Liana Metal Framed Rectangle LED Mirror

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  • Glass Material: Saint-Gobain Mirror
  • Frame Material:  Metal
  • Led Color: Warm White, Natural White & White
  • Brightness: Yes (Hold Longer to Adjust)
  • Defogger: No
  • Touch: Smart One Touch  On / Off
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mounted
  • Is Assembly Required: No

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Liana Metal Framed Rectangle LED Mirror

An Liana Metal Framed Rectangle LED Mirror is a stylish and functional accessory that can enhance your daily routine. This type of mirror is equipped with three LED lights, which provide bright and even illumination, making it easier to apply makeup, shave or perform any other grooming activities. The lights are usually located at the top of the mirror, and they can be turned on and off easily with a touch sensor or a switch.

A rectangle LED mirror is a type of mirror that is designed with built-in LED lights around its perimeter, typically on all four sides. The LED lights provide a soft and even illumination that is perfect for applying makeup, shaving, or styling hair. The rectangular shape of the mirror provides a large viewing area, allowing you to see your entire face and upper body.

These mirrors are usually wall-mounted and come in a variety of sizes, from small and compact to larger sizes that are perfect for a full-length view. The LED lights are usually powered by electricity and can be turned on and off with a simple switch or a touch sensor.

In addition to their practical use, rectangle LED mirrors also serve as stylish and modern décor pieces. They often feature sleek and minimalistic designs that can complement any bathroom or dressing area. Some models may also include additional features such as adjustable brightness levels, magnifying mirrors, and Bluetooth speakers for added convenience.

Overall, a rectangle LED mirror is a useful and stylish addition to any space where grooming and self-care take place, providing ample lighting and a clear view for all your daily needs.

Technical Details:

Lighting type Decorative
LED color Warm White , Natural White & White (3000K)
Touch Yes
Dimmable Yes (Hold Longer to Adjust)
Cable exit From top/bottom
Power Source Plug-in
Mounting mechanism D hooks

Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 6 cm



24 x 18 inch, 30 x 20 inch


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