13 Unique Moscow Mule Glass Collection

13 Unique Moscow Mule Glass

Unique moscow mule glass

Unique Moscow Mules are classic cocktails that require only a few ingredients: vodka, lime juice, ginger beer, and a Moscow Mule mug. 

The shiny mug in which the cocktail is served serves a very important purpose – the ginger-infused drink wouldn’t be the same without it. 

It keeps Moscow Mules cold because copper, which is typically used for Moscow Mule mugs, is a thermal conductor. 

It allows you to enjoy your drink without having the temperature of your Moscow Mule watered down due to melting ice.

Moscow Mule mugs historically have been made of 100% copper and often come with handles. However, brands have innovated with unique finishes and shapes to update their take on the cocktail mug. 

After you get your hands on a set of copper cups that match your style, you will feel like a professional mixing drinks at home. 

Here is a mulled cider recipe that you might also enjoy, if you’re looking for more cocktail inspiration.

Best Moscow Mule glasses Available On Amazon

Moscow Mules are classic cocktails made from vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice. Another important component to this drink is a copper mug. 

Moscow Mules stay cold throughout hot summer days when copper takes on the temperature of the drinks. Some brands have updated the traditional copper mug with a round bowl and an untraditional finish, instead of hammering it. 

These Moscow Mule mugs are the best available for all of your drinking needs.

1.KoolBrew Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

moscow mule glass 1

Upon seeing the mug, you will appreciate its fine craftsmanship, especially the thumb resting on the handle. 

Designed and crafted by expert craftsmen from solid 22 gauge hammered copper, KoolBrew copper mugs are built to last. 

There are no leaks or detached rivets because everything has been welded together. 

Copper cups hold 16 ounces of liquid. Copper mugs also have a distinctive look due to their brass handles.

The copper mug that we have selected here is well crafted and delicate, making it the perfect copper mug for you. 

Your drinks will stay perfectly chilled in the KoolBrew copper cups without worrying that the cup will break. 

You can rest assured that it will last for a long time because all parts are carefully welded together.


2.Mule Science Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

moscow mule glass 2

A beautiful, handcrafted hammered finish adorns these copper mugs.  

In addition, these stunning mugs will not break if you drop them. 

Your grip will always be comfortable and secure thanks to the ergonomic welded handle. 

We love this set, however, the most because it comes with a complete set of accessories. Using a copper spoon, shot glass, and stylish coaster, you can make delightful cocktails. 

Put some shiny copper straws in your drinks, and your drinks will look more elegant.

Mule Science’s authentic Moscow mule mugs are a great way to spruce up your home bars! 

All of these copper mugs are unlined and 100% pure. 

These 16-ounce mugs are coated inside and out with food-grade lacquer, so there’s no need to worry. So they can be used as everyday mugs.


3.Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

moscow mule glass 3

The Moscow Mule mug set includes four small cups, a copper jigger, four straws, a copper jigger, and a copper jigger. In the same way, everything is constructed of 22-gauge copper that is 100 percent pure.

 It will take a master craftsman to make each of these unique mugs as each will have a unique hammering pattern.

Their surfaces are finished with a tarnish-resistant, food-safe polish. The small mugs make it easy to batch drinks with this set, which is ideal for making cocktails in a batch.


4.Mule Science Authentic Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

moscow mule glass 4

The rivet-less technology in these Moscow mule copper mugs makes them a one-of-a-kind piece. Copper mugs retained their shine for years and improved their longevity because of this. 

Copper mugs often have glossy exteriors, and this copper mug has just that. Copper mugs from Mule Science have a food-grade lacquer coating that helps them retain their gleam and shine. Whenever you see a black stain, you can quickly remove it by lightly scrubbing it off. 

In addition to two wooden coasters, the box also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee backed by a lifetime guarantee.

It comes beautifully packaged in a seamless fabrication that makes it an ideal gift. This copper-based mug has no nickel or tin content since it is made of 100% copper. 

This copper mug is tarnish-resistant, so it is even better.


