Best Yamazaki Glass

Best Yamazaki Glass

Best Glass for Yamazaki Drink

Yamazaki and Japanese whisky are synonymous. Quite literally. Founded in 1923, Yamazaki was the first commercial distillery in Japan. It received little attention when it first opened its doors. How about the first whisky it produced? Yamazaki. 

Most whisky drinkers can’t name any other Japanese whisky brand than Yamazaki if you ask them to name a Japanese whisky brand.

As a result of this exquisite brand, the Japanese whisky revolution began. Japanese whisky is now a subject all on its own, no longer only reserved for whisky drinkers looking for something different. Yamazaki stands out above the rest as a perfect example of this.

This isn’t just an opinion either. Yamazaki’s whiskies are regarded as some of the world’s best in their own right. It’s not common to find brands that have experienced such success year after year. 

1.Galaxy Whiskey Glass

Galaxy Whiskey Glass 5

A unique combination of quality and style is offered here at an affordable price. With its chic design of diamonds and wedges, the glass suits any stylish home. 

When you don’t drink, the set of two glasses in your order will look stunning in your living room, kitchen, or dining room.

They’re dishwasher-safe, hold up to 10 ounces, and, above all, they’re extremely affordable. With a large portion of ice in the glasses, Laphroaig whiskey would be perfect. They’re also large enough to hold a beefy rock if you prefer to use a single cube rather than a single rock.

2.Bourbon and Scotch Glasses

Bourbon and Scotch glasses 2

Do you know a whiskey drinker who would appreciate a gift? These crystal design whisky glass and bourbon glasses may be of interest. They feature intricate designs around the glass. The glasses hold 10 ounces of liquid, which means they can hold a large amount. They are also dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to deal with special care.

3. Prime Whiskey Glass

Prime Whiskey Glass 2

It feels great to drink whiskey out of a crystal old-fashioned glass, and a classic glass belongs in every home bar. When you watch a dull drama, you can still feel the weight of the glass. With their 10-ounce capacity, these handsome crystal glasses from crystal design are suitable for both cocktails and whiskey, making them very versatile. You should hand-wash the glasses instead of putting them in a dishwasher to preserve their sparkle and translucency. 


Despite being among Suntory’s most renowned distilleries, the Yamazaki Distillery in Hokkaido has only just begun operations.

The Japanese whisky industry has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years. Spirits have experienced record sales and many accolades, as well as price hikes and shortages due to consumer demand. Yamazaki stands out as the most significant distillery in Japan’s whisky history.

Yamazaki, founded by Shinjiro Torii, founder of the Japanese drinks group Suntory, was Japan’s first whisky distillery. In Shimamoto, Osaka, at the confluence of the Katsura, Uji, and Kizu rivers, it lies at the foot of Mt. Tenno. Due to the misty climate and soft waters in Yamazaki, master of the Japanese tea ceremony Sen no Rikyu established his teahouse there. 

According to Suntory, Torii was inspired by the traditions of Scotch whisky but sought a point of difference by building his distillery in a uniquely Japanese terrain.

Tori’s career began at a wholesaler of pharmaceuticals that also distilled western alcoholic beverages. At age 20, he founded the company Torii Shoten in Osaka and began making wine, launching the sweet wine liqueur Akadama Port Wine eight years later. With the build of Yamazaki, Tori set himself an ambitious goal of creating a uniquely Japanese whisky. Mineyuki Motoyama, general manager of Suntory Spirits’ whisky and imported liquor marketing department, says this marks the beginning of Japanese whisky history.

Source: Wikipedia

What is the best way to drink Yamazaki Whisky?

The first time you try Yamazaki Whisky, you should drink it neat. Whether or not you are typically a whisky drinker, you will enjoy this spirit’s distinctive characteristics and taste notes. There are two ways in which the Japanese enjoy whisky. 

Whiskey highballs are another common way to drink it (see below for our favorite recipe). Yamazaki Whisky can be enjoyed in more ways than those two.

In Japan, whisky and water are paired very carefully depending on the water’s temperature. Yamazaki can also be enjoyed as Mizuwari (with cool water) or as Oyuwari (with warm water) on the rocks. 

The different water temperatures release different components of the spirit so, if you want to understand what Yamazaki is all about, you should sample a bottle at each temperature – preferably on a day when you don’t have any plans immediately afterwards.

The sweetness of Japanese whisky can be enhanced by soy sauce, while sushi’s fishy, salty, and fermented taste can be enhanced by soy sauce.

In Tokyo’s coolest cocktail bars, craft cocktails using Yamazaki are also getting increasingly popular.

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