Modern Wall Mirror Design for Living Room

Modern Wall Mirror Design for Living Room

Modern wall mirror design for living room

A mirror isn’t just designed to add a decorative touch to an interior. Additionally, they make a room appear brighter and larger. You’ll find some of our favorite ways to display the beauty of any design scheme with mirrors, whether it’s in a bedroom or dining area.

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What is a mirror wall?

Mirrored walls, as the name suggests, consist of mirrors mounted on a wall that covers the length, width, or both of them. Between the 70s and 90s, mirrors became an increasingly popular design feature. In spite of popular belief, mirrored walls are not outdated; they are used in a variety of settings.

Mirrors can make a room look more spacious. Adding a small mirror to an apartment without windows will make it look less drab, for instance, if your room has no windows.

How to hang a mirror?

  • Entryway: Guests’ first impression of your aesthetic is formed in the foyer. You can instantly make your space feel more welcoming by placing a mirror above your console table. Additionally, it’s the perfect opportunity for one last look before heading out the door.
  • On the top of the mantel: It should be at least four to five inches above the mantel. The height of the frame may need to be increased, depending on the thickness of the frame, says Downs.
  • Bathroom: The mirrors that come with most bathroom sinks will be mounted on the wall with adhesive, but Downs recommends having a professional add a frame around the mirror to add visual interest. This is a less expensive option than breaking down the mirror and starting from scratch!
  • Over tough surfaces: “Make sure you buy drill bits made specifically for tile, glass, and concrete,” suggests Downs. Once the drywall is in place, you can begin hanging using the appropriate hardware.
  • On the door: Put a full-length mirror on the door and position it so that it occupies as much space as possible. Mirror clips make this straightforward, but Downs recommends making sure the door has a solid core so hardware will fasten properly.

Placement of wall mirrors

A full-length mirror can be placed to its best advantage using some of these ideas.

Mirrors should be placed opposite the largest window.

Mirroring the largest window with a full length wall mirror creates a “secondary” window. This also allows natural light to be more evenly distributed. Wall mirrors that aren’t full-length become miniature paintings on large windows that show a beach or grassland. Make the most of it.

Place mirrors along a corridor to make it appear longer or wider.

In a hallway, mirrors placed along the wall or at the end create the illusion that the hallway is longer or wider than it really is. Only if there are already many decorations in the room, such as a side table with ornaments or indoor plants, are they a good alternative to paintings. Ensure both mirrors and decorative art are balanced out.

Install mirrors that extend the full length of the wall.

A full-length mirror placed high up in a room is a better choice except when you want to check your shoes before you go out. When you have a chandelier in your home, a long mirror doubles its elegance. As well as spreading artificial light, it helps save you a lot of electricity and makes your room look brighter.

Mirrors should be hung full-length on a large wall.

It’s not necessary to completely cover a room’s walls with mirrors. Adding a floor-to-ceiling vertical mirror to a wall creates two sections, which is less boring. Adding more items inside a room might change the design choice, but if a room looks awkward with too many items, a wall mirror in this style becomes an excellent choice.

As an alternative to art, use tiled wall mirrors.

In case you are having trouble selecting the right piece of art for your wall, tiled wall mirrors might be a good option. It is not just a matter of a floor-to-ceiling configuration or a wall-to-wall width that wall mirrors come in. Put the tiled mirror pieces on the blank wall if one wall is decorated heavily and the other is blank. This creates some color and pattern reflections while breaking up the wall.

A mirror can be placed in a variety of ways inside a room. It is possible to place mirrors in several other ways, and you can experiment with placement. Keep in mind that mirrors act as small windows, allowing light to bounce around the room and creating additional space.

What is the cost of a mirror wall?

The price of mirrored walls varies by the square foot or by a quarter inch. Depending on the size of the mirror, the average price varies from $5 to $20 per square foot. In addition to the thickness of the material, wall mirrors are also priced differently.

Most mirrors have the same composition, but more expensive mirrors use a reflective coating that won’t fade as fast. Additionally, some mirrors might have additional properties, such as scratch resistance or corrosion resistance.

How to decorate a mirrored wall?

Let’s say you just bought a loft in Los Angeles, and you have a large wall mirror that is not positioned properly. Make the room look more aesthetic by hanging printed curtains on the sides. A table in front of the wall mirror gives you a natural barrier so you don’t accidentally run into it and damage it.

In the same way that a table functions as a natural barrier, indoor plants do the same thing. A sectional can be used as a wider barrier instead of a table if you are ambitious. The best way to decorate a mirrored wall is to design a room that reflects nicely on a mirrored wall.

Tips & Tricks

  • Decorate in accordance with your style. A metal frame with a sleek design will suit your modern style better than a rustic wood frame. The style (and color) of the mirror you choose for your home still matters when it comes to aesthetics.
  • Group the items together. An easy way to add character to a space is to hang a group of mirrors. Hang them the same way you would artwork, taking into consideration the proportions. Equal distances between mirrors are essential.
  • Vertical mirrors are better suited to tall rooms, while horizontal mirrors are better suited to long rooms, advises Downs.
  • If you have a lot of motion in your home, Downs advises thinking twice before installing a mirror. Above the bed is another risky place that you shouldn’t venture into by yourself. To get the job done safely, you should hire a pro if you’re considering that.

The idea of putting a mirror over another mirror is a bold move, which Downs implements by installing the front-most mirror on a cable system that can then be wrapped in rope or other decorative materials.

Mirror Ideas for Small Bedroom

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