Modern Bathroom Mirror

Modern Bathroom Mirror

The whole different level of modern bathroom mirror collection – modern mirrors have unique looks and most of this type of mirror customers buy for their bedroom and hallway. 

You know the customer is the king and they can have their mirror anywhere in the home.

Modern mirror are cool  – empty wall will feel like there is emptiness in our home – if you want to have something great on the wall – mirror and painting are the perfect choice and we are in the mirror and glass business – we have beautiful collection for your bathroom wall – if you are looking for modern mirror for bathroom. 

One mirror is a necessity for bedroom, bathroom, hallway and small one for kitchen – I know mirrors in the kitchen sound weird – there are many movies and tv shows, but usually we don’t find mirrors in the kithchen.

Let’s come to the topic. We have some designs and prices are varied  – the great mirror will add something in your home which you have made with love.

Home is our part of life and we are going to live there till death – so it is our responsibility that our home should look beautiful.

Eclipse Wall Modern Bathroom Mirror

One of our best collections for bathrooms – a new design established for our customer.

If you are someone who is fed up with a regular bathroom mirror and wants to make you great – different from the rest of the neighbours then this is what you are looking for.

In India this is the one of the most selling modern bathroom mirrors – and I want to let you know about the packaging – we are using the extra advanced packaging to avoid the breakage and if it’s still damaged we will replace or refund you.

Wood is at the back side of the mirror and we are popular for this design  – the point is this mirror is modern, ecstatic, and great for anyone who is looking for a modern bathroom mirror.

Alexis Mirror for Bathroom

Another great collection from Bapida – this mirror is called ying-yan mirror – this mirror has a different shape and looks great when you hang it on the wall of the bathroom or bedroom. This mirror has a unique design and is not easily available like a round mirror – this is like a different kind of round mirror and will look superb on the bathroom wall – more attractive and more stylish for your beautiful home.

White & Gold Mirror

Round mirror with little different look and half of the mirror is gold and half of mirror is white in color. The combination of white and gold is unique – when we first tried this gold and mirror we did like it. We try many combinations before finalizing the white and gold combination. This is the simple modern mirror for the bathroom. Not much decorative and not so much for the bathroom – just unique for the bathroom.

Square Bathroom mirror

Our best selling mirror in bedroom wall mirror – this is the cool mirror – the best thing about the mirror is design and wood –  and I know you are smart you can find mirror in very cheap price but not in wood frame –  it will hang easily on the bathroom wall – if you have the large wall and you can two mirror on the wall.

This mirror has a 24 inch and  30 inch shape and if you want to have different sizes then let us know we are here to customise according to your bathroom size and love to do so.

Pebble Bathroom Mirror

Pebble shaped mirror – this is also the best choice for modern bathroom mirror –  Australian customers prefer this pebble mirror, the reason is the mirror has a great and unique shape and you will love it when you see the mirror hanging on the bathroom wall.

This comes in a number of colours and I am sure one of the colours matches with your taste and you will love it.

Crystal Wall Mirror

It is beautiful surrounded by diamond crystal. When you place it on the wall, it shines, another great modern mirror for bathroom walls.

The size of the mirror is 30 inch and it is a little expensive because the time and investment is high as compared to the rest of the mirror and this mirror people buy to placed at the bedroom wall – this mirror is also designed for the bedroom wall – but we have some customer who use this mirror on bathroom wall.

Customers can use this anywhere in the home.

What is Modern Mirror?

Modern mirrors are especially designed for home decor purposes, beautiful and ectatic when you hang on the bedroom or hallway.  They are very delicate and they have ample designs and who knows which design suits your wall decor and believe me, the modern mirror category is the most selling category in the mirror section.

Modern mirror can be a normal wood mirror with a different design – something that adds value to the empty wall. We call them modern mirrors.

Is Modern Mirror a good choice for Bathroom mirror?


What kind of modern mirror suited the bathroom mirror –  the eclipse is the best modern mirror and we have the best selling modern bathroom mirror for eclipse – it is unique and new in the market and you know the rest of the market very well and I am sure you are well aware of the price. This is a pure hand craft mirror, no machine process and will deliver safely to your home. In short, a unique modern mirror can be the best choice for the bathroom.

What is the price of a modern mirror?

The more feature mirrors have – the price varies, take an example of frameless mirror, the cheapest bathroom mirror in the planet, they don’t have anything, if the seller has some courtesy they will bevel the mirror.

Frameless mirror is a kind of mirror, a simple mirror for the bathroom, and most selling mirrors, the price is around $30 to around $100.

The second thing that decides the price of the mirror is size, the bigger the mirror the more money you will pay for the mirror.

How to Choose a Mirror for your bathroom?

A bathroom add and decide of your bathroom, the big mirror is, your bathroom large in size and brighten the space.

You should check out your appearance , apply make up and shave your spaces.

They can be round, rectangle, square and even small large frameless mirrors.

So, how do you know which mirror can be the good choice for your bathroom?

Spot of your bathroom

Before buying the bathroom mirror, consider the correct spot so you can have efficient space for your other accessories. I just want you to make sure what that spot is.

Size of the mirror

You need to make sure what size of mirror you are going for, we already mentioned the bigger size of the mirror and more big bathroom appear, so if you have a large mirror on your mind, you will have to look for another space in your bathroom.

One thing you should determine is the height of the mirror, consider the children or smaller adults not be able to reach the mirror. If a bathroom is for a small mirror, the vanity would be lower than normal, so the regular mirror should suffice. You can read more article about buying bathroom.

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