5.Oggi Moscow Mule Copper Plated Mugs

moscow mule glass 5

We understand not every drinker is a fan of lined Moscow mules. In spite of this, Oggi provides you with glassware that has a proper lining for those who are more conscious. 

The stainless steel used to line these large Moscow mule mugs is not reactive to chemicals in drinks. You can still enjoy the coppery feel of the mug even though all of the 20-ounce mugs are copper-plated.

Also, we appreciate that the exterior of these mugs is durable. 

Electroplated finishes are also resistant to tarnishing due to their electroplated finish. Its thumb-pad handle is designed for easy gripping, so holding a heavy mug won’t be a problem.


6.Krown Kitchen – Hammered Moscow Mule Copper Mug 

moscow mule glass 6

KROWN Kitchen’s copper mug set features an improved handle to make maintaining a firm grip more inconvenient. A set of four mugs and four coasters is included in the package. For the container, stainless steel is used, which makes it stronger and more durable for a longer period of time. Rusting is inevitable with 100% copper mugs since copper rusts with time. In addition, you will receive a recipe book and a cleaning cloth when you purchase this product.

Copper is a very sensitive material, so this set of mugs is ideal for anyone with sensitive hands. Whether you have large or small hands, you will be able to comfortably hold this mug.


7.PG Set of 4 Classic Hammered Copper Plated Moscow Mule Mug 

moscow mule glass 7

PG’s Moscow mule cups might appeal to anyone seeking a less traditional, yet safe, drinkware option. 

All four pieces of this set are made of stainless steel, a high-quality material. A liner is available for two drinking mugs that hold approximately 19.5 ounces of cocktails or other drinks. 

In addition, this eliminates the danger of accidental tipping. It’s sturdy base and durable material mean that it’s less likely to break at any time, despite its sturdy construction.

Despite looking very much the same, they’re black-colored, giving them a unique twist on a classic. They also come with a brass handle that makes drinking an easy experience. 

In order to keep these mugs shining and lustrous for years, PG recommends hand washing them.


8.Moscow Mule Copper Mugs by Moscow Mix

moscow mule glass 8

The copper mug enhances the taste of anything that has an acidic base when it comes into contact with metal. A pint glass does not give you the same impression of flavor as a shot glass does. Moscow Mix’s copper mugs are carefully handcrafted, making each one unique.

You need not worry about safety concerns if you are hesitant to try copper mugs. Copper mugs have been thoroughly tested by a third party to ensure that they are food-safe. You will also receive a free copper shot glass with each set of 4 Copper Mule Mugs.

Do you want to find copper mugs that have different designs? These copper Moscow Mix mugs are perfect for you! It’s a known fact that copper mugs rarely last, so the quality of this set has been checked several times before being sold on the market.


9.Moscow Mule Copper Mugs by Urban Vintage LA

moscow mule glass 9

With the perfect gift set for cocktail lovers, making Moscow Mules and other drinks is even more fun! Made from copper, this copper mug set is suitable for beverages up to 16 ounces. Furthermore, we appreciate the fact that they are made from 100% pure copper and are protected with lacquer. 

They are not lined and do not contain chemical lacquer, which is essential to create an authentic Moscow Mule drinking experience.

There is a recipe book included with each of these four sets, so you can create delicious cocktail recipes easily! In addition to the shot glass, you will receive a little stand so you can serve the little shooters. With the premium large box, the whole package would make a great gift.


10.Libbey Moscow Mule Hammered Copper Mugs

moscow mule glass 10

Libbey’s retro patina appearance and streamlined design give the classic Moscow Mule mug an update. As well as the hammered surface, there is a large handle which adds to the elegance of the piece.

The mug has a stainless steel lining so that it will resist wear and tear despite being primarily copper. Along with Moscow Mules, they are also perfect for making many other cold drinks. Even though these glasses are break-resistant, they can only be cleaned by hand.


