Best Glasses for Glendronach

Best Glasses for Glendronach

A distillery in Scotland named GlenDronach is the second oldest whisky producer in the country. For almost two centuries, this distillery produces sherry-matured whiskies.

Despite being less well known than many of its contemporaries, it has become increasingly recognized for producing single malts of high quality and value in recent years. 

James Allardice (Allardice) established the distillery, the second distillery to receive an Excise Act license under the 1823 Expropriation Act. Glenlivet, which obtained its license in 1824, became the first licensed distillery.

In the Speyside whisky district, it is located near Forgue, a hamlet in Aberdeenshire roughly halfway between Elgin and Aberdeen.

History of GlenDronach

Boynsmill Estate was inherited by James Allardice in 1800 and the GlenDronach distillery was founded there in 1826 by Allardice. The GlenDronach distillery, located in Forgue in the Highland Hills, is one of Scotland’s oldest and first licensed distilleries.

Its water source is the Dronac burn, which gives its name to the distillery. Many distillery workers and managers lived in the Glen House (formerly Boynsmill), which was built in 1771.

Only in 2005 did the distillery switch to steam heating from coal, making GlenDronach one of the last distilleries to rely on coal heat.

The Brown-Forman Corporation acquired the GlenDronach distillery in 2016 following multiple takeovers throughout the years.

The Making of GlenDronach Whisky

As there was no distillery operational at the time, the 18 year old GlenDronach Allardice was distilled before 1996, making it somewhere between 19-20 years old!

In the making of the Allardice 18 year old, 100% malted barley is used in the mash bill. Distilled and redistilled spirits are then transferred to appropriate barrels where they are matured.

Allardice is only matured in Spanish Oloroso Sherry casks to create the sherried style that makes GlenDronach whiskies famous. Sixty percent of the flavour of whisky is created from the wood of the barrel in which it is aged. No chill filtration has been applied to the Allardice 18 year old.

Source: Wikipedia

Best Glasses for GlenDronach

1.Round Net Design Whiskey Glasses

Round Net Design Whiskey Glasses 4

The bowl design includes specially formed interior protrusions that create turbulence when the spirit is swirled within it, causing less ethanol to be present and allowing the aromas to take center stage. .

The glass is blown to separate the inner wall from the outer wall, using a blowing technique. Hollow body glass combines scientific performance with a aesthetically pleasing appearance.


  • Glasses that hold two, four, or six ounces of whiskey
  • Suitable for whiskeys, bourbons, and ryes
  • Lead-free crystal
  • Top rack is preferred for dishwasher safety
  • Stability is enhanced by extra-net design

2.Wingfire Rocks Glasses

Wingfire Rocks Glasses 5

These beautiful whiskey & Scotch glasses are either minimalistic or ornamental and beautifully highlight your drink’s amber glow with their copper tones.

Glasses designed to let your whiskey breathe, these are both stylish and contemporary. Every whiskey glass is truly unique due to its handmade nature and nod to traditional luxury influences, making them a perfect addition to any whiskey lover’s bar cart. 


  • Two whiskey glasses, each 10 ounces
  • Drinks like whiskey, scotch, and bourbon will taste great in this Old Fashion Rocks Glass
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Hand-cut rectangle
  • Prepare your best drink with the help of this elegant gift box that features tips, instructions, and guidance

3.Short Stem Wine Glass

Short Stem Wine Glass

The classic design of the wine glass makes it a sure winner, while the ultra-clear lead-free crystal makes the spirit sparkle and shine. Each one feels sturdy and provides a comfortable grip on the glass, while the bottom details really stand out when the glass is full. Pour a good quality whisky into it and take a sip at a time. 


  • The Glass Material
  • Clear Color
  • The Crystal Design brand
  • Lower base is 5.5 cm tall, upper base is 7 cm wide, height is 8 cm
  • The capacity of the bottle is 190ml
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