How to Clean Bathroom mirror

How to Clean Bathroom mirror {Bapida}

Take one cup of water, one cup vinegar and teaspoon of dish soap and put them in the spray bottle.

Shake it gently and mix the solution and apply to  the mirror director and wait for the few seconds.

Wipe the spray and clean it with either cotton cloth or paper.

How to Clean Bathroom Mirror

It’s irritating when we look into the mirror and there are water spots, streaks and smudges – that means it is time to clean the mirror. 

A dirty bevel bathroom mirror can make the entire bathroom look dirty and filthy, and it is important to know how to clean your pebble bathroom mirror.

Most of the time, customers just take cloth and some water, and clean the mirror as  quickly as possible, and as a result you will see there is no shining in the mirror.

  1. Using rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth, remove any stubborn hair spray or debris. Clean the mirror glass with alcohol dipped in a corner of the cloth before cleaning the rest of it.
  2. Spray the mirror after mixing the ingredients
  3. Cleaning with wet cloth and crumbled paper also works.
  4. Make sure when you are cleaning with cloth or crumbled paper – you make an S pattern , clean every edge of the mirror. Never use a circular pattern to clean the mirror, because you are not cleaning the car.
  5. Before again install in the bathroom, hang it at some other side of the home, to see areas you have missed.

How to Avoid Mirrors from streaming?

To stop the mirror from steaming up, clean with a drop of diluted liquid and  by doing this will leave the mirror clean, even if it is in a steamy bathroom.

Cleaning a framed bathroom mirror is one of the most hated chores and 38% of Brits found it more irrigating than cleaning the entire home.

Source : Tombola

How to clean badly stained mirrors?

  • Stained in the mirror is an inconvenience most of us have experienced numerous times. If those stains are not removed properly, visible stains in the mirror are irritating when we look at our face in the mirror.
  • No matter where the mirror is in our home, bathroom or a bedroom, car windshield and home windows, if they are not cleaned at the right time, they will become permanent and uncleanable, and we call them useless mirrors. 
  • Here we are going to discuss various ingredients to remove the stain on the mirror.
  • Take a mixture of water and vinegar each of 50%. Pour the mixture in the spray plastic bottle.
  • Now spray the mirror in the water spots. Use towel cloth and clean by following ‘S’ pattern.
  • Rinse the glass thoroughly and remove excess water using a sponge. Once the spot area is clean then rub it with dry cloth.
  • If there is still a spot on the mirror, you can also use the toothbrush to remove all the stains. Brush the area vigorously and until the water spots are removed.

By breaking down the mineral content in the water marks, these cleaning agents are able to easily remove them, leaving your windows and mirrors sparkling clean.


You can read in more detail how to use these chemicals to remove the tainted from glass and mirrors.

Mirror and glass should be cleaned frequently and from time to time, when we start cleaning our home we try to avoid bathroom mirror and glassware material because glass and mirror need extra efforts.

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