Best Bowmore Glass 2021

Best Bowmore Glass 2021

Bowmore Glass

In addition to the smoke, there are notes of flowers, cereal, citrus, flowers, and tropical fruit beneath a distinctly saline note. When whisky is matured in refill casks for a long period of time, it takes on this characteristic, with the peat fading away completely.

Bowmore is aged in ex-Sherry barrels, which give it a distinctive flavor characterized by dark fruits, chocolates, coffees, citruses, and smoke. The extensive range chooses from one extreme to the other. Whisky from the distillery is matured to a significant extent on the island, especially in the distillery’s No.1 vault, which has a unique microclimate. One wall of the vault provides the town’s sea wall, which creates a chill, damp environment that is ideal for long-term maturation.

The price of a truly antique Bowmore from 1850 was £29,400 (about $45,000) at auction ten years ago. Obviously, the word “mere” isn’t associated with the price of a new Volvo, but keep in mind that ultra-aged, but ultimately modern Macallan single malts can fetch such a price. Although it is a pretty sum, it is not so much for something so unique.

With its reputation as an entry-level single malt, a well-deserved reputation as an Islay malt, Bowmore 12 Year Old is one of the line’s best.


In 1779, Bowmore’s distillery allegedly began operations, but the first proof of whisky making appears to date from 1816 when John Simpson obtained a licence. In 1837, Wm & Jas, a Glasgow blending firm, would begin blending whiskey. After Mutter took over, it gained traction and reputation. A cask of Bowmore was requested by Windsor Castle in 1841, during a time when Scotch was regarded as too bold and the English palate as too delicate. Stanley P. Morrison, a broker, purchased the distillery in 1963 and, as is often the case, he has been in charge since. In the Morrison era, Bowmore began what is known as the legendary mid-1960s era, when its bottlings became legendary.

It was substantially modernized with a heat recovery system that not only reduced the distillery’s fuel bills, but also heated the swimming pool of the town. Taking full control in 1994 after launching the groundbreaking Black Bowmore, Suntory bought a stake in the distillery in 1989. It was sold for what was then thought to be a ridiculous price of £100 for a Sherry-aged release.

A key Islay property, Bowmore and Laphroaig, is under the same ownership as Jim Beam, which means that Suntory owns both brands in addition to Jim Beam. 

Source: Wikipedia

Best Glass for Bowmore

Diamond Cut Whiskey glass 7

The right scotch glasses for your choice of spirit is particularly important when selecting a delicate spirit. With its perfect wedge of ice in one half, this whiskey glass allows you to fill the other half with the whiskey of your choice. With our chilled spirits, you won’t find them anywhere else. Ice melt more slowly than regular ice cubes, so you can enjoy the full flavour of the drink. It’s one of the best drinks out there.

Galaxy Whiskey Glass 2

It is the dream of every Bowmore consumer to have their own name-brand whiskey label. The good news is that it is now possible! Aside from the awesome design of this glass, it’s also the perfect whiskey glass to enjoy rocks with! Whatever your preference is, this glass will be the one you reach for, whether it’s a Jack on the Rocks or a Whiskey Sour. With a twist whiskey glass, you can enjoy whiskey with style, making it an ideal companion for whiskey connoisseurs.

Volcano Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass 2

It’s just as important to serve scotch on the rocks with a good presentation as it is to have the right whiskey. If it looks like it has frozen over, as this awesome glass does, the right glass can greatly enhance your experience. As if a light coating of frost is covering everything, the crystalline effect looks just like that. The thick base will insulate your drink even though the whiskey won’t get any colder. This stylish rocks glass will be your go-to glass whether you’re in the mood for an Old Fashioned or straight bourbon.

Highball Whiskey Glass

Calcutta Highball Beverages Glass 4

There is something legendary about drinking Bowmore. Anyone who has sampled scotch or whiskey does not feel a little mythical? The most awesome way to enjoy this fantastic liquor is to take a set of engraved old-fashioned glasses out of an ammo can. You can even keep one of your favorite brands inside the ammo can, along with your glasses, so that you have everything you need ready when you need to share a drink with a friend!

Best Aberlour Glass 2021

Best Aberlour Glass 2021

Aberlour Glass

Aberlour whisky is named after the Scottish village in which it is made. 

The distillery draws its water from the Lour spring, which is where Aberlour gets its crisp, clear, pure water from. Aberlour translates as “the mouth of the chattering burn” in Gaelic. 

