Best Bowmore Glass

Best Bowmore Glass 2021

Bowmore Glass In addition to the smoke, there are notes of flowers, cereal, citrus, flowers, and tropical fruit beneath a distinctly saline note. When whisky is matured in refill casks for a long period of time, it takes on this characteristic, with the peat fading away completely. Bowmore is aged in ex-Sherry barrels, which give […]

Best Aberlour Glass

Best Aberlour Glass 2021

Aberlour Glass Aberlour whisky is named after the Scottish village in which it is made.  The distillery draws its water from the Lour spring, which is where Aberlour gets its crisp, clear, pure water from. Aberlour translates as “the mouth of the chattering burn” in Gaelic.  Founded in the 19th century by James Fleming, a […]

What is Scotch

What is Scotch? Facts & History

What is Scotch? Scottish Whisky, distilled from grains, water and yeast, is a distilled spirit made in Scotland. Which distilleries produce different whiskies? Speyside, Lowland, Highland, and Campbeltown are the five Scotch Whisky regions. Scotch’s flavors are influenced by the characteristics of each region. Typically, spirits with lighter characteristics are produced by taller stills due […]

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