Best Bellini Glasses for Drink Bellini

Best Bellini Glasses for Drink Bellini

Best Bellini Glasses for Drink Bellini

Bellini glassware is designed to suit any taste with its rich line of Italian glassware. As if they were fizzing forever, bubbles are suspended in glass with an exceptional texture and clarity. Cocktails should not be left out of the fun; dress them up too!

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Bellini Cocktail History

Only the story of the sparkling cocktail is more captivating than its taste – white peach puree and Prosecco.

In 1948, Giuseppe Cipriani, the founder and barman at Harry’s Bar in Venezia, poured the first Bellini. Humphrey Bogart, Truman Capote, and Ernest Hemingway drank at this iconic bar located just off the Grand Canal.

The glamorous guests of Harry’s Bar enjoyed the frank conversations, the peaceful atmosphere, and the simple food and drink that Cipriani offered. Seasonal products from the Venetian countryside were used in the menu. The barman invented the Bellini in part because of the fragrant white peaches and sparkling wine of the region.

Citrini’s recipe calls for gently stirring two parts Prosecco with one part fresh peach pureé, served chilled in a flute. Legend holds that the drink’s characteristic sunset hue reminded the bartender of the chromatic paintings of Venetian artist Giovani Bellini from the 15th century, thus its name. Word of the refreshing drink spread fast to New York, Paris, and beyond thanks to Cipriani’s international regulars.

Luciano Canella had founded a winery specializing in Prosecco in the hills outside of Venezia one year before the Bellini began. In the years after Luciano retired, his four children carried on his tradition of making a high-quality sparkling wine (the wine received the first DOCG certification in the wine region). A bottle of Bellini! Those are the words the family used in 1988! Prosecco from Canella’s winery is combined with white peaches picked from their family orchard, as well as wild raspberry juice for an extra special touch.

The best way to make a Bellini

Bellinis are the perfect cocktail to kick back with, but how can you make them at home?

A DIY version of our favorite drink is always handy for a party or girl’s night in since we don’t always have access to a high-end cocktail bar.

In this post, former Head Bartender at Milk & Honey, Mahiki, and Hawksmoor, Rich Hunt, explains how it’s done.


  • Glasses for mixing or mixing glasses
  • Puree of chilled peaches in 100ml
  • Prosecco Spumante 100ml
  • Orange flower water (or clementine juice for a Christmas-y twist) 1 drop
  • Extract of almonds, 1 drop
  • Maraschino (cherry liqueur) – 1 drop


When you have all your ingredients, the Bellini is quite simple to make. The ingredients are to be poured into one mixing glass and then thrown between it and the other. To ensure the ingredients are well mixed and aerated while they are still cold, repeat this process three or four times.’

To be extra authentic, pour into either a stemless champagne flute or a small highball glass – as opposed to a regular champagne flute.

‘Add a small rosemary sprig for an additional layer of flavor. Eat!’’’

We will certainly do so – cheers!

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