Founded in the 19th century by James Fleming, a local barley farmer, the distillery pursued his lifelong dream; to produce the best Speyside malt whisky.

History of Aberlour

A distillery was established in Aberlour in 1825, and it lasted until 1833, when James Grant and John Grant built their own distillery in Rothes, Glen Grant. As the site is situated near St. Drostan’s Well, named after an early Columban monk, James Fleming was the architect of the current distillery, which he constructed in 1879.

In 1898 it was rebuilt after it burned down like many Victorian distilleries. While the distillery was on temporary duty during World War II, local residents smuggled wash up the Aberlour burn and distilled illicitly underneath the Linn Falls.

After its expansion from two to four stills and complete internal renovation, the distillery became a part of Campbell Distillers in 1945, and Pernod Ricard acquired it in 1974. 

It has long been popular in France because of its ownership. This brand now belongs to Pernod-owned Chivas Brothers, a whisky division of Pernod.

Source: Wikipedia

Best Glasses for Aberlour

1. Scotch glass for Aberlour

Volcano Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass 5

If you typically consume old-fashioned drinks, you should choose old-fashioned glasses that suit them. A classic Sazerac can be made with this glass if you wish. There is sufficient room for ice and other ingredients in this DOF glass. Furthermore, the bubble-like indentation on the base of the glass prevents condensation from forming. In addition, it creates a lovely glow throughout your cocktail or whiskey glass to highlight the different hues. A collection of four unique rocks glasses for fans of cocktail styles such as lowball and doubles is a great addition to your barware!

2.Galaxy Whiskey Glass

Galaxy Whiskey Glass 4

As a manly man, you enjoy all things strong, durable, and durable. It’s only logical that the whiskey glasses you use should be sturdy and match your personality. You can find them here. Spherical edges allow you to grip firmly onto its base, which is shaped like a sphere. As a result of its extra thickness, the glass keeps drinks cold for as long as possible and prevents condensation. It is even possible to clink your glass with a friend while you are sharing a hearty toast like a beer glass without it breaking!

This set of whiskey lets you make the manliest, most delicious glass of whiskey you’ve ever had with a double of your favorite scotch and whiskey stones. 

3. Cubicle square rock glass

City Whiskey Glass 6

Old-fashioned glassware isn’t restricted to lowball glasses! Its smaller square shape does more than just look modern, as it makes it easier to hold your drink. The rounded rim of this flask makes sipping Jack on the rocks and refreshing Mint Juleps easy. In order to be considered double old fashioned, it must contain at least 10 ounces of liquid. This is a good simple rock glass that will get the job done if you are on the lookout for one!

4. Highball glass for Aberlour

Leaf Highball Glass

Drinking a chilled cocktail doesn’t require ice, right? You can use the stones classically in this glass. Using whisky stones is a great way to replace ice because it keeps your drink cold without melting or affecting the flavor! It’s probably not the first time you’ve seen a large spherical soapstone whiskey stone, but it is a bit unusual! In this unique glass and whiskey sphere, the cocktail is thoroughly mixed and chilled at the same time. A raised peak guides the steel ball across the glass evenly, preventing layers from forming in your drink. Enjoy the best cocktails ever with this awesome glass!

Johnnie Walker Glass Tumbler

Johnnie Walker Glass Tumbler

25 July 1805 was John Walker’s birthday.

Farm land was sold by his father in 1819 after his death.

On Kilmarnock High Street in Ayrshire, Scotland, their trustees invested £417 of the proceeds in an Italian grocery and wine and spirits store and warehouse.

A teenager in 1820, Walker ran a grocery, wine, and spirit business.

With the Excise Act of 1823, strict laws governing the distillation of whisky were relaxed and extremely high taxes on the production and sale of whisky were drastically lowered. Despite being a teetotaller, Walker sold spirits such as rum, brandy, gin, and whisky by 1825.

After a short while, he became mainly involved in whisky.

Although it was still illegal to blend malt and grain whiskies, he sold both.

Since he did not have a brand of his own, the whiskies were blended for specific customers according to their specifications.

Many years later, Walker’s Kilmarnock Whisky began using his name on labels for blended malts. John Walker died in 1857.

During Walker’s lifetime, the brand became popular, but after his death, it was his son Alexander “Alec” Walker and grandson Alexander Walker II who were most responsible for making the whisky popular.

