Classic manhattan cocktail glasses

Classic Manhattan Cocktail Glasses

Best Glasses for Manhattan Cocktail

1. Calcutta Design Crystal Wine Glass

An iconic drink deserves its own dedicated glassware, as any martini lover will tell you. You don’t have to wait for the perfect cocktail glass if you’re a Manhattan lover — these drinks were designed specifically with your favorite cocktail in mind (though they’ll also make excellent gifts for anyone who loves a great cocktail).

Crystal Design Wine Glass 6

The lead-free crystal cocktail glasses in this set, dishwasher safe, are designed to hold your favorite whiskey cocktail. Heavy bases make the glasses stable. As a result of the angled bowl design, the fullness of the flavour hits your palate precisely. Just one sip of this beverage will make you feel as though you’ve gotten a lot more aroma

Martinis do not have to be served in a traditional V-shaped glass, as most glasses can accommodate more than one cocktail.

Manhattans or shaken beverages that do not need to be diluted. The stemware family comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, so shopping for glasses is sometimes a matter of personal preference.

Choose this elegant set of 7-ounce saucers if you love the classic look of a saucer. You must hand-wash these glasses.

2. Bollinger Champagne glass

Champagne Glass 1

The sculptured, 11-ounce glasses are constructed from lead-free crystal, perfect for rocks cocktails (in any size or shape), and also make excellent water glasses. Also available are matching highball glasses, coupes, mixing glass sets, shakers, and other pieces to help you streamline your cabinet.

Classic Manhattan Cocktail Glasses

Originally created in the late 1800s, the Manhattan is one of the oldest cocktails known to mankind. 

This cocktail has remained a popular choice even during the Prohibition era. 

Although the Manhattan is considered a vintage drink, it still packs a punch and has a robust flavor. 

In this cocktail, the boozy flavors from the whiskey combine with the sweetness of the vermouth to create a rich depth of flavor.

Manhattans are versatile, and you can change the flavor by using different whiskeys, vermouths, or bitters. 

IIf you’re feeling fancy, you can serve the Manhattan on the rocks in a lowball glass or a coupe glass, but the classic Manhattan is typically served in a martini glass with a maraschino cherry. Manhattans are classic cocktails that are easy to make and are sure to please your customers, regardless of the glass in which they are served.

Manhattan’s history

Nobody truly knows where or when the Manhattan cocktail originated, and the true origins of the cocktail remain a mystery. 

Originally created in New York City’s Manhattan Club in 1874, the Manhattan drink is one of the most popular stories surrounding its creation. According to legend, the cocktail was created at a party thrown by Jennie Jerome, a socialite who went on to be the mother of Winston Churchill. 

It was held at the Manhattan Club, thus the cocktail’s name, and it was thrown in honor of Samuel J. Tilden.

This theory is popular, however it has been thoroughly debunked because Jennie Jerome was pregnant with her first child when she was thought to be hosting the party. 

In recent years, historians believe the drink originated in the 1860s, though the exact date and location remain a mystery. 

The exact origin of the Manhattan cocktail is a mystery, but the recipe has survived and remains one of the most popular cocktails today.

Source: Wikipedia

What is the best way to make a Manhattan cocktail

The ingredients

  • An ice cube for stirring
  • Two ounces of either rye or bourbon (I like Bulleit Rye)
  • A shot of sweet vermouth (my favorites are Dolin or Carpano Antica).
  • A dash of Angostura bitters
  • 1 cocktail cherry, such as a Luxardo cherry


  1. Add a few inches of ice to a mixing glass. Pour the whiskey, vermouth, and bitters into the glass. Circularly stir the drink for about 30 seconds, or until it is very cold (if you’d like a drink with less bite, stir longer).
  2. In a coupe or martini glass, strain the liquid. Add a cocktail cherry as a garnish. Sip. 

You can make a Manhattan in just minutes. Follow these steps:

  1. Combine your ingredients in a mixing glass, then fill a coupe or martini glass with ice.
  2. Fill your mixing glass with whiskey and vermouth. Add a few dashes of bitters.
  3. Continually stir.
  4. In a drinking glass, strain the mixture.
  5. Have fun.

The Manhattan seems fancy, but it is actually one of the easiest cocktails to make. The only ingredients you’ll need are cherries and sugar. It’s all about choosing ingredients that complement each other well.

Within no time you will be sipping a delicious Manhattan cocktail. For Manhattans, you never have to use a cocktail shaker because they should always be stirred, not shaken. Enjoy!

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