About Us

Bapida Mirror, based in Nagpur, India, has been a leading exporter of high-quality mirrors since 2018, with a strong focus on quality rather than quantity. Our primary offerings include modern mirrors and hand-cut crystal glass, crafted by our skilled professionals trained by Italian experts.

We take pride in creating classy and original products, all meticulously handcrafted by our dedicated team. Our mirrors adorn homes worldwide, including India, the USA, Canada, Gulf countries, the EU, Australia, and New Zealand.

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, as one unhappy client can impact our entire business model. Bapida Mirror has made its mark in Bollywood movies and 5-star hotels, thanks to our hundreds of professional employees who produce thousands of glassware and mirrors annually for various esteemed organizations and hotels.

Our vision is to further elevate our brand’s popularity and make modern mirrors accessible for every household. We offer free mirror consultations, helping customers choose the right size and style within their budget. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any questions or concerns.

At Bapida, our commitment to customer service is unwavering. Our dedicated customer support team is always ready to address any inquiries or issues promptly. We take pride in ensuring that our customer interactions are filled with positivity, leaving no room for unresolved situations, unhappy customers, or unaddressed feedback.

We find joy in seeing people enjoy their favorite beverages while using our products, and our goal is to add that extra touch of elegance to your everyday life. Fancy glasses can be a part of your daily routine, making each day more special and unique.


Bapida.com only sells special-design in mirror & glassware, and that’s why we’re the brand of choice for specialized mirror & glassware. Our customers trust us because we provide them with good customer support and a long-term warranty. You will be welcomed into our family with open arms. You can count on our team to make each day special.

Our Core Values

Quality & Innovation

We are determined to deliver best-in-class quality, coming up with in-trend-and-beyond designs.

Customer & Community

Customer satisfaction is our main focus, which is the basis of our customisation services. We take our contribution to the community seriously and believe in delivering more than what we take.


Integrity and Honesty keeps us on our path, making us persevere unless we have achieved our cause.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Teamwork is the foundation of all that we have achieved so far.


If you’re enterested in employment opportunities at Bapida, please email us: sales@bapida.com

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