List of 16 Best Mixing Glasses

List of 16 Best Mixing Glasses

Mixing Glass

You’ve selected a bottle or two of your best vodka or whiskey and set up the bar. 

As the perfect host or hostess that you are, you’re ready to impress your guests with your sparkling glasses and charming personality. 

However, you’ve done this far too often and are wondering if you can maintain a higher standard when entertaining.

Cocktails with a crafty touch. 

A well-made cocktail is an artistic expression. 

The decor not only adds flair to your party, but also demonstrates that you’re willing to make more of an effort than just pouring wine or whiskey. 

Cocktails are fun, because you can customize them according to the mood and theme of the evening. 

Are you looking forward to a lazy brunch? 

Watch your guest’s smiles light up the afternoon when you serve a good mimosa recipe. 

Your guests will be blown away with whiskey sours or a classic margarita at an evening get together.

The task of mixing cocktails is not particularly challenging unless you want to impress guests with party tricks. 

The work is considerable, yes. 

With a little practice and an understanding of your spirit and flavor, you’ll be able to mix up a few basic cocktails in no time. 

Providing, of course, that you have the correct equipment. 

Among the essential tools in a bartender’s toolbox is the mixing glass, though you are probably more familiar with the ubiquitous cocktail shaker.

Best Mixing glasses available on Amazon

  1. Cocktail Mixing Glass by Handloom
mixing glass 1

Even though this glass lacks the panache of a diamond pattern, it compensates by being 34 inches thick, heavy-bottomed, and hand blown.

Full functionality and practicality. Glassware made by machine generally lacks the lines that distinguish them. 

This cup holds 18 ounces and is compatible with Hawthorne strainers and julep strainers.

This hand blown seamless (and, in a way, minimalist) mixing glass from Amehla Co. has the classic Yarai pattern despite its distinct style.

Mixing glass with a heavy base and good clarity is a potent combination that is invaluable to any mixologist. For less than $20, you can’t go wrong.


2. Mixing Glass by A Bar Above

mixing glass 2

Typically, Bar Above Cocktail mixing glasses contain 550 milliliters (18-19 ounces) of capacity, which is ideal for mixing two drinks at once. 

The dishwasher-safe material of its crystal makes this product suitable for use in dishwashers.

When stirred with one hand, even though the bottom weight was heavy, it would be stable. 

If you want to mix liquids like Martinis, Negronis, or Martinez with this glass, you might find it useful. 

Diverse designs (such as Clear, Horizontal stripes, and Diamonds) tailored to each client’s specific needs. 

And the products seemed to look very elegant to create a great attraction for your bar, no matter what the design was. A great package completes the package.

With its low price, this product could be considered a must-buy for any bartender, whether they are professional or a home bartender.


3. Viski Crystal Cocktail Mixing Glass

mixing glass 3

Despite having all the same advantages as their more expensive counterparts, Viski’s mixing glass comes in at half the price, making it an ideal choice for those just getting started in the bartending world.

Mixing spoons are convenient to slide along glass edges and move contents without damaging ice or adding air to a drink. 

Adding aeration to a beverage without stirring chills the beverage and dilutes it. 

Martinis and Daiquiris have striking differences: Daiquiris are almost liquids, while Martinis are supposed to be like lakes.


4. Libbey Pint Glass with DuraTuff Rim

mixing glass 4

Foodservice industry company Libbey is known for its champagne glasses, coupes, and bourbon glasses. 

Thermal and mechanical shocks are resilient thanks to the thin, weighted base and DuraTuff heat-treated rim on this vehicle. 

The fancy term for being able to smash them without breaking them.

Glass of such high quality would be impossible to find elsewhere. In addition to being thick and durable, it is also smooth.


5. Hiware Professional Cocktail Mixing Glass

mixing glass 5

Stirring cocktail classics should be part of your cocktail preparation. 

You won’t have to worry about your next Martini tipping over with the weighted base of this heavy-duty vessel. 

The beaker-like spout and wide opening allow precision pouring. Made with lead-free, ultra-clear glass, this Hiware dishwasher-safe model is dishwasher safe.


