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  • Whiskey glass for Dad and Husband

    Neo Cut Handmade Whiskey Glass




    Material Glass
    Brand Crystal Design
    Color Transparent
    Occasion Graduation, Wedding, Christmas, Anniversary, Happy_birthday, Fathers_day
    Capacity 9.76 Ounces
  • rock whiskey glass

    Square Whiskey Glasses


    The design of the glass can also help to trap the aroma inside, allowing the drinker to fully experience the bouquet of the whiskey. The size and shape of the glass can also affect the concentration of aroma, which can further enhance the sensory experience of drinking whiskey.

    • Material – Glass
    • Color –       Clear
    • Brand –      Crystal Design
    • Weight:      120 grams
    • Size  –         upper base 7 cm, height 8 cm, lower base 5.5 cm
    • Capacity:    290 ml