Best Glasses for Dalwhinnie

Best glasses for Dalwhinnie

Best glasses for Dalwhinnie

Scotland’s highest distillery is Dalwhinnie Distillery. Dalwhinnie, which means ‘meeting place’ in Gaelic, occupies the heart of the Scottish Highlands, and was the meeting point of three ancient drover routes. The Dalwhinnie Distillery is often cut off by the winter even though it’s easily accessible by road and rail today. A distillery located in Scotland’s Western Highlands, where the average winter temperature hovers around six degrees Celsius, is also reputed to be the coldest in the country.

 Drinks International has recognized this distillery tour as the ‘Best Distillery Tour 2017’. If you plan on visiting during the winter months, make sure to call in advance. Throughout most of the year, there are regular tours departing every 45 minutes. We will walk you through the distillery’s traditional process of malt whisky distillation on our guided tour. Enjoy a Dalwhinnie Single Malt and handmade chocolates after the tour. The two go well together. 


Dalwhinnie was described as being “madly located” by the Victorians. It’s possible to see where they came from even with modern eyes. A meteorological station at Dalwhinnie has the distinction of observing the lowest temperature ever recorded in Britain; it is the third highest distillery in Scotland. There is an entire hostel on site for the staff to live in in case of heavy snows, so the distillery remains self-sufficient in the event of high snows. 

A major part of Dalwhinnie’s history is its isolation. The distillery’s name, Dalwhinnie, is Gaelic for “meeting place” due to its excellent central location. A distillery founded by Strathspey Distillery Company was originally known as “Strathspey” and operated under this name until 1897.

The company went into liquidation less than a year later, and the distillery was renamed Dalwhinnie Distillery Company following the change of hands. 

The distillery expanded with the help of the architect Charles Doig, who created the pagoda-shaped roof. Two more owners changed hands during the first half of the twentieth century, and an American firm, Cook & Bernheimer, briefly owned the distillery, making it the world’s first foreign-owned scotch distillery. During the rebuilding process, a fire destroyed the majority of the distillery in 1934, which led to four years of production halt. The distillery was forced to remain closed due to wartime restrictions on barley until 1940 after the rebuild was completed in 1938. Almost uninterrupted whisky production has been going on at the distillery since 1940, except for a brief period when it was refurbished in 1986.

Dalwhinnie belongs to Diageo’s Classic Malts range and is owned by the company. As for the brand, it has achieved great critical acclaim, being awarded the Monde Selection Gold Medal for both the 15-year old and Distillers Edition. 

Source: Wikipedia

Best glasses for Dalwhinnie

1.Neo Cut Handmade Whiskey Glass

A rock glass is the best choice for aged spirits, as it provides the most aromas. Even harder to resist is pouring another glass because the shape of the glass allows the flavors to come through.

You can create the ultimate drinking experience by spinning the liquid while breathing in. With this, you will continue to use your top shelf spirits for years to come. Dishwasher-safe and easy to use, this 10 ounce glass is dishwasher-safe.

2. Square Whiskey Glasses

With a textured pattern and wide, sturdy brim, Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses make a stylish choice. In this set of two Old Fashioned glasses, you can enjoy a round of cocktails.

The perfect whiskey addition, it instantly becomes a topic of conversation. To use, place a wedge into the glass filled with water and freeze before removing the wedge and adding whisky. The glass can hold about 290ml of spirit when it is frozen.

3.Round Net Design Whiskey Glasses

#2. Round Net Hand - Cut Scotch Glasses 

You can view the deep amber colors emanating from the inside of the glass because the design prevents condensation from forming. By not allowing the whisky to water down as you sip it, they provide the perfect combination of traditional handcrafting and modern design. The sturdy and durable qualities of the material make these glasses an excellent choice for everyday drinking or special occasions, and the exceptional quality is affordable.

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