By legalizing grain and malt whisky blending in 1860, blended Scotch whisky entered its modern era.

Blended Scotch whisky was more accessible and marketable. It was lighter, sweeter, and much more approachable.

‘Old Highland Whisky’ became Johnnie Walker’s first commercial blend in 1867. His next smart move was to ask ship captains to act as his agents and to get his whisky to wherever ships could sail. Before long, people everywhere were able to find his spirited blend.

The Blue label Johnnie Walker is so expensive. What is the reason? The rare scotches that make up Johnnie Walker Blue label make it expensive. The quality is exceptional.

Brands award the Blue label to one out of every 10,000 casks that they consider good enough.

George and Alexander II, John’s grandsons, expanded the line from 1906 to 1909, introducing three blended whiskies, Old Highland at 5 years old, Special Old Highland at 9 years old, and Extra Special Old Highland at 12 years old.

The only difference between these three brands was the color of their labels: white, red, and black.

The colours of their labels were commonly used in public to identify them.

As part of a 1909 rebranding that included the introduction of the Striding Man, the company re-branded its blends to match the common colour names. [13] The mascot was created by cartoonist Tom Browne.

Johnnie Walker White Label was renamed Old Highland,[14] and made a 6 year old, Special Old Highland became Johnnie Walker Red Label at 10 years of age, and Extra Special Old Highland became Johnnie Walker Black Label, remaining 12 years of age.

Source: Wikipedia

Johnnie Walker Glass Tumbler

Round Net Design Whiskey Glasses 2

Glasses for the Johnnie Walker drink were perfect, nice heavy weight glass, very clear. 

This whiskey tumbler is everything you would expect from a whiskey tumbler. It is solid and does not weigh much. 

This crystal clear glass is easy to hand wash and looks great displayed in our liquor cabinet. They’re very practical, but also look great. 

They wash very well with no stains from soap or anything. Despite its simple design, it is elegant enough to serve guests drinks. 

Dishwasher-cleaning leaves it sparkling.

BaPiDa Hand-Cut Whiskey Glass 3

These glasses for drinking anything on the rocks. 

They fit my needs exactly. They look great, are well constructed, are reasonably priced, and are the right size for ice spheres. 

And they are packaged beautifully for giving. I like the weight and feel of the glass in my hand, and I don’t have to worry about it breaking. 

Using these handcrafted Johnnie Walker glasses, you can enjoy all the pleasures of Johnnie Walker. 

One of the best aspects of these glasses is that they are entirely handcrafted.

Calcutta Design Crystal Highball Glass

This kind of glass is suitable for juices, water(cold or hot water), as well as wine.. I’m comfortable holding these since they feel sturdy and dishwasher safe. 

You can stack them in a hurry if you have friends visiting as well, or if you’re lazy. Having these highball tumblers glass will allow you and your friends to share great evenings and to enjoy the finest Johnnie Walker.

I like the size and balance of these, and they come out crystal clear when I wash them in the dishwasher..

The lip of the glass and it’s thinner thickness makes it a pleasure to drink from them. 

Unique Crystal Highball Glass 1

Having already discussed the short history of Johnnie Walker, aren’t you convinced that scotch deserves a royal glass? Rather than a random glass, we designed these beautiful glasses that will give them the respect they deserve. So, when you serve them with these glasses, you are more likely to get attention from your friends and they will enjoy the scotch as much as ever.

Best Glenlivet Glass of 2021 Christmas

Best Glenlivet Glass of 2021 Christmas

In Scotland, the Glenlivet distillery produces single malt Scotch whisky near Ballindalloch.

Distillery in Glenlivet, which produces the Scottish whisky of that name, is the oldest distillery in the parish.

This company has operated continuously almost since its founding in 1824.

Through the Great Depression, the distillery remained open. It was only closed during World War II.

As one of the world’s largest single malt distilleries, Glenlivet distillery has grown in the post-war period.

Globally, Glenlivet is the second biggest selling single malt whisky brand, behind only Diageo.

Throughout much of the Speyside area, illicit distilleries operated from the 1700s until the Excise Act of 1823 made them largely obsolete.

Licensing of distilleries was made possible by these laws. The passage of this legislation is attributed to Alexander Gordon, 4th Duke of Gordon.

It is unknown whether George Smith, one of his tenants who operated an illicit distillery on the farm at the time, was involved in the issue. He was the first person in Scotland to obtain a license to legally produce spirits, although there is no historical record to prove his involvement.