6. ARC International H6480 Luminarc Pub Beer Glass

mixing glass 6

A family-owned business since 1825, ARC developed its reputation in northern France and grew into a global leader in tableware. In addition to serving as mixing glasses, they can also be used as the smaller end of a Boston Shaker (should you wish to shake up a nice cocktail). Additionally, you can drink excellent beer out of a pint glass! It is dishwasher-safe and lead-free and is made of soda ash.


7. Riedel Drink Specific Glassware Mixing Glass

mixing glass 7

Those seeking the highest quality can take advantage of this product. 

The glass is clear, weighted, and crystallized, and is ideal for mixing. 

Cocktail mixing courses are perfect for professionals and those interested in becoming professionals.

It is quite tall, measuring 7 inches in height and holding 22 ounces. 

So easy to clean, since the dishwasher is compatible. 

Comes with integrated measurements and is made from machined parts. 

A family-run business designs and produces this product. 

It’s a little more expensive than some others, but it’s worth every penny. However, since it comes from Riedel, it could be quite expensive. 

The product is a bit inferior to those from other Riedel product lines.


8. Cocktail Kingdom Seamless Paddle Mixing Glass

mixing glass 8

Cocktail Mixing Glasses by Kingdom hold 550 ml (19 ounces) and are suitable for mixing 1-2 servings. 

In addition to its smooth stirring action, the monolithic glass stirrer is 5.25 inches (133 mm) tall by 3.5 inches (90 mm) wide. 

Furthermore, it is designed to fit their 30cm spoons and Hawthorne Juleps, as well as the Koriko Hawthorne Filters.

Kingdom designed the product, which has a delicate spouting structure on top of an elegant base with a translucent paddle pattern.

Its features make it an impressive and useful tool for the bar, but its price is overpriced for the quality it provides.


9. Barfly Drink Mixing Glass

mixing glass 9

Another option worth considering is the Cocktail Mixing Glass from Barfly. 

This product’s interior design contributes to a quiet stirring experience due to its seamless exterior design. 

Two different capacities are available: 17 ounces and 24 ounces, in order to meet the needs of all customers. With its heavy base, this mixing holds its firmness more effectively.

In addition, the clear glass used in this glass is lead-free and dishwasher-safe. In addition, the diamond-cut pattern on the glass not only makes it extremely attractive, but also makes it a remarkably useful decorative item.

The affordable price of this bartender’s glass makes it particularly appealing when mixing cocktails with heavy weighted bases.


10.Premium Cocktail Cocktail Mixing]

mixing glass 10

A Premium product line of cocktail mixing glasses includes two lines: Diamond XL and Clear. The barter was able to mix liquids smoothly using the line’s smooth design. 

In spite of its eye-catching pattern, the Diamond series stirrers are heavier and more difficult to use, resulting in more ice catching and more hand strain.

The Premium Cocktail mixing glass is made of 100% lead-free crystal and can be placed in the dishwasher. 

This product is worth considering because of its affordable price and wide selection, as well as its excellent price.

As the walls of the glass are quite thin, we often recommend products suitable for light cocktail bases that require less stirring since the walls of the glass are so thin.


11.Bavel store Crystal Mixing Glass

mixing glass 11

The Bavel brand offers another cocktail mixing product. With its large capacity (20 ounces), the Bavel glass is suitable for preparing a variety of drinks as well as for quick serving. Additionally, dishwasher-safe construction makes the crystal dishwasher-safe.

Its unique design and shape are highlighted by the engraved patterns, bringing out the best aesthetic in any house or bar.

Further, the product is packaged with a shatter-resistant foam bag, which makes it very strong. In case of unsatisfied customers, the customer can return the product and get a full refund.


12.Mixologost cocktail mixing glass

mixing glass 12

The Diamond patterned Cocktail Mixing Glass comes from the brand Mixologists. With this version, customers have the option of two different capacities, 17 or 21 ounces, to meet the diverse market needs.

