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Best Aberlour Glass 2021

Aberlour Glass

Aberlour whisky is named after the Scottish village in which it is made. 

The distillery draws its water from the Lour spring, which is where Aberlour gets its crisp, clear, pure water from. Aberlour translates as “the mouth of the chattering burn” in Gaelic. 

Founded in the 19th century by James Fleming, a local barley farmer, the distillery pursued his lifelong dream; to produce the best Speyside malt whisky.

History of Aberlour

A distillery was established in Aberlour in 1825, and it lasted until 1833, when James Grant and John Grant built their own distillery in Rothes, Glen Grant. As the site is situated near St. Drostan’s Well, named after an early Columban monk, James Fleming was the architect of the current distillery, which he constructed in 1879.

In 1898 it was rebuilt after it burned down like many Victorian distilleries. While the distillery was on temporary duty during World War II, local residents smuggled wash up the Aberlour burn and distilled illicitly underneath the Linn Falls.

After its expansion from two to four stills and complete internal renovation, the distillery became a part of Campbell Distillers in 1945, and Pernod Ricard acquired it in 1974. 

It has long been popular in France because of its ownership. This brand now belongs to Pernod-owned Chivas Brothers, a whisky division of Pernod.

Source: Wikipedia

Best Glasses for Aberlour

1. Scotch glass for Aberlour

Volcano Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass 5

If you typically consume old-fashioned drinks, you should choose old-fashioned glasses that suit them. A classic Sazerac can be made with this glass if you wish. There is sufficient room for ice and other ingredients in this DOF glass. Furthermore, the bubble-like indentation on the base of the glass prevents condensation from forming. In addition, it creates a lovely glow throughout your cocktail or whiskey glass to highlight the different hues. A collection of four unique rocks glasses for fans of cocktail styles such as lowball and doubles is a great addition to your barware!

2.Galaxy Whiskey Glass

Galaxy Whiskey Glass 4

As a manly man, you enjoy all things strong, durable, and durable. It’s only logical that the whiskey glasses you use should be sturdy and match your personality. You can find them here. Spherical edges allow you to grip firmly onto its base, which is shaped like a sphere. As a result of its extra thickness, the glass keeps drinks cold for as long as possible and prevents condensation. It is even possible to clink your glass with a friend while you are sharing a hearty toast like a beer glass without it breaking!

This set of whiskey lets you make the manliest, most delicious glass of whiskey you’ve ever had with a double of your favorite scotch and whiskey stones. 

3. Cubicle square rock glass

City Whiskey Glass 6

Old-fashioned glassware isn’t restricted to lowball glasses! Its smaller square shape does more than just look modern, as it makes it easier to hold your drink. The rounded rim of this flask makes sipping Jack on the rocks and refreshing Mint Juleps easy. In order to be considered double old fashioned, it must contain at least 10 ounces of liquid. This is a good simple rock glass that will get the job done if you are on the lookout for one!

4. Highball glass for Aberlour

Leaf Highball Glass

Drinking a chilled cocktail doesn’t require ice, right? You can use the stones classically in this glass. Using whisky stones is a great way to replace ice because it keeps your drink cold without melting or affecting the flavor! It’s probably not the first time you’ve seen a large spherical soapstone whiskey stone, but it is a bit unusual! In this unique glass and whiskey sphere, the cocktail is thoroughly mixed and chilled at the same time. A raised peak guides the steel ball across the glass evenly, preventing layers from forming in your drink. Enjoy the best cocktails ever with this awesome glass!

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