Bapida Framed Mirrors for Bathrooms

8 Bapida Framed Mirrors for Bathrooms

Framed Mirrors for Bathrooms

First thing we see in the day is us – how we look and how we will look?

The design of the mirror is essential for home and bedroom.

The interior of the home is important –  a good design mirror makes your home look good and everyone appreciated.

We have some awesome mirror collections for your home improvement and I will make sure if you have this mirror design –  you want to look at yourself more in the mirror and realize how important it is to have a good mirror for home improvement.

The design of your mirrors can make a remarkable difference in your home’s interior. A beautifully crafted mirror not only reflects your image but also elevates the aesthetics of your space. Let’s dive into the world of mirrors and explore the best choices for your home.

Let’s dig deeper and review which mirror will be best for your home and bedroom.

This is not a Chinese product so this is something you won’t find on the internet easily- we have everything from square to round, round to pebble and bevel to irregular mirror, soon we are going to launch the LED mirror collections.

Bapida Irregular Wall Mirror

Have you ever considered an irregular mirror on the bathroom wall?

If the answer is not, think about the irregular bathroom mirror from bapida.

The unique curve design is pretty awesome for the bathroom wall.

The mirror is 4 mm and the best thing about it is they are bevel, they would shine when you hang on the bathroom wall.

These mirrors are 4mm thick, and the beveled edges make them shine brilliantly. They are simple, yet unique and easy to hang. Plus, the price is affordable!


Bapida Round Mirror

The round mirror is one of the most common shape designs for the bathroom, we have little types of round mirrors in our collection such as round crystal mirror, square plus round mirror and with a variety of colours you can find in our collection and make sure to choose the best shape and design that suits your bathroom style.

Bapida mirror are covered by wood(mdf) and entirely hand made, crystal and bevel made our mirrors unique and awesome so when you are hang on the wall, you can see shine and beauty of bevel mirror.

Most of our customers say we are a hub of wood design, we alway experiment with and colour and shape in our mirror, so we can come with the best of the best design and a mirror is a best mirror when approved by the customer because you know whatโ€™d be the best for your bathroom wall.


Modern Bathroom Mirror

Modern mirror for your bathroom mirror can alway be the best choice, if your bathroom needs something that is very different from others, you can go with a modern bathroom mirror design.

Wood Framed Square Bevel Mirror

After launching the round bevel mirror, now we have a square bevel mirror, this mirror has its unique feature, as seen in the image there are four falli in the image and all are bevel with hand, no machine process involved at all.

That four falli has surrounded the mirror and they all shine – around the wood, the glass is 4 mm and if there is any damage you can tell us or inform us via message or email.

Don’t miss, we have a sale so grab before sale out, and you can hand this kind of mirror anywhere in the home, bathroom, bedroom, anywhere, there are two hooks behind the mirror and that is easy to install, that would take 4-5 minutes to adjust anywhere on the wall.


  1. Round Mirror with Square frame
Square Wall Wood Mirror 1

This mirror cover a big portion of your house, with different colour and we have different shapes, the solid wooden frame stuck on the wall, and can be fit into the home interior and there are lot variation we have from Bapida collection.

No need to worry about the packaging and shipping, the product will be delivered to your address safely and you will get what you have ordered, and if you have questions from any of our mirrors and glasses and let us know we are here to help you and get what is important for your home.

We have a lot more collections in square frame mirror and if you tell us your requirement we will try to customise these products if you have any different colour that you want then let us know we will do it for you.

Buy with confidence, place the order and leave everything to us.

  1. Round Bathroom Mirror
Black Wood Mirror 2

First thing we do after waking up from the bed is to go and see the mirror in the bathroom or bedroom mirror and that is the biggest reason  – mirrors are an important part of our home.

A good mirror makes your home beautiful. You know you will find mirrors in every shape and unique size with different material, some mirrors have a metal frame, frameless mirror, wooden mirror, rubber mirror and list is on.

Wooden mirror can be perfect for your home, and if the mirror is bevelled, that mirror becomes more beautiful and looks great on your wall.

All are Bapida mirror are bevelled and with different colour and we have many sizes and colour variation for our customers.

Black, gold, red, green,pink,brown – you should have your favourite colour on your wall.

Choose and let us know which accent mirror is best for your bathroom mirror?

  1. Round Bevel Design Mirror
30 Inch Belevel Round Wood Mirror

There are found 4 falli around this mirror with complete bevelled and middle mirror also bevelled and surrounded by wooden frame which make this mirror strong and not easy to break.

