How to Install Bathroom Mirror

How To Install Bathroom Mirror

How To Install Bathroom Mirror

There are two main types of bathroom mirror people use in the bathroom. Framed and frameless bathroom mirror.

There is no big deal to install the framed bathroom mirror, framed bathroom mirrors have clips at the back side of the mirror.

Drill with the hole where you want to hang the mirror in the bathroom and hang.

However you must have a proper way to drill and be safe while doing so.

Make sure you use the ruler for something for measure  –  if measure done incorrectly the mirror looks bad on the wall.Mirrors that don’t have frames can be attached to a vanity with adhesive or use clips to hold them in place. 

In this post we will guide you how to carefully install the mirror in the bathroom – it doesn’t matter if you have a framed or frameless mirror. or pebble bathroom mirror.

How to Install a Frameless Bathroom Room

How to Install Bathroom Mirror

Support your mirror with the studs behind the wall if possible. If you intend to utilize mounting brackets, be sure they are placed on a level plane in order to support the mirror equally.

  1. The sides of the mirror should be drawn with two vertical lines
  2. Mark the top and bottom of the mirror with horizontal lines
  3. Install the mounting hardware on the wall studs (Only When Using Mounting Hardware)
  4. Attach the mirror to the wall with adhesive and hang it
  5. Hang the mirror after installing the mounting hardware

How to Install a Framed Bathroom Mirror?

How to Install Bathroom Mirror

When hanging a mirror from a wire, it’s better to drive two screws, two or three inches apart, into studs or anchors on the wall. This will provide more support and ensure that the mirror does not tilt.

To determine the midpoint between two screws, measure the distance between the top edge of the mirror frame and the top edge of the hanging bracket or wire (when it supports the mirror). This number is then added to the distance between the mirror’s top and the ceiling. Set the level at each line. Mark the center of the vanity as you drill the pilot holes for the screws. Make sure by installing take care of yourself and mirror because some mirror like bevelled are slippery.

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