Role of Whiskey Stones in Whiskey Glass 1

Role of Whiskey Stones in Whiskey Glass

What are whiskey Stones?

Whiskey stones are made of non-porous soapstones.  These stones help to keep the drink chilled without diluting the drink. They are simple bar tools for whiskey flavours. They are sophisticated and alternative to ice cubes.

These are pieces of stones or metal to chill your whiskey and many of us keep them in the freezer to chill, then add to the whiskey in the way we added the ice into the whiskey.

The main purpose is to add the dilution into the whiskey as they melt soon, and which allows you to drink the whiskey in its purest form where the balance and mixture between the whiskey is perfect.

Whiskey stones come in a common shape like cubed, spherical and rectangular.

Some whiskey stones are made of stainless steel which contains gel that freezes and helps the stones to maintain the cool temperature.

Whiskey glass is a fairly new invention, and first appearing in the market in mid 2000.

First they appeared in carved soapstone and metamorphic rocks which are very dense and non-porous.

Do Whiskey Stones when put in whiskey glass?

Role of Whiskey Stones in Whiskey Glass 3

Yes, they work.

Whiskey stones do not work the way ice cubes work.

When the ice cubes melt in your whiskey, the cold water moves through your drink and in your whiskey glass and it chills effectively. That ice cubes make your drink colder for a longer period.

To be honest, nothing can beat the ice if you want a cold drink. Don’t make the mistake, if you are thinking of giving your dad a whiskey on father’s day, no need to give whiskey tones, and use the correct whiskey glass so ice cubes can fit into the glass.

The more ice is small, the colder the whiskey

The smaller the ice, the colder the whiskey becomes, that because of science, heat transfer, or cooling process of whiskey is proportional to the surface area of the whiskey.

The same volume of small cheater ice or crushed ice has much more surface area than a single large cube, therefore enhancing cooler whiskey.

Large Ice Size matters for Slow slippers

As we know ice takes time to change its form from solid to liquid and that changing phase of ice benefits whiskey, and as per latent heat, temperature changing does not change in the during phase. So the ice of your dram slowly melts, it is not only cold temperature but also cooling your whiskey.

Swirl Whiskey Slowly

Shaking and swirling are the two action to make your whiskey cool off, but don’t go too carrier away trying to cool off your whiskey.According to Sahin, while stirring or agitating a fluid will increase heat transfer, or cooling, a glass of whiskey is just too small to produce any noticeable effects.

Water in Whiskey Glass

Role of Whiskey Stones in Whiskey Glass 3

This is another one, many of us add the water in the whiskey and never wonder why we do that?” or we’ve seen the bartender doing that so try to understand.

Many whiskey experts suggest that adding the water on the whiskey is more favorable and the amount of the water we add on the whiskey is a personal choice. Experts Pappy Van Winkle suggests 50% ABV is the ideal concentration for whiskey and ignores selling at lower proof and he also has no intention of shipping the water in the country, he is not in the water selling business.

There will always be water in the whiskey and by U.S law bourbon, rye and corn whiskey can be distilled to no greater than 80% ABV.

Since whiskey’s flavor is dependent upon sugars, phenols, lactones, esters, acetaldehydes and other chemicals that attach themselves to water, not ethanol, the distillate still contains a minimum of 20% water. The absence of water in whiskey makes it vodka. In order to adjust the whiskey’s proof, more water is added before bottling. It wasn’t by accident that Van Winkle’s bourbon contained 50% alcohol.

No one will give the correct answer about the quantity of add into your whiskey. It can be anything because it’s a personal choice. You won’t get the answer from anyone, if the amount of water suits your whiskey in whiskey glass you are good to go. You have a personal enjoyment, you know the accurate way to add the whiskey in your water.

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