Lead glass material is used to manufacture the product. Nevertheless, the structure of the product is quite fragile, especially for high temperatures. 

It is because the weighted base only has a 1/4-inch thickness. Moreover, the bottom of the glass is not completely flat, which could prevent the mixture from being stirred.

However, you can purchase this one for a very reasonable price.


13. Tebery Cocktail Mixing Glass

mixing glass 13

Cocktail mixing glasses from Tebery hold 15 ounces of liquid, which isn’t too big but still enough to mix 1-2 drinks. 

Glass is made of lead-free, ultra-clear, dishwasher safe glass. With its wide mouth and base, the spout of the beaker is smooth and easy to pour. 

This product may also have an advantage in terms of its ability to work with Hawthorne filters and Julep filters.

Also, your bar will look more elegant with a Japanese diamond cut pattern decorated around the glass, which is sure to inspire beginner bartenders to make tasty cocktails.

If you are a beginner who does not want to spend much on a high-end product, this one is highly recommended.


14.American Metalcraft Cocktail Mixing Glass

mixing glass 14

A cocktail mixing glass produced by American Metalcraft is regarded as a product of high quality and durability. Besides the glass, there are two other lines of the product: Clear and Diamond. Home bartenders can create a range of excellent cocktails with the 20-ounce capacity.

Glass would be stable because its bottom would be thick as opposed to thin. The julep and Hawthorne filters fit well into the moderately wide spout.

Another advantage of this product is its affordable price.


15.Japanese Style Seamless Mixing Glass

mixing glass 15

Kotai Cocktail Mixing Glass has a fairly large capacity of 750ml, so we recommend it for professionals. Smooth and stable stirring is possible due to the seamless design. 

Despite its thickness, the bottom is heavy and holds firmly in the hand.

This carved sculpture features eye-catching motifs in an old-fashion Japanese style. 

A high-quality lead-free glass that is dishwasher-safe is available. 

To ensure safety, the product should be positioned at the very top of the machine.

Additionally, the packaging is quite beautiful and courteous, which makes it reasonable to be a gift. It may not be suitable for bartenders with low volume due to its quite large capacity.


16.Spiegelau Perfect Serve Collection Mixing Glass

mixing glass 16

Spiegelau Cocktail Mixing Glasses are manufactured in Germany. One or two drinks could be prepared simultaneously due to the design. In the dishwasher, the certified glass material is safe to use.

You can make your bar space more special by using sophisticated and unique designs. Smooth mixing will be possible due to this design’s heavy base and seamless construction.

The product is relatively fragile in shipping, and its price is quite overinflated.


What is mixing glass?

The mixing glass works similarly to the Shaker in that it is used primarily to stir and strain cocktail drinks after they have been chilled, largely with ice and a spoon. 

Shaking drinks in mixing glasses (or cups) is another way to chill drinks.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Cocktail Mixing Glass

Cocktail mixing glasses are just as essential to the set of an aspiring bartender as a shaker is. Cocktails can either be shaken or stirred, although a certain Mr. Bond made the latter much more popular. 

In addition to the ingredients used, the method by which a cocktail is prepared depends on its flavors.

This process involves more vigorous mixing, and drinks with cream, dairy, liqueurs, sour mixes, fruit juices, pulp, or other ingredients will usually be shaken. 

Similarly, you always shake up cosmopolitans and martinis so that all the flavors combine properly and you get a more well-rounded taste.

On the other hand, stirring is a gentler, simpler way of tasting the liquor, and it makes it possible to taste its original flavor. 

The main flavor of stirred cocktails is liquor, which is often more prominent in the ingredients (like a Manhattan).

Shaking requires a cocktail shaker, while stirring can be accomplished in almost any glass, despite what you might think. 

It’s vital to choose the right mixing glass for your bar because you will be building your cocktail in it, complete with ice and everything else.

How to choose a mixing glass?

Mixing glasses are an essential part of any bar, whether it is at home or in a professional establishment. Before you buy one, what do you need to know? 

Obviously, you should choose a stirred cocktail that matches your personal style, but beyond what you see on the surface, there are several other considerations that can drastically affect your success. 

