How to hang a bedroom mirror on the wall

How to hang a bedroom mirror on the wall

How to hang a bedroom mirror on the wall

The addition of wall mirrors to your decor will give any empty wall an updated, attractive appearance. 

Wall mirrors can brighten a room and give the illusion of more space. Before making your purchase, you should carefully consider where you plan to hang the mirror, as there are many different shapes and sizes available. 

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Additionally, since hanging wall mirrors on walls is a delicate task and you need to prepare the area well, you should be sure you have all the necessary tools when you begin.

Hanging the Mirror With Hooks

How to hang a mirror on the wall(1)

1. Determine what kind of wall you have. In addition to drywall, plaster, and masonry, there are many other wall types. Mirrors that are particularly heavy will require a thicker backing such as masonry to stay in place. Your screws and anchors will also need to be sized based on the wall’s material

2. Check the weight of your mirror. Getting the right size hooks depends on knowing how much your mirror weighs. There is a weight limit on hanging hooks, and if you exceed it, the mirror will fall off the wall, break, and probably damage the wall. Make sure you weigh the mirror with your bathroom scale before hanging it.

3. Locate a place to hang the mirror. Consider how you want the mirror positioned with respect to other items on the wall and in the room, and ensure that there is enough space on the wall for it. See how much space your mirror will take up by holding it up to the wall. It can be helpful to find a stud, but it isn’t necessary if the hanger is strong and durable

4. Mark the location of your hangers on the wall. Hanging your mirror should already be possible with some kind of wire or D-ring on the back of it. Both cases require marking the location of the hanger, not the screw. If you do this, your mirror will not be hung from the screw.

5. Use a drill to install the hangers. Without additional support, your screw should be fine if it is into a stud. Your hangers may need a wall anchor if you don’t have one.

6. Cover your mirrors with bumpers. Small rubber or plastic spots seal the edges of the mirror, preventing it from tilting and leaving a mark on the walls. These can be found at any hardware or craft store.

7. Hang the mirror on the wall. Using the appropriate hook, attach your rings or wire to the mirror. Getting a friend to help you lift a heavy or large mirror is a good idea if you can’t easily lift it yourself. If the mirror is large enough that you cannot see around it while holding it, you may want to ask someone else to help look in the back to make sure you are placing the wire or rings properly.

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How to Hang a Mirror with Cleats

Step 1: Metal cleats can also be used to hang mirrors with sturdy frames; just follow the instructions on the package. Atop the frame, attach the top cleat by drilling shallow holes and attaching with the included screws.

Step 2: The bottom cleat should be level and screwed to the wall.

Step 3: Affix the mirror to the wall.

How to Hang a Mirror with Cross Brackets

1. Mirrors with three cross brackets attached to the back can be hung either vertically or horizontally. It will only take two brackets to hang a mirror vertically.

2. Measure the distance between the holes that you will be using in the brackets. In addition to measuring the distance between the bracket and the top of the mirror, be sure to measure the distance from the bracket to the mirror’s bottom.

3. Mark where the screws will go using a level and the distance between the two brackets.

4. To lightly puncture the wall, use a screw and a hammer. Drive a screw into the hole made in the wall using a screwdriver after the wall has been punctured. Remove the screw to widen the hole.

How to remove mirror from wall

5. Slowly and carefully insert the anchor into the holes with the help of a hammer. The screw should be inserted into the anchor using a screwdriver, leaving approximately a quarter inch of screw protruding.

6. The mirror can now be hung after the screws are in place.

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How to hang a mirror on the wall(2)

The quickest and easiest way to hang a mirror is with strong adhesive tape rather than nails or screws. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Wet a damp cloth and wipe the wall first.
  2. You will need two pieces of mounting tape that are the same width as the mirror. 
  3. Attach the tape strips to the mirror’s back. 
  4. Take off the backing. 
  5. Until the wall becomes stuck, push firmly against it. 

How to remove a mirror from a wall

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