Farmhouse Mirror Wall Decor
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Farmhouse Mirror Wall Decor

Farmhouse Mirror Wall Decor

A farmhouse mirror is a type of mirror that has a rustic, vintage, or country-style appearance, reminiscent of mirrors commonly found in farmhouses or rural homes.

These mirrors are often characterized by their wooden frames, which may have a distressed or weathered finish to give them an aged or antique appearance. The frame may also feature decorative elements such as wood pebble shaped accents, carvings, or embossed designs.

Farmhouse mirrors may come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they tend to be larger and more ornate than simple, modern bathroom mirrors. They are often used as statement pieces in living rooms, bedrooms, or entryways, and can add a cozy, inviting feel to any space.

What should be the size of a farmhouse mirror?

The size of a farmhouse mirror will depend on several factors, such as the size of the wall where it will be placed, the overall style of the room, and the intended use of the mirror.

As a general guideline, a farmhouse mirror should be proportionate to the size of the wall and the furniture around it and modern mirror appearance. If the mirror is going to be the focal point of the room, it may be larger than if it is going to be a secondary element.

For example, a large, ornate farmhouse mirror might work well as a statement piece above a fireplace or in an entryway, while a smaller mirror might be more appropriate for a bathroom or bedroom.

In terms of specific sizes, farmhouse mirrors can range from small, decorative pieces to large, full-length mirrors. Some common sizes for farmhouse mirrors include:

  • Small: 12 inches to 24 inches in diameter or height
  • Medium: 24 inches to 36 inches in diameter or height
  • Large: 36 inches to 48 inches in diameter or height
  • Extra-large: 48 inches or more in diameter or height

Ultimately, the size of the farmhouse mirror should be chosen based on the specific needs and style of the room like the master mirror for the bathroom.

What should be the price of a farmhouse mirror?

The price of a farmhouse mirror can vary widely depending on several factors such as the size, quality of materials, level of craftsmanship, and brand.

Small farmhouse mirrors can cost anywhere from $20 to $50, while medium-sized mirrors can range from $50 to $150. Large farmhouse mirrors can cost upwards of $150 to $500 or more, depending on the materials and level of craftsmanship involved.

Antique or vintage farmhouse mirrors can be more expensive, with some costing several hundred dollars or even thousands of dollars, depending on their rarity and condition.

It’s important to note that while the price of a farmhouse mirror can be an important consideration, it should not be the only factor. When choosing a farmhouse mirror, it’s important to prioritise quality and style, as a well-made mirror can be a long-lasting investment that adds value and beauty to your home.

Is a modern mirror a good idea for a farmhouse mirror?

It really depends on the specific farmhouse style you are trying to achieve. While a modern bevel mirror can certainly work in a farmhouse setting, it may not provide the same rustic, vintage, or country-style aesthetic that many people associate with farmhouse decor.

If you’re looking to achieve a traditional or classic farmhouse look, you may want to consider a mirror with a black wooden frame that has a distressed or weathered finish. This will help to give the mirror an aged or antique appearance that is in keeping with the rustic, vintage feel of farmhouse decor.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to incorporate more modern elements into your farmhouse decor, a modern mirror could be a good fit. For example, a simple round or rectangular or square mirror with a minimalist frame could provide a sleek, contemporary touch to a farmhouse space.

Ultimately, the decision of whether to use a modern mirror in a farmhouse setting will depend on your personal style and the specific look you are trying to achieve. If you’re not sure which direction to go in, it may be helpful to seek inspiration from farmhouse decor blogs or magazines, or to consult with a professional interior designer.


In conclusion, a farmhouse mirror is a type of mirror that has a rustic, vintage, or country-style appearance that is often characterized by its wooden frame and distressed finish.

The size and price of a farmhouse mirror can vary widely depending on several factors such as the size, quality of materials, level of craftsmanship, and brand.

While a modern mirror can work in a farmhouse setting, it may not provide the same traditional or classic farmhouse aesthetic as a mirror with a wooden frame that has a distressed or weathered finish. Ultimately, the decision of which type of mirror to use in a farmhouse setting will depend on your personal style and the specific look you are trying to achieve.

Accent Mirror for Your Bathroom

Accent Mirror for Your Bathroom

Best Accent Mirror

Accent mirrors are my favorite! My favorite way to add elegance to a room is with accent mirrors! They have a huge impact on a room, just like beautiful rugs and lighting do.

Add an accent mirror to breathe life into a monotonous room. There are many gorgeous options below!

Is an accent mirror a good idea for a bathroom?