To help you decide which mixing glass is right for you, we have compiled a list of all the mixing glasses (and mixing tins) we carry.

Use a mixing glass when:

Cocktails are usually made from spirits, liqueurs, or fortified wines, e.g. Martinis and Manhattans. 

In a mixing glass, you wouldn’t make something like a Margarita or a Daiquiri. 

Cobblers, Boston shakers or Boston glasses are the proper vessels to shake cocktail drinks with a lot of fruit juice, not to stir them. 

What makes a good mixing glass:

  • The base is wide and heavy to prevent tipping
  • The pitcher has a large mouth, which allows for more working space and less splashing when pouring ingredients onto ice
  • Has a long life and is not easily broken
  • The container is large enough to fit the drink + a decent amount of ice
  • When stirred, it sits flat and doesn’t wobble
  • Pours precisely with a spout
  • A smooth stir is possible with a bar spoon because the walls are straight

How to use the mixing glass?

When it comes to mixing cocktails, the mixing glass is one of the most important tools for a good bartender. When the beverage needs to be removed energetically with a shaker, this powerful instrument must be used.

 Do we need to mix for a long time? It is recommended that you mix the liquid in the glass for 15 or 20 seconds.

This technique basically consists of mixing old distillates that have been stored in barrels for a very long time, so as to awaken flavors that have been forgotten in the barrel. 

Nonetheless, there are exceptions to every rule. 

In the case of a Dry Martini, its main ingredient, gin, requires no time in the barrel; however, the mixing glass is necessary for the creation of this distillate. 

This bartender’s instruments must be used when we want to make a distillate more prominent than another.

The mix in a glass may seem like an easy task without training or standards. The following suggestions should be taken into consideration if you are preparing a cocktail:

  • For better process control as well as staying focused on not missing anything, place the mixing glass at the center of the table.
  • It is important to keep this tool at a very low temperature by filling the glass with ice. Make sure the ice and the water are well mixed to capture the flavors.
  • As you serve drinks to your guests or customers, hold the top of the cup with your left hand.
  • Your best friend is the spoon. Mixing ingredients requires delicacy and achieving a unique mix requires your attention. In managing the mixing glass, you’ll make sure that your cocktail is of a high quality.
  • Once the preparation is complete, the mixture must be served quickly into the cups that were placed on the bar.
  • Three or more cocktails should not be prepared at once. The final result could be incorrect.
  • Finally, not only should you wash the glass without soap and water before mixing the next mix, but you should also do it beforehand.

Following these tips will allow you to mix up the perfect cocktail, inspiring others with your barmanship skills

Glass styles for mixing cocktails 

There are four main styles you can choose from.

Pint Glass 

Although pint glasses do not have the extended functionality of mixing glasses, they are still popular among mixologists. 

Several years ago, I used them in a craft cocktail setting while working professionally behind the bar. 

All else failing, they’re a good budget pick since they’re durable and can take a tumble. 

The larger cups are also interchangeable with a Boston shaker (you can use a pint glass in place of the smaller container in the shaker).

Stainless Steel Mixing Cup

Mixing tins or mixing cups are of a similar size and shape to mixing glasses. 

It is still possible to find ones like the Yarai by mixing glass and diamond etching. 

While you work on your masterpiece, you cannot watch as the steel blocks your view. 

The home bar area or a cocktail bar setting can still be stylish.

Mixing glass with stem

The stemmed base may not be as practical as holding the bottom with your stirring hand. Find one with a bowl-based design to make stirring and storing it more convenient.

A traditional mixing glass (aka a mixing pitcher)

Known for its wide base, weighted bottom, vertical walls, and beaker-like pour spout, the traditional mixing glass is one of the most popular and practical of the group. A classic cocktail requires all of these ingredients.


Mixing glass or stirring glass are useful in many ways. When buying these types of glasses, we need to make sure their size and quality is perfect and other aspects also, must be long and easy to dishwater, and without compromising anything you can have the best glass within your budget.

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