11.Moscow Mule Hammered Copper Drinking Mug by Home Select 

moscow mule glass 11

Designed to hold Moscow mules, these handmade copper mugs have a nickel lining and copper finish. Copper mugs from Home Select are designed to prevent metal leakage, which could be harmful to your health. If you’re into large-sized containers, then this one works best for you. It also holds 20 ounces of your favorite drinks.

With the small and medium copper mugs you won’t have enough for your favorite cocktail or beverage, but with this set you will. Due to its large capacity, it won’t be necessary to refill as often as a normal bottle. Moreover, it is a safe product.


12.Moscow Mule Copper Mugs by Yooreka

moscow mule glass 12

The Yooreka Moscow Mule Mugs are a classic piece of glassware that will never date. This 100% pure copper set comes in a set of four mugs ideal for parties or dinner events. This handcrafted Indian mug holds 16 ounces and features a cylindrical shape.

Coppery mugs with hammered finishes add a touch of elegance and antique appeal. 

It also comes with a set of stunning accessories because Yooreka only wants to provide the best. 

The strawberry Moscow mule can be whipped up in no time with its shot glasses, copper straws, and mango wooden coasters.


13.Kamojo store Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

moscow mule glass 13

The only copper mug on this entire list that is embossed with an elegant design may be the last on the list. The copper mugs from Kamojo are embossed with beautiful flowers and are a perfect way to serve Moscow mules. This was a difficult task that took an Indian artisan eight days to complete. Whether you’re drinking hot chocolate or a margarita, these mugs are perfect.

There are two copper straws included with each 16-ounce mug. A 35-page e-book containing 20 unique must-try drinks is included as a free bonus when purchasing these beautiful mugs.

A copper mug such as this is a stylish choice for anyone looking for copper mugs. We manufacture our Moscow mule mugs in India so you can be assured that the mugs are of the finest quality. Furthermore, copper mugs can be filled with any beverage, whether hot or cold.


How Come Moscow Mules Are Served in Copper Mugs?

Moscow mules are made with vodka, lime juice, ginger beer, and juice from a lime wedge. They’re garnished with mint leaves and lime wedges. The copper mug is considered essential for the perfect cocktail, but why? The following article explains why knowledgeable bartenders and party hosts serve Moscow mules in copper mugs.

Is copper a better mug?

It takes more than alcohol mixed with your favorite mixer to make a great cocktail. The taste, aroma, and presentation of cocktails must arouse senses. It is a practice that brings people together to share stories, laugh, and have fun, and is in itself a practice of camaraderie. Cocktails with a story and personality are worth sipping. With ginger beer, lime juice, and a stunning copper mug, the Moscow Mule is a classic American cocktail unlike any other, making it unique among the many vodka drinks. What’s the point of drinking Moscow Mules from a copper cup?

Moscow Mules have an impressive list of ingredients, but the copper mug is the real signature of this mixed drink. The copper mug has been indispensable to Moscow Mule presentation since the 1940s. Copper is better, but how much better? Even asking “Why are Moscow Mules served in copper mugs?” may seem strange to some purists.As so many decades of ceremony insist that they be used, calling them “blasphemous” would be absurd. However, knowing the facts is crucial for discerning drinkers. Copper Moscow Mule mugs offer more benefits than just ginger beer and vodka.


A Moscow Mule is no doubt an appealing mixed drink, as its ingredients are well-tuned, but its true signature is the copper mug. The copper mug has been indispensable to Moscow Mule presentation since the 1940s. Do coppers actually have an advantage? Even asking “Why are Moscow Mules served in copper mugs?” may seem strange to some purists.As so many decades of ceremony insist that they be used, calling them “blasphemous” would be absurd. 

However, knowing the facts is crucial for discerning drinkers. Copper Moscow Mule mugs offer more benefits than just ginger beer and vodka.

How do Moscow Mules Taste With Copper Mugs?

Because of the drink’s history, as well as the physical properties of the copper mug, Moscow mules are served in copper mugs. Moscow Mules should be served in copper mugs for the following three reasons.

