Johnnie Walker Glass Tumbler

Johnnie Walker Glass Tumbler

25 July 1805 was John Walker’s birthday.

Farm land was sold by his father in 1819 after his death.

On Kilmarnock High Street in Ayrshire, Scotland, their trustees invested £417 of the proceeds in an Italian grocery and wine and spirits store and warehouse.

A teenager in 1820, Walker ran a grocery, wine, and spirit business.

With the Excise Act of 1823, strict laws governing the distillation of whisky were relaxed and extremely high taxes on the production and sale of whisky were drastically lowered. Despite being a teetotaller, Walker sold spirits such as rum, brandy, gin, and whisky by 1825.

After a short while, he became mainly involved in whisky.

Although it was still illegal to blend malt and grain whiskies, he sold both.

Since he did not have a brand of his own, the whiskies were blended for specific customers according to their specifications.

Many years later, Walker’s Kilmarnock Whisky began using his name on labels for blended malts. John Walker died in 1857.

During Walker’s lifetime, the brand became popular, but after his death, it was his son Alexander “Alec” Walker and grandson Alexander Walker II who were most responsible for making the whisky popular.

By legalizing grain and malt whisky blending in 1860, blended Scotch whisky entered its modern era.

Blended Scotch whisky was more accessible and marketable. It was lighter, sweeter, and much more approachable.

‘Old Highland Whisky’ became Johnnie Walker’s first commercial blend in 1867. His next smart move was to ask ship captains to act as his agents and to get his whisky to wherever ships could sail. Before long, people everywhere were able to find his spirited blend.

The Blue label Johnnie Walker is so expensive. What is the reason? The rare scotches that make up Johnnie Walker Blue label make it expensive. The quality is exceptional.

Brands award the Blue label to one out of every 10,000 casks that they consider good enough.

George and Alexander II, John’s grandsons, expanded the line from 1906 to 1909, introducing three blended whiskies, Old Highland at 5 years old, Special Old Highland at 9 years old, and Extra Special Old Highland at 12 years old.

The only difference between these three brands was the color of their labels: white, red, and black.

The colours of their labels were commonly used in public to identify them.

As part of a 1909 rebranding that included the introduction of the Striding Man, the company re-branded its blends to match the common colour names. [13] The mascot was created by cartoonist Tom Browne.

Johnnie Walker White Label was renamed Old Highland,[14] and made a 6 year old, Special Old Highland became Johnnie Walker Red Label at 10 years of age, and Extra Special Old Highland became Johnnie Walker Black Label, remaining 12 years of age.

Source: Wikipedia

Johnnie Walker Glass Tumbler

Round Net Design Whiskey Glasses 2

Glasses for the Johnnie Walker drink were perfect, nice heavy weight glass, very clear. 

This whiskey tumbler is everything you would expect from a whiskey tumbler. It is solid and does not weigh much. 

This crystal clear glass is easy to hand wash and looks great displayed in our liquor cabinet. They’re very practical, but also look great. 

They wash very well with no stains from soap or anything. Despite its simple design, it is elegant enough to serve guests drinks. 

Dishwasher-cleaning leaves it sparkling.

BaPiDa Hand-Cut Whiskey Glass 3

These glasses for drinking anything on the rocks. 

They fit my needs exactly. They look great, are well constructed, are reasonably priced, and are the right size for ice spheres. 

And they are packaged beautifully for giving. I like the weight and feel of the glass in my hand, and I don’t have to worry about it breaking. 

Using these handcrafted Johnnie Walker glasses, you can enjoy all the pleasures of Johnnie Walker. 

One of the best aspects of these glasses is that they are entirely handcrafted.

Calcutta Design Crystal Highball Glass

This kind of glass is suitable for juices, water(cold or hot water), as well as wine.. I’m comfortable holding these since they feel sturdy and dishwasher safe. 

You can stack them in a hurry if you have friends visiting as well, or if you’re lazy. Having these highball tumblers glass will allow you and your friends to share great evenings and to enjoy the finest Johnnie Walker.

I like the size and balance of these, and they come out crystal clear when I wash them in the dishwasher..

The lip of the glass and it’s thinner thickness makes it a pleasure to drink from them. 

Unique Crystal Highball Glass 1

Having already discussed the short history of Johnnie Walker, aren’t you convinced that scotch deserves a royal glass? Rather than a random glass, we designed these beautiful glasses that will give them the respect they deserve. So, when you serve them with these glasses, you are more likely to get attention from your friends and they will enjoy the scotch as much as ever.

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