glasses to life, Georg Riedel commissioned bartenders and industry specialists to design these drinks-specific glasses. The 9-ounce heavy-base tumblers have a classic Old Fashioned or whiskey cocktail look that’s ideal for sipping on the rocks.

What is the best way to hold a rock glass?

Using your fingers and thumbs to grip the rocks glass, you can secure it by holding it at the base. A grip like this prevents the whiskey inside from warming up.

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