1. History

It is well documented that Jack Morgan, the owner of LA’s Cock’n’Bull pub, at least in part invented the Moscow mule around 1941. (Also, a recent publication states that Cock ‘n Bull’s bartender helped develop the drink as well.) Cocktail historian Ted Haigh says Jack Morgan had a girlfriend who owned a copper-making company. Several sources point to Russian immigrant Sophie Berezinski as the original copper vendor. As a practical receptacle for branding drinks, copper mugs emerged as one alternative.

As a result of their failure to sell their respective goods: Morgan ginger beer and Martin vodka, John Martin (who had just bought Smirnoff) developed the drink with Jack Morgan. Taking photos of celebrities holding Smirnoff vodka and copper mugs, John Martin went bar-to-bar marketing the drink using celebrities, bartenders and copper mugs. Drinks served in copper mugs were popularized through this campaign.

2. Temperature

A copper mug extends the cooling or warming factor of a drink depending on the drink’s temperature due to copper’s superior thermal conductivity. In addition to being cool, copper mugs have a chilling effect when containing a Moscow Mule. Warm weather allows cold drinks to easily melt, so this is particularly desirable.

Copper mugs that are pure and unlined are particularly good at regulating temperature. The lining of lined copper mugs is typically nickel, stainless steel, or tin, which is plated with copper. However, insulated mugs are not as responsive to temperature as uninsulated mugs, even though they are more durable and susceptible to less copper leaching.

3. Taste

Adding cold copper to Moscow mules enhances their dizziness and aromatic aroma, providing a refreshing drink. In addition to enhancing the natural flavors of the ginger beer and lime, drinkers say the copper cup also adds more complexity to the Moscow mule drink.

The benefits of copper mugs

Taste advantages will obviously vary based on the recipe you use, and are more subjective. The flavor of the ginger beer, vodka, and lime are clearly enhanced when the Moscow Mule is served in copper mugs. The copper in the mug may oxidize when vodka touches it. This would enhance the flavor of the vodka as well as the smell.

When served in a plastic or glass container, Cold Copper increases the level of fizz in the carbonated ginger beer, which makes the Moscow Mule more fizzy. In addition to bringing life to lime juice, the copper enhances its tangy citrus notes and reduces the acidity, helping it to complement ginger beer’s spice. Moscow Mules deserve their place among classic American cocktails when these three flavors work together to their maximum potential.

Tips for Buying Moscow Mule Mugs

If you’re looking for the best copper mug for yourself or as a gift, you have to consider a variety of factors.

  • Source material

Steel or other types of metal are sometimes utilized in the manufacture of copper mugs. You need to choose copper mugs that are made using 100% copper when it comes to selecting the best copper mug. When choosing a material like this, please keep in mind that it will be a bit expensive. In addition, lined mugs are available as well as unlined versions. 

  • Design of Handles

Heat can easily travel through copper as it is a conductive material. You will notice that your drink will warm up faster when you are holding a copper mug. You should therefore choose a cup with a handle that does not easily react to the warmth of your hands.

  • Design

There is no such thing as a universal style. Plain and straight copper mugs can be purchased if you are not a fan of stylish designs. In contrast, copper mugs with an embossed or hammered design will achieve a sophisticated and classy look.

  • Cost

There are different prices for copper mugs based on the amount of work they have gone through. Special artists in India hand-hammer copper mugs for multiple brands. It is important to note, however, that copper mugs can be quite expensive, especially if they are handcrafted and imported from overseas. Copper mugs with intricate patterns and detailed designs may also increase in price.

Final thoughts

Copper mugs tend to attract cocktail lovers as well as those who enjoy cocktails in general. Bronze colored cups keep your spirits cold as well as catching everyone’s attention with their beautiful design.

The challenge of choosing the best copper mug can be quite daunting, but once you have found the right one, you will definitely delight in every sip. Make sure to try your hand at drinking tropical Moscow Mules, which work best when served in copper mugs.

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