5 Tumbler glass in UK

5 Best Cut Glass Tumbler in UK

5 Tumbler glass in UK

The set of glass tumblers you choose should be versatile, sturdy, and fun to use. No matter what kind of cup you buy, make sure that it’s dishwasher-safe, stackable, and won’t cost too much to replace when it breaks.

Best Tumbler Glasses Exclusively available

If you are purchasing glassware for your home or planning an event, choose glasses that are right for you! A good set of drinking glasses can make a world of difference at home, despite how simple it may seem. 

Your enjoyment of every drink will be enhanced if you have glasses that suit your lifestyle or personality! 

It may seem difficult to select the right glassware set for your home, but it isn’t. When you take a sip, you will be reminded of yourself through your glasses. You’ll never see a cooler pair of glasses than these!

1. Round Net Design Whiskey Glasses

With a heavy bottom, these chunky tumblers are well-balanced with a thin rim and a modern design. 

Despite their smaller size, these tumblers can still hold up to 10 ounces of liquid – enough for table water, whisky, or juice. 

You can pop the glasses into the dishwasher once you’re done with them. They come in two boxes and come with two glasses each.

2. Laphroaig Hand Cut Whiskey Glass

These confetti style tumblers might be perfect for you if you like everything to match. The cocktail set includes matching glassware to allow you to display your mixing prowess at your next dinner party. 

They’re pretty enough to want to keep them on display, or their slim design means they won’t eat up too much cupboard space.  

3. Bourbon and Scotch Glasses

You can make a room brighter and more attractive by adding bourbon and scotch glasses. 

They are relatively inexpensive and can look great. Featuring borosilicate glass, this set of two tumblers from Crystal Design will keep you and your guests entertained for a very long time. 

While the unique shade is not overpowering, the subtle tint leaves the liquid within feeling distinctively fresh. Simple yet elegant, its sleek shape is ideal for modern homes.

4.Prime Whiskey Glass

This set of hand-blown glasses with gold detailing is ideal for a Gatsby party, and guests would be happy to hold them. 

They come in a set of two, so they’re best saved for special occasions, but even if you use them every day they’ll certainly add a touch of luxury. 

Because they’re handmade, they are delicate. Wash them by hand for the best results.  

5. Square Whiskey Glasses

Having a delicate edge and a dazzling surface, we filled ours with water once it was filled with ice.

 In comparison with some of the heavy duty designs made with thick glass we tried, these shorter tumblers felt more special and elegant than the price would suggest. 

It might be better to choose another option if you want to save space in your cupboard since these are not stackable.

Which is the best drinking glass to buy in 2022?

Could we recommend these colourful champagne flutes from Anthropologie for that perfect glass of bubbly? We love these gold rimmed ribbed martini glasses for shaken martinis and these Tom Dixon tumblers for whisky sips – but don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone if you use them for cocktails as well.

Whether you choose these elegant stemless wineglasses or these classic crystal glasses from The White Company, our selection of glassware is sure to make your velvety red drink taste even better. 

We’ve even got stylish tumblers, like these blue ones with etched designs, so even your morning orange juice taste a whole lot better.

Verdict: tumblers

The prime whiskey glass drink tumblers win our best buy award for a versatile tumbler that will withstand daily use and keep looking great.

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