Its beautiful and looks greek when you will install on the wall, this is not ordinary mirror and when you hang on the wall it shines, the bevelled of the mirror is entirely hand craft, no machine has used for any of our mirror and do you know this can be great choice for hallway also, I know people prefer to have modern mirror for the hallway –  but believe  me this could be the best choice if you are looking something that no one has ever seen.

Easy to hang –  and no metal has been used for any of our mirror –  all are mirror wooden frame and I am sure you will loved when you look into the wall – normally people have ordinarily metal mirror in the home –  the reason I am suggesting to have this mirror because it it bevelled and each falli is bevelled too.

  1. Half Moon Mirror
Half Moon Mirror

This mirror has 70% wood and the rest of the area is covered in mirrors. 

The mirror is bevelled  –  this mirror looks great in the wall and also will look great in the bathroom – this is a simple and new elegant design and will look great in the bathroom, bedroom and regular wall.

Solid wood and this mirror comes in variety colours such as black and dark brown and if you want another customised colour then let us know we will help to get the favourite mirror in your favourite colour.

All our mirror are similar price, and best in industry –  we have different size also for everyone, even the size can be customised along with colour –  pick the best mirror for your bathroom and feel and look good whenever you see yourself in the mirror – and if you want know about our mirror which we forget put in the detail and let us know we are here to help and answer for your every questions.

  1. Pebble Shaped Mirror
Black Pebble Shaped Mirror

Do you want something different to hang on the wall, no round mirror or square mirror, an unusual shape which is great and eye-catching.

A Pebble shaped mirror for bathroom can be the best choice for you.

It is unique and rare in the market with the good and it can be customised for any shape and colour.

This mirror can also be a great choice for the bathroom and bedroom.

You know improving something for your home can be a tricky task if you don’t know what you are doing?

The shape and size and other things such as colour – does the mirror look good when you hang it on the wall?

Giving attention to the small details makes our home great and beautiful and knowing you have great choices in home products is the reason you are here and we are here for you.

If you want to know more about a variation and design let us know.

  1. Rectangle Wood Mirror
30 x 30 Black Rectangle Mirror

One of the most common shapes in the market – they have metallic, rubber framed in the market.

We have variation in colour and choose which rectangle colour suits the wall – if you have white wall, we have white colour and so on.

Our packing is great and we are using world best delivery partners like DHL, Fedex and UPS.

Don’t worry about the packaging – our number one priority is to deliver the product safely at your doorstep. Place the order we will rest of the thing.

  1. Wood Oval Framed Mirror for Bathroom
Black Oval Wood Mirror

There are many types of oval mirror for your bathroom – frame and frameless are the common of them.

In amazon you will easily find those oval mirrors with design and shape. We have colour variation and wood framed.

The advantage of having wood framed in a mirror is that they attach to the wall easily and look great when hanging on the wall.

These are the simple and elegant design and it get fit anywhere in the home – weather you hang in the bedroom or bathroom, guest will loved it

Gold and black are unique colours and can be the best choice if the home interior matches the colour – However I have seen many buyers buy the design which is good but does not fit in their home.

I know we are not interior experts – we are not mirror experts and we don’t know the differences between them and we know choosing the right mirror requires a little knowledge and imagination of how it would look on the wall. No need for your home of your choice. Give us a try . I promised we won’t disappoint you.

  1. Simple Bathroom Framed Mirror
simple design bathroom mirror

Similar to oval – but there is a big difference in terms of shape – if you want something different from oval –  this mirror can be your great choice.

A slightly different shape  – shape like a window and this is one of the selling products in the market and you know finding this in a different form is quite difficult in the internet world.

This is also solid wood framed and can be used in the bathroom, bedroom and we have a living room mirror also – your home you can hang anywhere.

Bapida has launched the new wood mirror collection for bathrooms, this year redesign the bathroom in a very different way.

We have many new wood mirrors with different shapes, with great price and great design. Our mirrors are unique and you will love it when it comes to changing the looks of bathroom mirrors.

From round to rectangle to irregular we have all types of wood design and with different colours, these mirrors are hand made, no machine process involved in any of our products that mirror are unique than others are selling on amazon from China.

Our main goal is to keep original hand made products plus our products have long durability, no rusty issue and this can hang on the bathroom wall for long enough time.

There are crystal mirrors for the bedroom and living room, we are working everyday to launch a new design for our customer and inshaAllah we will do it, with your support and love.

These mirrors are bevel perfectly, and we are 4mm glass and there is mdf wood, and with all time we can change the look on your bathroom and bedroom wall.

Check our collection, there is always something for everyone.

How big should the bathroom be?