Despite George Smith’s decision, the new Excise Act would not be repealed if a minority of distilleries accepted the laws, which would not happen if some distilleries accepted the new laws.

The distillery’s safety and that of Smith were threatened, so George Gordon gave Smith two pistols.

John Gordon Smith Smith and George established the First Glenlivet Distillery at Upper Drumin in 1824.

Source: WhiskyWash

There are notes of toffee and raw oak tannins alongside barley, as one might expect. Besides raisins and milk chocolate, the whisky offers a definite hint of sweetness. How much sweetness can you detect? Well, I suppose so. I suppose the analogy would work. Jaded critics might complain that the taste is like sucking on a peach pit soaked in barley water.

Best Glenlivet Glass For Your Drink

Is glass important when you drink something, does glass play any role in your whiskey, or any kind of drink?

The one word answer is “Yes

City Whiskey Glass 7

The glass shape and design help to swirl the whisk(e)y – These tumblers are beautifully crisp, clear, and bright to look at, and once you become familiar with the shape and feel in your hand are a tremendous joy and pleasure to sip your favorite “pour” from.

Glasses with no blemishes are gorgeous. They fit my hand very well and are on the heavy side, which I like. It’s a pleasure to drink from them.

I find the spherical and cube shapes to fit well into them and they are easy to wash.

Do these come in gift boxes?

We shipped the product within 2-3 business days, and packed well. We have an experienced package managing team, it will arrive to you safely, and still if you find something not good, let us, your feedback will help us to improve our services.

Best OBAN Scotch Glass For OBAN Scotch

Best OBAN Scotch Glass For OBAN Scotch

What is OBAN Scotch?

In the port of Oban on the west coast of Scotland, there is an OBAN distillery. Initially built in 1794, it was built before the name-bearing town sprouted nearby.

Owned by Diageo, the Oban distillery produces a range of spirits.

One of the smallest pot stills in Scotland, it produces whisky with a “West Highland” taste that’s said to fall between the lighter, sweeter malts of the Highlands and the lighter, smoky style of the Scottish islands.

Style-wise, its whisky lies somewhere between the Western Highlands and the Isles.

The whisky has a mild peat flavor, with a slight briny element that combines nicely with the characteristic fruitiness of the Highlands, and sweet and floral heather notes.

With its distinctive, malty, lightly smoky flavor, Oban Dry Whisky is a signature of the Isle of Oban.

In the first place, the operation is quite small.

It consists of two stills, one wash still and one spirit still.

Despite being filled to 95 percent, the wash still has a capacity of 11,000 liters.

A full charge of about 88 percent is still found in the 7,200-liter spirit still.

It is the second smallest Diageo distillery in Scotland, producing about 660,000 liters of pure alcohol.

It takes 65 hours for fermentation to occur. Historically, Oban used a long fermentation of 120 hours combined with a short fermentation of 65 hours, according to Colville.

Currently, it does only a short fermentation of 65 hours.

While this may appear short by some historical fermentation practices, it is still within the typical Scotch industry fermentation lengths.

Condensers on Oban use worm tubs rather than modern tube-and-shell systems.

The vapor passes through a single spiral copper tube in a worm tub. Both tubes or worms are submerged in water.

Whiskies produced by worm tub distilleries usually have meaty aromas, but the intensity of their characteristics can vary quite a bit.

Source: Wikipedia

Best Glass For OBAN Scotch

Individuals had different views about glasses, let consider we all heard about the glencairn which is good for aromas, and we have also heard about the Norlan, the purpose of the Norlan glass’s design is to keep the aromas and many more things sometimes we need to consider all these things before buying glass.

You might wonder why glass is important for whisk(e)y, and I must say it does carry weight when you think about tasting and nosing experience.

Prime Whiskey Glass 2

It has wide rim which is perfect for nosing plus the glass is beautiful, and easy to grasp and hold, perfect gift item for those who loved OBAN scotch, designed is hand cut, all the design and star shape cut you will see on surface is completely a hand cut and that’s the reason this glass surely help you enjoy the whisk(e)y and bourbon with your guest.

OBAN Whisky Gift Set With Glass

For whiskey lover, a OBAN gift set could be a great idea if he loved OBAN, and you can have glass with them that can be a unexpected point for them

Price is good, and one time purchase and strong glass with dishwater safe and you and friends can have a great weekend with these two sets of OBAN Scotch Glass.

