Good Luck with Wedding Gifts

Good Luck with Wedding Gifts

Good Luck with Wedding Gifts

The things that they wanted on their registry are there for a reason, and if you end up buying something like what is already on their list, they will end up with duplicates.

No matter if you know the couple well, want to be frugal or creative, or if they don’t have a registry, we have plenty of creative ways to make almost any couple a little “Happier Ever After.”

1. Wishbone

Traditionally, the wishbone was a symbol of good luck used by ancient Romans.

The person who had the longer piece of the wish bone would be considered lucky.

We think the bride who receives this thoughtful, personal gift is the one who will be truly blessed.

2. Love Spoon

Love spoons are simply wooden spoons that have been decoratively carved.

These spoons are carved by men and given to their loved ones as a romantic gesture in Welsh culture.

Due to the spoon’s importance in the kitchen (and still is today! ), it is said to bless a new home with a large family to feed.

The couple can always buy a unique wooden spoon rather than handcraft one themselves.

3. Plants

In general, plants are symbolic of new beginnings, so they’re a great gift to give to a couple who’re about to start their lives together.

Specifically, feng shui practices say bamboo is the luckiest plant to have in your home; bamboo is said to bring peace, happiness, and health to your home.

Plus, it doesn’t require much maintenance and can liven up any room.

4. Jordan Almonds

Jordan almonds are often given as a favor by brides and grooms, but sometimes it works the other way as well.

Sugarcoating around an almond symbolizes the hope that a couple’s life will be sweeter than before.

These candies are most commonly seen at Italian and Greek weddings.

In most cultures, odd numbers are shared in order to represent the five wedding wishes: fertility, health, wealth, happiness, and longevity. 

5. Wedding Egg

Gifting an egg to a new couple in Persian and Slavic cultures is believed to bring them fertility.

Wedding eggs are decorated by many cultures, including Ukrainian, Moroccan, and Mexican.

Even though you probably don’t want to present your best friends with a carton of eggs, you could present them with a thematic gift like this egg crate.

6. Evil Eye

Many cultures believe that the evil eye causes misfortune by sending a malicious glance.

The only way to repel them is to wear charms with eye-like symbols.

This charm is given as protection against bad luck to brides and grooms on their wedding day.

The evil eye has deep symbolic significance, even though it is very popular.

7. Silver Sixpence

What memory do you have of the rhyme “Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue”?

The original rhyme had one last line: “And a silver sixpence in her shoe.”.oe.

As a way of wishing his daughter prosperity, love, and happiness, the father would place a sixpence coin in her shoe.

Even though the sixpence is no longer used and the tradition isn’t as popular, you can still wish the bride good luck with this adorable card.

8. Peonies

Peonies can bring longevity to a marriage, did you know? A peony vase print will bring the bride and groom luck.

8. Candlesticks

Traditionally, candlesticks were given to newlyweds to ensure that there would always be light in their home.

9. Salt and pepper.

Traditional folklore says salt and pepper should be gifted to the bride and groom so they are never hungry. The gift of salt and pepper is also thought to bring flavor to their new life together.

10. Bell

Before and after the big day, a bell has a purpose.

Prevent the bride and groom from stumbling or making mistakes on their wedding day, and ward off evil spirits.

Following the wedding, they can remind the couple of their vows and the bells that rang on their special day.

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