Highball Glass Decor Ideas

Highball Glass Decor Ideas

Highball Glass Decor Ideas: Creative Ways to Display Your Glassware

If you’re a fan of highball glasses, you may be wondering how to display them in a creative and stylish way. 

Highball glasses are versatile and can be used for a variety of drinks, from cocktails to iced tea. 

They’re also a classic glassware choice for entertaining guests. With some creative thinking and a few simple decor ideas, you can showcase your highball glasses in an attractive way that enhances your home decor.

I can totally relate. In my home, glassware storage and organization have been an ongoing issue. From water glasses to wine glasses, lowball glasses, coupe glasses, and vintage goblets, the collection seems to keep growing. And then there’s my husband, a certified Cicerone, with his extensive assortment of beer glasses, tulip glasses, and even pint glasses. Plus, he insists on using oversize mason jars for his water! 🍻

We’ve reached an agreement to limit the number of beer glasses in the kitchen, and I’ve tried to organize my stemware on floating shelves in the dining room. But the truth is, our cabinets are still overflowing with glasses.

Now, here’s the question that’s been on my mind: Why can’t drinking glasses be as space-efficient as other dishes and culinary tools that stack or nest conveniently when not in use? Plates, platters, serving bowls, mixing bowls, and even pots all store compactly and neatly. So, what’s the deal with drinking glasses?

Some might argue that glassware designed to enhance the experience of sipping a fine wine or a craft beer can’t also be stackable. But what about the everyday glasses? The water glasses, the old-fashioned glasses, and the wine glasses for those who don’t mind a bit of versatility. Shouldn’t they nestle snuggly and efficiently inside each other, creating room for a cherished collection of delicate vintage Champagne coupes? Absolutely, they should!

The good news is that stackable glassware does exist, and it’s not just utilitarian. Modern companies like Our Place and Ferm Living have created super-stylish stackable glasses, and the iconic French brand Duralex has been producing the classic stackable Picardie glass for decades.

I’ve scoured the web and found 17 of the coolest stackable glasses for you to order online. From stackable drinking glasses to cocktail glasses, wine glasses, glass coffee mugs, and yes, even stackable wide-mouth mason jars – we’ve got you covered. 🥂✨

Say goodbye to clutter, and welcome a new era of organized, elegant glassware storage. It’s time to transform your kitchen into a space-saving, stylish haven. Ready to take the plunge? Join me in exploring these space-savvy stackable glasses! 🛒🏡

Choose a Display Location

Before you start decorating, it’s important to choose a location for your highball glass display.

 You may want to place them in a bar area, a dining room buffet, or even on a bookshelf. 

Consider the overall style of the room and how the glasses will fit into the decor. You may want to select a location that’s easily accessible for guests to help themselves to a drink.

Create a Highball Glass Collection

One of the easiest ways to decorate with highball glasses is to create a collection. 

You can display them on a tray, a shelf, or even a vintage bar cart. Start by selecting highball glasses in different styles and colors to add visual interest. Mix and match patterns and textures to create a playful and eclectic look.

Add Accents

Once you’ve selected a display location and created a collection of highball glasses, it’s time to add some accents to enhance the display. You can use a variety of materials to add visual interest, such as mirrors, colorful paper, or fresh flowers. Here are a few ideas:

Mirrored Tray

A mirrored tray is a classic choice for displaying highball glasses. It reflects the glasses and adds a touch of glamour to the display. Choose a tray that fits the size of your highball glasses and add a few decorative accents, such as a vase or a candle.

Colorful Paper

If you want to add some color to your highball glass display, consider using colorful paper. You can line the shelves of a bookcase or cabinet with paper in bright hues or patterns. This will create a playful and vibrant background for your highball glasses.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers can add a touch of elegance to your highball glass display. 

Choose flowers that complement the colors of your glasses, such as white roses for clear glasses or yellow daisies for green glasses. 

You can place the flowers in a vase or arrange them in a decorative basket.

Incorporate Lighting

Another way to enhance your highball glass display is to incorporate lighting. 

This will create a warm and inviting atmosphere, especially in the evening. 

You can use a variety of lighting sources, such as table lamps, string lights, or candles.

Table Lamps

Table lamps are a great way to add ambient lighting to a highball glass display. 

Choose lamps that complement the style of your room and place them on a nearby table or shelf. 

This will create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

String Lights

String lights are a fun and whimsical way to add lighting to your highball glass display. 

You can drape them over the glasses or hang them on the wall behind the display. 

This will create a playful and festive atmosphere.


Candles are a classic choice for adding warmth and ambiance to a highball glass display. 

Choose candles in scents that complement the drinks you’ll be serving, such as vanilla for a whiskey sour or lavender for a gin and tonic. 

You can place the candles on a nearby table or shelf, or even inside the highball glasses themselves for a unique and romantic effect.

Use Different Heights

To create visual interest and depth in your highball glass display, use different heights. 

You can do this by placing glasses on varying heights of shelves, using different sized glasses, or even using pedestals to elevate some glasses.

Consider the Drinks

When decorating with highball glasses, it’s important to consider the drinks you’ll be serving. 

You can use the colors and garnishes of the drinks to inspire your decor choices. 

For example, if you’ll be serving a cocktail with fresh mint leaves, consider incorporating fresh mint into your display. 

If you’ll be serving a pink drink, choose highball glasses in a similar shade of pink to complement the drink.

Personalize Your Display

Finally, don’t be afraid to personalize your highball glass display. 

Add some of your favorite decorative accents or sentimental items to make the display feel like your own. 

This could be a vintage family photo, a favorite piece of artwork, or even a small souvenir from a memorable trip.


Decorating with highball glasses is a fun and creative way to enhance your home decor. 

By selecting a display location, creating a collection, adding accents, incorporating lighting, using different heights, considering the drinks, and personalizing the display, you can create a beautiful and stylish highball glass display that’s perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying a drink on your own.

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