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Best OBAN Scotch Glass For OBAN Scotch

What is OBAN Scotch?

In the port of Oban on the west coast of Scotland, there is an OBAN distillery. Initially built in 1794, it was built before the name-bearing town sprouted nearby.

Owned by Diageo, the Oban distillery produces a range of spirits.

One of the smallest pot stills in Scotland, it produces whisky with a “West Highland” taste that’s said to fall between the lighter, sweeter malts of the Highlands and the lighter, smoky style of the Scottish islands.

Style-wise, its whisky lies somewhere between the Western Highlands and the Isles.

The whisky has a mild peat flavor, with a slight briny element that combines nicely with the characteristic fruitiness of the Highlands, and sweet and floral heather notes.

With its distinctive, malty, lightly smoky flavor, Oban Dry Whisky is a signature of the Isle of Oban.

In the first place, the operation is quite small.

It consists of two stills, one wash still and one spirit still.

Despite being filled to 95 percent, the wash still has a capacity of 11,000 liters.

A full charge of about 88 percent is still found in the 7,200-liter spirit still.

It is the second smallest Diageo distillery in Scotland, producing about 660,000 liters of pure alcohol.

It takes 65 hours for fermentation to occur. Historically, Oban used a long fermentation of 120 hours combined with a short fermentation of 65 hours, according to Colville.

Currently, it does only a short fermentation of 65 hours.

While this may appear short by some historical fermentation practices, it is still within the typical Scotch industry fermentation lengths.

Condensers on Oban use worm tubs rather than modern tube-and-shell systems.

The vapor passes through a single spiral copper tube in a worm tub. Both tubes or worms are submerged in water.

Whiskies produced by worm tub distilleries usually have meaty aromas, but the intensity of their characteristics can vary quite a bit.

Source: Wikipedia

Best Glass For OBAN Scotch

Individuals had different views about glasses, let consider we all heard about the glencairn which is good for aromas, and we have also heard about the Norlan, the purpose of the Norlan glass’s design is to keep the aromas and many more things sometimes we need to consider all these things before buying glass.

You might wonder why glass is important for whisk(e)y, and I must say it does carry weight when you think about tasting and nosing experience.

Prime Whiskey Glass 2

It has wide rim which is perfect for nosing plus the glass is beautiful, and easy to grasp and hold, perfect gift item for those who loved OBAN scotch, designed is hand cut, all the design and star shape cut you will see on surface is completely a hand cut and that’s the reason this glass surely help you enjoy the whisk(e)y and bourbon with your guest.

OBAN Whisky Gift Set With Glass

For whiskey lover, a OBAN gift set could be a great idea if he loved OBAN, and you can have glass with them that can be a unexpected point for them

Price is good, and one time purchase and strong glass with dishwater safe and you and friends can have a great weekend with these two sets of OBAN Scotch Glass.

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