Depending on the bathroom, the size of the mirror varies, the modern size and most standard size is 30 Inch, and this can be longer – if other bathroom products do not cover – there are so many in the bathroom tiles, tub, and more. The size varies and you are the best person to decide.

Are Bevelled Edge Mirrors In Style?

Bathroom Bevel mirror is the beauty of any mirrors, without bevel edges mirror looks good but not great and our first priority is to bevel all the mirror – bevel mirror shine – most of the mirror in the amazon and other marketplace are not bevel – they have mirror and metal – bring something unique for your house and you will how your wall looks great in your home.

What colour should my bathroom mirror be?

Variation is important and the color of the bathroom mirror makes a big difference in your home and choosing the best color for your bathroom. Building a home is a big step for a family and we don’t want to disappoint you.

Should we buy a special bathroom mirror or an expensive mirror?

Mirror is our reflection and a regular mirror or an expensive mirror – both of them are unique in their own  way. The first thing we see in the morning is ourselves in the mirror.

How we look and how we feel –  one can estimate by looking into the mirror.

Always remember your money, your house, your choice – because you are the king. You can have a regular mirror or you can have a special mirror. Your home should always look nice to you first than the rest of the world.

Thing You should before buying bathroom mirror

  • Decide how much you are willing to spend. …
  • Pick a location for your mirror. …
  • Decide how big it should be. …
  • Understand what it should look like. …
  • A frame or a frameless design? …
  • Keep the design and shape in line with the current decor of your bathroom. …
  • Before buying, research your options.

Location: Pick a suitable spot for your mirror installation.

Size: Determine the ideal dimensions for your mirror.

Design: Understand your mirror’s appearance and its compatibility with your current bathroom decor.

Framed or Frameless: Decide whether you prefer a mirror with a frame or a frameless design. Matching Decor: Ensure your mirror complements your bathroom’s interior decor.

Types of Mirror

There are versions of mirror from normal round mirror to rectangle mirror, vintage mirror to modern mirror and so on.

Wood Frame, metallic mirror, traditional mirror and many more types of mirror are in the list.

Our topic today is what will be the best mirror for the bathroom- bathroom is one of the most important places in our home and you know the first thing when we look at the mirror. Choose wisely because you are buying something that if you get wrong you throw it.

Mirrors are a one time investment.

Floor Length mirror

This can be the perfect addition to the bathroom –  constructed frame and this kind of mirror does not require any extra installation process –  just stand it at the biggest area of your home.

Long height and short breath – this mirror is easy to move and can be placed anywhere at the home at any time and this traditional wood colour and mirror can be a good choice for your bathroom.

Bathroom mirrors with shaving sockets

This is the kind of mirror you want to have for multiple features. A bathroom mirror with a shaving socket allows you to charge your trimmer and mobile phone – but also make sure all the mirrors meet safety guidelines and take care of yourselves.

A wall mirror mounts directly to a wall and is one of the most common types of bathroom mirrors ideas. These mirrors have different installation requirements depending on whether they are framed or frameless and they have different cleaning process, as well as the materials used for their frames. This category includes several sub-types of bathroom mirrors, such as smart mirrors and pivoting mirrors.

How much does a bathroom mirror cost?

The bathroom costs you around $30-$600 – depending on various features in the mirror, wood mirror, LED mirror and normal frameless mirror can easily get $30-$600.Standard size mirror range 150-300 dollar  and the more big mirror is – it costs you more. Bathroom growth is increasing according to Market Research Intellect.

How would I know if the mirror is of good quality?

Mirrors do not all have the same qualities.

Glass must be thick and void of any inconsistencies in composition to be considered good quality.

Additionally, it should be perfectly flat in order not to distort your reflection.

Silvering (the process that makes the glass reflective) is also important, and is not something we can necessarily see in the finished mirror, but some brands give you information about their manufacturing processes and craftsmanship, so read the product descriptions carefully.

Before buying, research what your requirement is that suits your bathroom cabinets and if you don’t get anything and if you have doubt about the product description – you can mail us and we are ready to answer every question you have.

Which Shape should I consider for my bathroom?

We offer a wide range of mirror shapes and sizes, from large rectangular pieces that can be placed in the living room to small dressing table mirrors that adjust to the light and reflect your best features. There are many more mirror ideas for a small room.

It is not only important to take into account how you will use the mirror, but also how it will fit in your room.

A full-length mirror can be pleasingly wide if you have the space, while a circular mirror will be space-saving if you don’t.

7 Simple Bathroom Mirror Design Ideas
Bapida Best Pebble Mirror for Bathroom

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