What is Scotch

What is Scotch? Facts & History

What is Scotch?

Scottish Whisky, distilled from grains, water and yeast, is a distilled spirit made in Scotland.

Which distilleries produce different whiskies?

Speyside, Lowland, Highland, and Campbeltown are the five Scotch Whisky regions. Scotch’s flavors are influenced by the characteristics of each region. Typically, spirits with lighter characteristics are produced by taller stills due to their size and shape. Age of the oak is also a determinant of the final flavor of the whisky, with its age affecting the flavor of the final spirit.

How should Scotch Whisky be consumed?

Scotch Whisky is often enjoyed with just a little water in Scotland and across the United Kingdom. There are, however, many ways to enjoy Scotch Whisky that are new and exciting. Cola is a popular drink in SpainOn the other hand, Scotch in Japan and China is often drunk with iced tea and lots of water.

What is the alcoholic strength of Scotch Whisky?

After distillation, it is generally reduced by volume to 63.5% alcohol by volume prior to filling into casks. Bottling strength is determined by law to be 40 percent alcohol by volume.

What is the best way to store Scotch Whisky?

The ageing of whisky differs from that of wine. The whisky will remain the same for as long as you keep a 12 year old bottle. Scotch Whisky won’t deteriorate if placed out of direct sunlight as long as it’s kept out of direct sunlight.

What is smoother scotch or bourbon?

The whiskies of the United States (like bourbon and whiskeys from Scotland and Ireland) are distilled in brand-new oak, while in most other countries (Scotland, Ireland, and Japan) the barrels are re-used multiple times. Whisky in the U.S. tends to be dark and vanilla-flavored, even though scotch has a softer, smoother flavor.

Category of Whisky

what is scotch
Source: Scotch Whisky Association

Scotch Whiskey having the following characteristics

  • It must be made in Scotland…
  • …From water and malted barley.
  • Unlike corn and wheat, barley is a cereal grain that can contain other grains as well as barley.
  • Only endogenous enzyme systems can convert it into a fermentable substrate. Can you explain what this means at all?
  • It must be fermented only with yeast.
  • It is fine to distill scotch to a maximum alcohol by volume (ABV) of 95.8%, and at least 40 percent for bottled whisky. The average Scotch is distilled to about 60% alcohol by volume.

The result of this process is the release of enzymes that break down starch in barley and convert it to sugar, which begins fermentation.

The malting process produces fermentable substrate, which I mentioned earlier. Malting creates enzymes, which originate from the grain itself, which are known as endogenous enzyme systems.

There is a need to clarify this language. Some countries allow the addition of enzymes to whisky. Scotch producers cannot do this.

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Regions of Great Single Malt Scotch

The most popular single malts in the world are Highland malts. Having a blend that is as complex as lowland scotch, but less powerful than Islay, they are an excellent choice. Single malt whiskies from the highlands are generally smooth, with vanilla, honey, and (sometimes) sherry notes.

Scotch malts made in Speyside are smooth and full-bodied, and among the best in the world. With many distilleries here, Speyside is named after the Speyside river, located in the area. Macallan, Glenfiddich, and Glenmorangie are some of the famous distilleries in Speyside.

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As a result of the significant amount of peat-moss grown in the area, Islay Single Malt whiskeys are world-renowned for their smoky aroma. Laprhoaig and Lagavulin (my personal favorite) are two of the most popular distilleries on Islay.

One of the best ways to introduce yourself to quality brown liquor is to try Lowland Single Malts. Before working your way up the food chain, start with Auchentoshan, a well-aged triple distilled single malt.

Campbelltown single malts are one of the newest regions for quality malts. With their blend of a smooth Highlands texture and a milder Islay peatiness, Campbeltowns would appeal to a wide variety of Scotch drinkers. The 12 and 15 year Springbank are both available at BevMo and any bottle shop.

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