Best Square Mirror

Best Square Wood Mirror

Best square wood mirror

Do you want to decorate your home with a wooden mirror? It is a great idea to choose a modern wooden mirror that will create a focal point in your home.

A mirror with a wooden frame can be either large or small. Frames can be either wide or narrow.

Enough of China mirror – In Crystal Design you will get varieties of mirror – there are number of shapes and size and design we deliver to our customer with love.

A mirror with a wooden frame can add a touch of character to any home. In addition to intricate designs, wooden mirror designs also feature modern styles.

There is so much to choose from that you are sure to be excited. Consequently, choose your favorite wooden mirror.

What to consider before choosing a wooden mirror?

Buying a wooden mirror can be quite challenging because there are so many options available today. Our research enables you to choose the best design for your project. Ensure that the wood frame is of high quality before buying a wooden mirror. The mirror frame should be polished and treated so that it can withstand the weight of the mirror. Some of the styles that you can choose are wooden mirror designs with decorative elements. To be seen correctly, these should be intricately crafted and well-done. Mirrors must be of high-quality so that they do not fade quickly.

Best Wooden Mirror Available in Market

1. A Circular mirror is surrounded by a square Wood frame

Square Wall Wood Mirror 1

If you want a cool looking piece of furniture to place in your living room or in your bedroom, then this wood wall mirror is perfect for you.

Having a black finish on this square wood mirror gives it a rich, royal look.

The hooks that are attached to the frame are ideal for hanging keys, umbrellas, belts, etc. You can also store items in the storage compartments.

You will gets the color and choose which one will be great for your wall. A great interior design is incomplete without the great mirror hanging in your beautiful home and I am sure you wont regret one it hand on your wall.

30 Inch Belevel Round Wood Mirror

Best Bevel Mirror for Your Bathroom

  • Brand – Crystal Design
  • Mount Type – Wall Mounted
  • Mirror Type – Accent; Bathroom / Vanity Shape Square
  • Framed -No 
  • Customizable size

2. Wooden Oval Wall Mirror

Black Oval Wood Mirror

In most homes, a hanging wooden mirror is preferred because it saves space. A top curved shape adds character to this stylish rectangular mirror.

Various intricate designs have been done on the sides and top of this gorgeous mirror. Adding to the reflection is a cool glossy finish. It is sure to look great in the bedroom or foyer.

3. Crystal Design Wall Mirror

Crystal Design Wall Venetian Round Mirror 2

his mirror has a plain style that is very appealing. Because it is made of crystal frame, it is lightweight, so you can easily place it on a wall. For this, choose a mirror that will last as long as possible.


Dealing with shape is little tedious process and that why we are here to help you – let us know what on your mind and we will come together and will complete your project in reality.

Modern to venetian and many more collection we have in our collection and we love you to work with you.

Thanks for visiting Crystal Design.

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