An accent bathroom mirror is a decorative mirror that is used to enhance the overall look and feel of a bathroom. It can serve as a statement piece, a focal point, or simply complement other design elements in the space. Accent mirrors can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, and can be made from materials such as glass, metal, or even wood.

When choosing an accent bathroom mirror, it’s important to consider the overall design and aesthetic of the bathroom. For example, a round mirror can add a soft and elegant touch to a traditional or classic bathroom, while a more modern or minimalistic bathroom may benefit from a square or rectangular mirror with a clean and simple design.

Another factor to consider is the size and placement of the accent mirror. A large accent mirror can make a statement and be the focal point of the bathroom, while a smaller accent mirror can be used to complement other design elements in the space.

It’s also important to consider the frame of the accent mirror. A framed mirror can add visual interest and a decorative touch to the bathroom, while a frameless mirror can create a more modern and minimalistic look.

Overall, an accent bathroom mirror can be a stylish and functional design element that can enhance the overall look and feel of a bathroom. It’s important to consider the overall design, size, style, and placement of the mirror before purchasing one.

1. Gold and White Round Mirror

Whether it’s above your bathroom vanity, above a cute console table in your entryway, or anywhere in your home, these mirrors “can truly fit in any room”. After searching high and low for the perfect mirror, it has quickly become my favorite affordable piece of decor.

This wall decor is perfect for foyers and bathrooms that see a lot of traffic. The wooden rim makes the mirror more durable than most, while also providing a modern, industrial look. The mirror measures 18 by 18 inches and is suitable for any type of wall.

2. Gold Wood Round Wall Mirror 18โ€ x 18โ€

You can’t go wrong with this crystal design piece if you’re looking for a round piece that won’t break the bank. The golden finish on the wood adds a golden touch to your space, without taking away from its minimalist look. You can also blend it in with other design styles. The 18-inch diameter of this mirror makes it perfect for use in entryways, living rooms, or as a subtle decoration in bedrooms or home offices.

3. Oval Decorative Wall Mirror

The bathroom has a limited amount of space. Therefore, your bathroom mirror should not just be cute-it should also be practical. It’s easy to achieve both form and function with Crystal Design Mirror.

The oval mirror seems like any other at first glance. The frame is white, thick, and perfectly oval. As you approach the mirror from the side, you’ll see that it actually has shelves built into it. The cabinet can store all of your bathroom essentials as long as the tallest items are placed towards the middle so that everything stays hidden.

4. Wood Wall Mirror 18โ€ x 18โ€

You can start off with a classic wood mirror if your aesthetic is mid-century modern or more neutral. Its 18-inch diameter makes it the perfect piece for the living room.

Whether in an entryway, living room, or bedroom, this mirror adds warmth with its natural finish and acacia wood. Its minimalist style makes it suitable for a wide range of decor styles from cozy cottage to eclectic boho.

5. Pentagon Wall Wood Mirror

If you want to create an elegant design for your room, the size of your mirror is very important. Brass, antique bronze, and brushed nickel finishes are available from Crystal Design Wall Mirrors.

These mirrors will give your home a touch of elegance. Mirrors come with hanging hardware, but they can also be propped up on your dresser. No matter how you display this piece, it will give your room a stylish look.

Price for Accent mirror

The price of an accent mirror can vary depending on several factors, such as size, materials, design, and brand.

Smaller accent mirrors can start at around $20-$50, while larger and more intricate designs can cost several hundreds of dollars. Mirrors made from higher-end materials such as crystal, metal, or wood can also be more expensive.

Accent mirrors made by well-known brands or designers can also carry a higher price tag compared to those made by lesser-known or generic brands.

In general, the price of an accent mirror can range anywhere from $20 to $1000 or more, depending on the factors mentioned above. It’s always a good idea to compare different options and shop around to find the best price for the desired style and quality of the accent mirror.

Different between modern and accent mirror

Modern and accent mirrors are similar in that they are both decorative elements used to enhance the look and feel of a room. However, there are some key differences between the two.

A modern mirror is characterized by its sleek, simple, and minimalistic design. It often has clean lines, a minimalist frame, and a neutral color scheme. Modern mirrors are often used to create a modern or contemporary look in a room, and they typically have a neutral or understated appearance.

An accent mirror, on the other hand, is characterized by its unique and decorative design. It is often used to add a pop of color, texture, or visual interest to a room. Accent mirrors can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, and they can be made from a variety of materials such as glass, metal, or even wood. Accent mirrors are often used as statement pieces or focal points in a room.

