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Explore 8 Best Highball Whiskey Glass

Hello everyone and thank you for visiting the bapida shop. The glass and mirror shop – If I am not wrong – you are here looking for something unique for your whiskey  – something different this time for your whiskey.

Have you ever considered the tall highball glass, unique hand cut design and I am sure once you hold it you will fall in love with your drink more than ever.

We have some great highball whiskey glass design collections and we are sure one of them is the great choice for your drink.

Drinking in a regular glass and holding something different from regular glasses are the main purpose of working in these glasses.

The glasses are designed by the experienced artisan and they have experience of more than 2 decades, they know what they are doing – and if you show us some love  – we will reach high because at the end of the day your opinion helps us to improve our product and service.

  1. Unique Highball Whiskey Glass
Unique Highball Glass

Highball glass is used for cocktails and the bartender prefers to make cocktails on tall highball glass.

This glass has enough proportion to have a non-alcoholic mixer.

It is also called collin glass, both are the same – Collins derived from the Tom collins. A minor difference is that Highball is skinny while collin glass is taller than highball glass.

Depending on the consumer some love to have highballs and some of them love to have highballs. It holds about 6 ounces that means you are drinking what Piacentini calls a civilised amount of booze.

Highball glasses are good for cocktails served and “up” meaning they have been shaken with ice and served chilled, without ice – CEO and founder of Potent pours Kimberly Hunter , appreciates that the width of the highball glass means lots of garnish.

The price of the glass is under $80 set of 4 and this is the best budget if you are looking for something great in your hand.

  1. Leaf Design Highball Whiskey Glass
Calcutta Design Highball Glass 3

When everything is about the size – a perfect proportion and out of right of everything.

A great showpiece for your home and for guests – a great attractive look on the table and I recommend having this leafy, classy, budget friendly highball whiskey glass.

These are affordable and easy to hold and the base is heavy but still the wall is thin, feels a bitter high quality.

A hand cut design for the hand –  a machine process on the glass design and this is a little complex to find on the internet.

  1. Wingfire Highball Glass
Wingfire Regular Highball Glasses 7

If you are looking to make some of the best cocktails then you don’t need to worry about the glassware – most of the highball glass are tall and unique in some way.

For bartenders, highball glass is important to mix soda with water, and glass of design is perfect, they are tall and having unique design make them easy to hold and serve and it can include any cocktail or coke.

This is the most simple glass design in our collection. 

If you are a person who wants to try something for your cocktail – this is for you.

  1. Calcutta Highball Beverages glasses
Calcutta Highball Beverages Glass 4

Red wine and beer can be drunk from this glass –  I know wine has a separate glass in the market and people love to drink with wine glass only – I am saying if you are a person who prefers to drink wine with a tall glass – then this is the glass you should think of. Elegant and simple design and easy to get and hold.

  1. Cosmos design highball glass
Cosmos Design Highball Glass 3

There is not too much to explain in this glass –  a great and unique design – square shape at the bottom and easy to hold – this is a juice and milk type of glass and a lemonade can be considered for this glass. 

The design on the surface of the glass is called “jali” which is time consuming to design with hand and it requires effort and dedication. I know you will love the glass when you hold it.

  1. Old Fashioned Highball Glass

Why we call glass old fashioned glass – the reason we call glass old fashioned is because those who love to drink old fashioned drink in any glass –  we termed those glass as old fashioned and we call old fashioned whiskey glass for the customer who love to drink old fashioned drink in whiskey glass. This is simple and lovely glass and you should have it if you are a person who is looking for old fashioned glass, The glass has an old look and it will suit your old fashioned drinks.

  1. Highball Beverages Glass
Leaf Highball Glass

Stylish glass – highball glass for beverages and this glass is strong and have long duration and it also can be use for red wine and white white – the wine lover are expert they know the difference between whiete and red wine glass but what they don’t know that there are varieties of glasses in the market you can experiment with.

  1. Collins glass
Collins glass

A taller glass than the rest of the other and this is strong and has a long duration and it can also be a gift to your loved ones and drink water, milk and juice and there are useful things that can be done with this glass. Remind me that this glass is not a showpiece and the last decision is also your. There is nothing much to say about this glass –  because most of our glass showpiece and useful for day to day life.

What should the cost of highball glass be?

It depends – from $5 – $100, the purpose of the glass is the same –  if the purpose is gift then the price would be different and if you want to have something on the table for your thanksgiving day then the price is different.

If you want to have regular water then the price is different.

Restaurants and cocktails have their specialised highball glass.

Choice is yours and let us know why you want to have stylish highball glass.

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