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Bowmore Glass

In addition to the smoke, there are notes of flowers, cereal, citrus, flowers, and tropical fruit beneath a distinctly saline note. When whisky is matured in refill casks for a long period of time, it takes on this characteristic, with the peat fading away completely.

Bowmore is aged in ex-Sherry barrels, which give it a distinctive flavor characterized by dark fruits, chocolates, coffees, citruses, and smoke. The extensive range chooses from one extreme to the other. Whisky from the distillery is matured to a significant extent on the island, especially in the distillery’s No.1 vault, which has a unique microclimate. One wall of the vault provides the town’s sea wall, which creates a chill, damp environment that is ideal for long-term maturation.

The price of a truly antique Bowmore from 1850 was £29,400 (about $45,000) at auction ten years ago. Obviously, the word “mere” isn’t associated with the price of a new Volvo, but keep in mind that ultra-aged, but ultimately modern Macallan single malts can fetch such a price. Although it is a pretty sum, it is not so much for something so unique.

With its reputation as an entry-level single malt, a well-deserved reputation as an Islay malt, Bowmore 12 Year Old is one of the line’s best.


In 1779, Bowmore’s distillery allegedly began operations, but the first proof of whisky making appears to date from 1816 when John Simpson obtained a licence. In 1837, Wm & Jas, a Glasgow blending firm, would begin blending whiskey. After Mutter took over, it gained traction and reputation. A cask of Bowmore was requested by Windsor Castle in 1841, during a time when Scotch was regarded as too bold and the English palate as too delicate. Stanley P. Morrison, a broker, purchased the distillery in 1963 and, as is often the case, he has been in charge since. In the Morrison era, Bowmore began what is known as the legendary mid-1960s era, when its bottlings became legendary.

It was substantially modernized with a heat recovery system that not only reduced the distillery’s fuel bills, but also heated the swimming pool of the town. Taking full control in 1994 after launching the groundbreaking Black Bowmore, Suntory bought a stake in the distillery in 1989. It was sold for what was then thought to be a ridiculous price of £100 for a Sherry-aged release.

A key Islay property, Bowmore and Laphroaig, is under the same ownership as Jim Beam, which means that Suntory owns both brands in addition to Jim Beam. 

Source: Wikipedia

Best Glass for Bowmore

Diamond Cut Whiskey glass 7

The right scotch glasses for your choice of spirit is particularly important when selecting a delicate spirit. With its perfect wedge of ice in one half, this whiskey glass allows you to fill the other half with the whiskey of your choice. With our chilled spirits, you won’t find them anywhere else. Ice melt more slowly than regular ice cubes, so you can enjoy the full flavour of the drink. It’s one of the best drinks out there.

Galaxy Whiskey Glass 2

It is the dream of every Bowmore consumer to have their own name-brand whiskey label. The good news is that it is now possible! Aside from the awesome design of this glass, it’s also the perfect whiskey glass to enjoy rocks with! Whatever your preference is, this glass will be the one you reach for, whether it’s a Jack on the Rocks or a Whiskey Sour. With a twist whiskey glass, you can enjoy whiskey with style, making it an ideal companion for whiskey connoisseurs.

Volcano Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass 2

It’s just as important to serve scotch on the rocks with a good presentation as it is to have the right whiskey. If it looks like it has frozen over, as this awesome glass does, the right glass can greatly enhance your experience. As if a light coating of frost is covering everything, the crystalline effect looks just like that. The thick base will insulate your drink even though the whiskey won’t get any colder. This stylish rocks glass will be your go-to glass whether you’re in the mood for an Old Fashioned or straight bourbon.

Highball Whiskey Glass

Calcutta Highball Beverages Glass 4

There is something legendary about drinking Bowmore. Anyone who has sampled scotch or whiskey does not feel a little mythical? The most awesome way to enjoy this fantastic liquor is to take a set of engraved old-fashioned glasses out of an ammo can. You can even keep one of your favorite brands inside the ammo can, along with your glasses, so that you have everything you need ready when you need to share a drink with a friend!

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