In summary, a modern mirror has a sleek, simple, and neutral design, while an accent mirror has a unique and decorative design. Both types of mirrors can be used to enhance the overall look and feel of a room, but they serve different purposes and have different design styles.

What Is an Accent Mirror?

The term “accent mirror” refers to a decorative mirror designed to draw attention to a particular area of a room. Often used in interior design, mirrors can brighten a room, make a statement, and make your home look bigger by adding an interesting accent.

In addition to accent mirrors being useful for utilizing an empty wall, they can also be used with artwork. A carefully positioned mirror can create a dramatic effect on a wall, which means that almost any mirror can be used as an accent. You should be aware, however, that there are several factors that could make a mirror an “accent mirror”.

It would be great to use a long mirror as an accent in a corridor, but if you hung it on a wall, then you could get dressed in front of it. The same type of effect can also be achieved by hanging an overmantle mirror in a kitchen or bathroom instead of a living room. When it comes to interior design, context is everything. What are some of the most common types of accent mirrors?

Types of Accent Mirror

Decorative Mirror

To begin with, not every mirror is useful. Mirrors can be decorative and add a lot to a room. Its wonderful, decorative inlay and elegant tree branch design make it stand out from the rest of the large metal wall mirrors. We offer superb round French window mirrors, which can achieve a similar result. The bright feature in them provides a sense of natural light flooding in a dark room without a lot of natural light. Mirrors of this sort can also be used to conceal wall imperfections, such as gouges. Making an accent out of a place you currently don’t enjoy looking at can be done with a decorative mirror.

Backlit Mirrors

A mirror combined with lighting is probably one of the most effective ways to make an accent. A Hollywood mirror makes it easier to put on makeup and do your hair, but it also creates an accent effect, especially in a guest bedroom that you would like to add a touch of glam to. They also reflect light away from the mirror. Mirrors with backlighting create an accent by doing the opposite. The lights create a wall wash of light that creates a sparkling surface that adds a bit of sophistication to dining rooms and snugs in the evenings.

Designer Mirrors

Rooms with a sense of grandeur usually incorporate designer mirrors. If you want to put some zest into your room, a designer mirror with an elaborate design will do the trick. In reception areas, where your guests can see them and you can display your sense of style best, they are ideal. You are sure to find a mirror that matches your current interior dรฉcor with designer mirrors, as they come in several styles. It’s this kind of designer product that will hit the right note in many homes: a charcoal and silver large French vintage shabby chic mirror. The beveled edges of the mirror itself as well as the elegant, wide frame are sure to catch your eye.

Venetian Mirrors

There is an elegant and decorative touch to any home with a Venetian mirror of any size and shape. Some frames have decorative accents, while others are frameless, giving them a more minimalist look. This opulent and sophisticated mirror has an antique silver finish and gilt borders. A rectangular mirror with all glass Antique Baroque design, however, is a good choice for a minimalist theme.

Sunburst Mirrors

For a statement piece in your home, consider a sunburst mirror. In living rooms and hallways, sunburst mirrors are unabashedly bold and daring. The mirrors come in a variety of styles to suit any decor or colour scheme. Bringing a contemporary twist to any home is the Starburst All Glass Stylised Round Mirror. Sunburst design mirrors are available online in a wide range of styles.

Vanity Mirrors

You should consider a vanity mirror if you want to style your hair, apply makeup, and spruce up your outfit. There are numerous types, sizes, and materials of vanity mirrors, and they are suitable for all areas of the home. It offers reliability and affordability for a bedroom mirror. With its subtle, timeless design, the Cranbury All Glass Dress Mirror is another possibility.

Circular mirrors

There are many types and sizes of circular mirrors available. The mirrors can be plain or decorative. If you prefer round mirrors to rectangular mirrors, they can complement all types of decor. Stylised All Glass Round Wall Mirrors are a superb example of timeless elegance. 

Framed Mirrors

Adding a beautiful frame to a mirror can make it stand out from the crowd. For instance, our rose gold wall mirror is delicately electroplated to provide a frame that is tarnish-free and will look beautiful for a lifetime. Whether it is mounted against a plainly painted wall to provide accents or placed against a wallpaper background, this large metal wall mirror will make a statement.

