Best Glasses for Balvenie (1)

Best Glasses for Balvenie Drink

Best Glasses for Balvenie Drink

In the famous Speyside region of Scotland, Balvenie is a very traditional Scottish malt whisky distillery located in Dufftown. In 1889, William Grant founded Balvenie whisky after working as a bookkeeper at Mortlach Distillery as a teenager.

The Balvenie Castle was the site where he learned distillation and bought some land nearby. It has been operating since 1886 and continues to use the most traditional methods for making whisky that have been passed down through the generations. 

A Balvenie distillery grows its own barley, which is floor malted, employs their own coppersmiths to care for their traditional copper stills, and their own coopers to maintain and rebuild all their casks.

A brief history

Balvenie was built in 1892/3 on a 12 acre site adjacent to Glenfiddich. The area was originally called Glen Gordon after the large (ruined) castle that stood next to it. It was converted into maltings in 1893, when the castle had already gone derelict.

In 1973, when the first official bottlings were made, the distillery began providing fillings for the Grant’s Standfast blend. While increasing its cult status, its continued use in blends initially constrained its growth as a standalone brand. Ailsa Bay allowed for greater stocks to be made available, but this was not eased until 1990 with the opening of Kininvie. A world leader in the single malt category, it is now one of the fastest-growing brands.

Source: Wikipedia

The best Balvenie glass

1.City Whiskey Glass

City Whiskey Glass 6

Using a linear flame to fuse two borosilicate glass pieces, the composition fused the pieces together. It appears as if gold paint is shimmering on a wall when the whiskey’s color is reflected back up through the rim. If you want to make the most of the glass’ design, you won’t want to fill it with ice or use water that kills aromas. You can fill the glass with six to ten ounces of liquid. Since they are sold in pairs, it is not recommended to put them in the dishwasher. 

2. Volcano Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass

Volcano Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass 6

This engraved rocks glass is perfect for pairing with a person who has an “Ultra Rare” spirit. Its caramel-hued hues complement the taste of authentic scotch. The classic rock glass will always be your best bet whenever you’re looking for high-quality glassware. The open mouth makes it easy to smell and taste flavors, while the bubbled bottom prevents even the coldest beverage from condensing. There is a reason bars have stacks of these glasses; they provide a great drinking experience every time.

Thanks to their wide brims and thick bases, these glasses are extremely comfortable. High quality, dishwasher safe containers of at least 10 ounces are best to carry.

3. Calcutta Highball Beverages Glass

Calcutta Highball Beverages Glass 4

You’ve probably tasted whiskey from a highball glass if you’ve been to a real whiskey tasting. Using the cylinder-like shape, you can more easily appreciate the nuanced flavors of your bourbon, malt, or rye.Highball are also easy to handle and swirl. You can buy a few of these at an affordable price and keep them on hand to sample a few types of whiskey with friends. These glasses are dishwasher-safe and made of lead-free crystal.

Even though these glasses can hold cocktails and ice, their classic design is perfect for anyone who enjoys a whiskey berveni.

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