What is Scotch? Facts & History

What is Scotch? Facts & History

What is Scotch?

Scottish Whisky, distilled from grains, water and yeast, is a distilled spirit made in Scotland.

Which distilleries produce different whiskies?

Speyside, Lowland, Highland, and Campbeltown are the five Scotch Whisky regions. Scotch’s flavors are influenced by the characteristics of each region. Typically, spirits with lighter characteristics are produced by taller stills due to their size and shape. Age of the oak is also a determinant of the final flavor of the whisky, with its age affecting the flavor of the final spirit.

How should Scotch Whisky be consumed?

Scotch Whisky is often enjoyed with just a little water in Scotland and across the United Kingdom. There are, however, many ways to enjoy Scotch Whisky that are new and exciting. Cola is a popular drink in SpainOn the other hand, Scotch in Japan and China is often drunk with iced tea and lots of water.

What is the alcoholic strength of Scotch Whisky?

After distillation, it is generally reduced by volume to 63.5% alcohol by volume prior to filling into casks. Bottling strength is determined by law to be 40 percent alcohol by volume.

What is the best way to store Scotch Whisky?

The ageing of whisky differs from that of wine. The whisky will remain the same for as long as you keep a 12 year old bottle. Scotch Whisky won’t deteriorate if placed out of direct sunlight as long as it’s kept out of direct sunlight.

What is smoother scotch or bourbon?

The whiskies of the United States (like bourbon and whiskeys from Scotland and Ireland) are distilled in brand-new oak, while in most other countries (Scotland, Ireland, and Japan) the barrels are re-used multiple times. Whisky in the U.S. tends to be dark and vanilla-flavored, even though scotch has a softer, smoother flavor.

Category of Whisky

what is scotch
Source: Scotch Whisky Association

Scotch Whiskey having the following characteristics

  • It must be made in Scotland…
  • …From water and malted barley.
  • Unlike corn and wheat, barley is a cereal grain that can contain other grains as well as barley.
  • Only endogenous enzyme systems can convert it into a fermentable substrate. Can you explain what this means at all?
  • It must be fermented only with yeast.
  • It is fine to distill scotch to a maximum alcohol by volume (ABV) of 95.8%, and at least 40 percent for bottled whisky. The average Scotch is distilled to about 60% alcohol by volume.

The result of this process is the release of enzymes that break down starch in barley and convert it to sugar, which begins fermentation.

The malting process produces fermentable substrate, which I mentioned earlier. Malting creates enzymes, which originate from the grain itself, which are known as endogenous enzyme systems.

There is a need to clarify this language. Some countries allow the addition of enzymes to whisky. Scotch producers cannot do this.

BaPiDa Hand-Cut Whiskey Glass 5

Bapida Whiskey Glasses

  • Set of 2, 10 Oz whiskey glasses
  • Ideal for whiskey, bourbon, rye
  • Made with lead-free crystal
  • Dishwasher safe: Preferred top rack
  • Extra-net design around for stability

Regions of Great Single Malt Scotch

The most popular single malts in the world are Highland malts. Having a blend that is as complex as lowland scotch, but less powerful than Islay, they are an excellent choice. Single malt whiskies from the highlands are generally smooth, with vanilla, honey, and (sometimes) sherry notes.

Scotch malts made in Speyside are smooth and full-bodied, and among the best in the world. With many distilleries here, Speyside is named after the Speyside river, located in the area. Macallan, Glenfiddich, and Glenmorangie are some of the famous distilleries in Speyside.

City Whiskey glass 8

City Whiskey Glass

  • Set of 4, 10 Oz whiskey glasses
  • Ideal for whiskey, bourbon, rye
  • Made with lead-free crystal
  • Extra-net design around for stability

As a result of the significant amount of peat-moss grown in the area, Islay Single Malt whiskeys are world-renowned for their smoky aroma. Laprhoaig and Lagavulin (my personal favorite) are two of the most popular distilleries on Islay.

One of the best ways to introduce yourself to quality brown liquor is to try Lowland Single Malts. Before working your way up the food chain, start with Auchentoshan, a well-aged triple distilled single malt.

Campbelltown single malts are one of the newest regions for quality malts. With their blend of a smooth Highlands texture and a milder Islay peatiness, Campbeltowns would appeal to a wide variety of Scotch drinkers. The 12 and 15 year Springbank are both available at BevMo and any bottle shop.