Where to hang accent mirrors…

  • A mirror shouldn’t be hung or leaned in such a way that children or pets could knock it over
  • If you are hanging them along the walls of a staircase, be sure they won’t fall if someone walks by.
  • A piece of artwork hangs over a console table in a foyer
  • Above the fireplace in the living room
  • Displays above dressers
  • Above each nightstand, they should be hung
  • Headboards for beds
  • On top of a sink
  • Standing against a bare wall
  • The picture hung between two narrow windows
  • An above-the-table mirror
  • A wall in the laundry room

Measurement of accent mirror height

It is best to hang the bottom of a mirror so that it hangs 8-10 inches above the mantel, headboard, or table. An ideal full-length one should hang between two windows or doors, 55-65 inches above the ground.

What size should I choose?

For the most part, I like to go big and ensure that the size matches the room and is balanced.

The following tips will help you choose the right size:

With painter’s tape, mark the dimensions of the mirror you want on the wall. Look at it from a distance. Are the dimensions too large? Not large enough? Do they fit? In that case, install the mirror.


In conclusion, mirrors are an essential part of home dรฉcor, as they serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. There are many different types of mirrors available, including modern mirrors, accent mirrors, beveled mirrors, crystal mirrors, and irregular mirrors.

When choosing a mirror, it’s important to consider the overall design and aesthetic of the room, as well as the size, style, and placement of the mirror. Mirrors can range in price from $20 to several hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on the materials, design, and brand.

Whether you are looking for a functional mirror to help you get ready in the morning, or a decorative mirror to enhance the overall look and feel of a room, there is a wide variety of options to choose from. With the right mirror, you can create a beautiful and functional space that you will enjoy for years to come.

9 Best Wash Basin Mirror Design

9 Best Wash Basin Mirror Design

Wash Basin Mirror Design

There is a mirror that can help you bring both form and function to your bathroom, no matter the theme. Additionally, you can revitalize the feel and vibe of your bathroom decor simply by swapping the mirror if your bathroom feels dated and boring. 

Bathroom mirrors are available in many different styles on the online market, from traditional shapes to ones that are part of a cabinet. You can also experiment with different styles and look for mirrors that serve as decor accessories and vanity mirrors at the same time. 

Rectangular mirrors have a classic, fussfree appeal while round, oval, and oblong mirrors look modern and attractive. We recommend these mirrors to help you decide what kind of mirror you want for your bathroom: 

1. Frameless Bathroom Mirror 

Puzzle Wall Mirror 2

An Astinguish mirror, with its stylish beveled frameless design, makes your bathroom or any other room a masterpiece.

Mirrors like this are extremely beautiful, where their cutting and design make them stand out among the rest. Your bathroom looks great with this mirror.

The main characteristic of this mirror is its bevel. It has been cut in an outstanding manner. This is the perfect mirror to decorate your bathroom.

Mirrors like this have always been popular products. They are 4mm Modi Ultraguard mirrors. Your own look will be reflected in this mirror.

2. Wood Frame Mirror – Excellent for washbasins

As long as there have been mirrors, we have always used them to make ourselves stronger. Mirrors are a reflection of your own beauty. Everyone loves color, so we all do. People are just drawn to this wood frame wall mirror because it comes with a unique color choice.

Color is what makes a mirror attractive and lovable. In this unique piece of art, gold is like jewels, black is like roses, red is like love, green is like foliage, orange is like sunshine and so many other colors can’t be ignored.

A special coating on this Prestigious mirror makes the bevelled more classy and unique with this handmade masterpiece.

White Wood Round Wall Mirror 2

3. Oval Shape Mirror โ€“ An Innovative Wash Basin Design

Mirrors are said to be like discovering a whole new world of decor. Therefore, the next beauty masterpiece has a beveled handmade cut that is famous.

An example of adding beauty to your walls would be the beveled with wave shape design.

In a mirror, you don’t just see yourself, you see your desire to be happy every day. The mirror’s frameless 5mm Saint-Gobain quality mirror adds a touch of elegance. 

Oval Decorative Wall Mirror for Home Hotel Bedroom Bathroom White Wall Mirror 1

4. Frameless Vanity Mirror โ€“ A super classic design

Decoration defines your class and standard in every corner of your bathroom.

Mirrors without frames have always been a great choice for your bathroom, but their unique cut with beveled edges makes them even more exquisite.

This unique cut mirror features a beveled edge on the inside to add extra beauty to your bathroom.

This 5mm framed 5mm quality mirror from Saint-Gobain adds true beauty to the mirror. You will find that a Frameless Vanity Mirror is the perfect mirror for your bathroom.

5. Long Wall Mirror โ€“ Ideal mirror for small bathrooms

Any decor will benefit from a mirror. This has become a popular way of showing off your wall’s beauty. It defines your style.

