Specialty Glassware Wholesale

Specialty Glassware Wholesale

Specialty Glassware Wholesale

Restaurant supply refers to the various goods, equipment, and products that are used to operate a restaurant. This includes items such as catering equipment, food and beverage items, tableware, furniture, small wares, cleaning supplies, and other consumables necessary for the day-to-day operation of a restaurant. 

The goal of restaurant supply is to provide a comprehensive and convenient source for everything a restaurant needs to run smoothly.

Glassware uses in restaurants

There are several types of glasses used in restaurants for serving different beverages, including:

  1. Wine glasses – used for serving red and white wine
  2. Champagne glass – tall and narrow glasses for serving champagne
  3. Martini glasses – V-shaped glasses for serving martinis and other cocktails
  4. Highball glasses – tall glasses used for serving mixed drinks, such as soda and liquor
  5. Rocks glasses – short and wide glasses used for serving whiskey on the rocks or other cocktails
  6. Beer glasses – glasses of different shapes and sizes used for serving beer, such as pilsner glasses, steins, and mugs.

The type of glass used depends on the type of drink being served and the desired presentation. Using the proper glassware can enhance the overall dining experience for customers.

Designs on glass

The best designs on glasses vary depending on the personal preference and the occasion for which the glass is being used. Some popular glass designs include:

  1. Etched designs – intricate patterns and logos that are carved into the surface of the glass
  2. Embossed designs – raised designs that are created by pressing a pattern into the glass
  3. Cut glass – intricate patterns that are created by cutting into the surface of the glass
  4. Colored glass – glasses with colored tints or designs, often used for special occasions or themed events
  5. Decorative stems – unique and elaborate stems that add an aesthetic touch to wine glasses
  6. Decorative rims – decorative designs around the rim of glasses, often used for special events and occasions.

In general, the design on a glass should complement the drink being served and enhance the overall experience for the customer.

Wholesale Glassware Distributor

A wholesale glassware distributor is a company that supplies glassware products in bulk to other businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, bars, and catering companies. 

Wholesale glassware distributors typically offer a wide range of glassware products at competitive prices and may provide customization options, such as logo printing or special packaging. 

Some wholesale glassware distributors offer online ordering and delivery services, making it convenient for customers to purchase products in the quantities they need. 

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