Best Shape for Your Bathroom Mirror 1

Best Shape for Your Bathroom Mirror

There are ample of Best Shape for Your Bathroom Mirror category. Round to square and rectangle to pebble shape mirror

The circular and rectangles are considered the best shape for a bathroom mirror. If you have a large bathroom wall – you can use one large rectangle mirror or go with the two size bathroom mirror  and hang it side by side.

While looking for a bathroom mirror – you can consider other shapes too for your bathroom.

These days LED mirrors are on the market and can be the best choice for your bathroom.

We are busy people and many of you don’t have much time thinking about the shape of the mirror.

We think decorating a mirror doesn’t require detail and attention especially when it comes to the bathroom. 

Believe me, decorative mirrors can add personality and style to your bathroom as well as bedroom.

A bathroom decor offers more of the style you prefer. It is also best if you have a wallpaper and shine sink in the bathroom – that adds good value in your bathroom decor.

Size of Bathroom Mirror

Best Shape for Your Bathroom Mirror 3

Before we dig into the bathroom mirror size, consider the few points: that size of the bathroom wall determines the size of the mirror and shape. Mirror width are –

 Inches and sizes can vary depending on the space’s style and choose something that focuses on the sink itself.

Many people confuse choosing between smaller mirror and larger mirror and in between all those shapes. 

If you are considering buying the large mirror – it covers more space and becomes the centre point of the bathroom and the large mirror creates an additional reflection and your bathroom seems larger in size.

While on other hand smaller mirrors could be unnoticeable and leave attention and detail to other decor of the bathroom such as lamps and wallpaper.

Frame and Frameless Bathroom Mirror

Stuck between frameless and framed mirror. Another question raised when we try to buy the bathroom mirror, frameless bevelled mirror is great choice – it is modern, stylish if you prefer spa like atmosphere,

Bathroom Framed mirror adds extra detail to your mirror, and it becomes with the different colour and if you are one who are looking gold, white and black framed mirror, these mirror can be the choice and you must how to clean and install the bathroom mirror if not we have a guide, do read it for proper guide.

Keep those things in mind when you are buying anything online and if you are not sure about the product contact the seller and they will let you know everything about the product and its quality that determines what will hang on your bathroom.

Shapes of the Bathroom mirror

Best Shape for Your Bathroom Mirror 4

If you are sure about above those points then the next step is to determine the shape of the mirror because mirror comes in variety of shapes such as rectangular and oval and make sure the mirror you bought matches the bathroom decor, and you already know that mirror can be the custom made if you’re are not sure.

Another consideration is how you’re gonna hang the mirror on the wall. This depends on the actual space that you have in the bathroom.

Whatever your decision, you must know the dimension of the mirror and the height to the ceiling are gonna impact on your final choice.

My best suggestion is to try to test the light marks on the wall and if the area looks overcrowded. If it does , you may need to make changes.

Now also make another decision about the height of the mirror because everyone in our house is the same height –  so that the mirror you hang on the wall at eye level so anyone can use it. Experts suggest placing the mirror at least 5 inches away from the sink and a few inches from the faucet and five inches from the floor.

The best place you can consider to place the mirror is at the centre of the bathroom between the sink and vanity lighting.

Source: Unique Vanities

  • Round mirror  – Round shape mirror brings an element to the softness and removes the corner, which is kind of the negative space in  the bathroom and allows more space to display, and it is great if you have an interesting wallpaper or tile to show off, and clean the mirror regularly.
  • Rectangle mirror – Rectangle are multi functional mirrors, you can hang vertically if you want to display the ceiling and also horizontally if you want to showcase the width of your bathroom wall.
  • Modern Mirror – A unique mirror if you want to display either round or rectangle because everyone has it – then go for the modern bathroom mirror. We have a special collection of modern mirrors for the bathroom and bedroom wall.
  • Curly and oval mirrors are used to create a unique design on the wall of your bathroom. They come with different sizes and shapes.

How many mirrors should we have in our bathroom?

Best Shape for Your Bathroom Mirror 2

If your bathroom space is big and wide, you can choose the mirror depending on your choice.

For example if you have a large ceiling and want to have focus on the bathroom ceiling vertically you can go for it two rectangle mirror mirrors and hang them vertically and if you have a bathroom with a wide wall and emphasise the width of the bathroom, opt out for a single mirror or wide mirror.


When you have finally decided the shape of the mirror, and now you need to pay attention to the material. If you are considering frameless mirrors make sure they are bevelled and minimum should be 5mm in width.

Mirrors come with metal, wood, aluminium – make sure you are well aware of the quality of the mirror and how they handle the temperature of the bathroom.

In addition, wood mirrors have a large amount of varieties in designs, and have multiple colours so it is easy for you to choose the color of the bathroom mirror.

Modern Bathroom Mirror
Bathroom Mirror With Golden Frame

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