You probably know how important a mirror is to the look of your bathroom. The room looks larger when it’s decorated with a perfect-sized mirror. 

If you have a small bathroom, you might like to consider a mirror with a wide frame. A unique masterpiece mirror is the answer to your quest for a perfect sized mirror for your small bathroom.

Small bathrooms look even more stunning with this long wall mirror with curved edges. Your bathroom will have a striking look with the curve edges and the handmade bevels. 

6. Square Frameless Mirror โ€“ Highly regarded for its simplicity

Today, square-shaped mirrors are often found in houses. Its square edges give it an edgy look, giving it an atypical appearance.

You can enhance your bathroom decor with square edging and bevel. For those who value simplicity at its best, this mirror is the perfect choice.

In its own classical way, this Wash Basin Mirror defines simplicity in all its facets. Add a square wall mirror to your bathroom for added beauty and elegance. Frameless has always been a popular choice for bathrooms.

The simplicity of this mirror is what makes it so beautiful. There is a bevel on top, in the bottom, on the left, on the right that defines the ideal washbasin.

7. Rectangle Decorative Mirror โ€“ Beautiful Zig Zag Wash Basin Mirror

It is indeed very difficult to find the perfect mirror for your bathroom. The mirrors that we are introducing have always been in demand for a long time; with us, you can skip the process of finding a perfect one.

The zig zag border of this decorative mirror makes it a perfect and bold choice for your bathroom and wash basin. This mirror has a charming beauty and finishing due to the handmade design work.

There is something highly attractive about the border of this mirror. A bevel polished finish adds an extra touch of elegance to this piece of art. An artwork like this will enhance the beauty of any wall in your house.

One should consider purchasing this mirror because it is a luxurious collection. A decorative masterpiece, the mirror has an extra border mirror above the main mirror that adds to its beauty.

wash basin mirror design

8. The 3D wall mirror – an innovative design for the wash basin

With a 3D Mirror you can make any wall look extraordinary. This is the most unique and innovative mirror out there.

You don’t want to miss out on this unique 3d masterpiece mirror. Not only will it illuminate your bathroom but it will also enhance its beauty. With modern mirror designs, people are fascinated by the variety of styles available.

Bathrooms should have this unique and different design. Despite its top notch bevel and the 3D border that outshines and enhances its beauty even more with the mirror stick atop, there is no way to describe this mirror.

You can bring beauty to your bathroom with 3D mirror designs that people have never seen before.

wash basin mirror design

9. Vanity Wall Art Frame- Single-sided gold border

Vanity Wall Wood Mirror 1

Mirrors have a lot to offer, from their shape to their design, everything about them is adorable. Mirrors with gold mirror borders are relatively rare, but they add an extra level of beauty to this mirror.

It is the quality of the wood that makes every mirror great. Our solid wood mirrors come with a lifetime warranty.

Mirrors of the highest quality possible, the 5mm Saint-Gobin, have been affixed to a masterpiece.

It is a unique design especially made for those who want to create a wonderland of beauty on their walls. 

How to hang a wall mirror above the basin?

1. Prepare the bathroom mirror for installation and be safe while doing so

  • Support your mirror with the studs behind the wall, if possible. Make sure you have all the mounting hardware you need, and if you are using mounting brackets, be sure to place them on a level plane in order to support the mirror equally.
  • It is a good idea to have someone assist you in installing a larger bathroom mirror. Ensure your mirror’s mounting hardware is rated to handle its weight. 
  • For additional installation guidelines on hanging a bathroom mirror if you live in a seismic zone, consult your local building code.

2. A framed mirror

  • Make sure the mirror frame has a hanger bracket if you’re installing a bathroom mirror with a frame. A wire can be connected between two side brackets if the mirror frame does not already have a bracket at the top. Pull the wire tight so that when it is pulled tight, the curve is just below the top edge of the frame. 
  • Snip any excess wire with pliers after winding the wire several times around itself. 
  • Once you have marked the desired spot on the wall, attach a hook of the proper size. 
  • Level the mirror by hanging the wire on the hook and adjusting the mirror.

3. Frameless Mirrors

  • Clips are usually used to hold frameless mirrors. When installing a bathroom mirror, the first step is to choose a mirror location. You will then need to determine how many clips you will need based on the mirror’s size. When mounting the mirror on a wall or door, take into account the composition of the wall or door. 
  • Consider adding a frame to your frameless mirror for an inexpensive way to dress it up. You can create a custom frame using a picture frame moulding.