Shape of Whiskey glass

Shape of Whiskey glass

With the passing time, whiskey keeps changing and comes in different flavors and aromas for whiskey lovers.

Not all whiskeys are the same. Different sizes and spades suit the different whiskey glass and we get an answer after serving some of them. So it is difficult to know which shape of whiskey glass suits the whiskey.

Many European and western countries have different tastes and choices of their whiskey and even they have different glass names, most Americans call a bourbon a whiskey.

This article guides through the type of the whiskey glass and what is best to taste the whiskey.



If you are a longtime fan of whiskey, you know that in the U.K glencairn is the most famous whiskey for its shape, easy to get flavour of whiskey.

This glass is purposely only made for whiskey, has a tulip shape which is similar to snifter and – but you know if you hold the glencairn it is smaller in size and more robust.

It is easy to smell whiskey in glencairn glass, the top releases more aromas of whiskey which direct to the air without releasing to the air and these are available on amazon and online marketplace.


Glencairn are similar to snifters, so let us know a little more about snifter glass, snifter glass also called balloon glass, small stem and the snifter is a trademark to the debonair lounges and exclusive smoking rooms. The best thing about the glass is when you swirled and held horizontally without spilling the whiskey on  your hand, then aromas of the whiskey reached the top of the snifter glass. This is the main reason to appreciate neat whiskey – as well brandy and cognac.


Tall whiskey glass, narrow shape but have a plenty of room for ice and water to get mixed, you can whiskey these glasses specially to mix soda with the whiskey, or whiskey with dry ginger.

Rather than drinking whiskey, these glasses are useful to drink milk, yep – mother uses these glasses to serve milk to the child even sometimes water.

How to hold a Whiskey glass?

Holding whiskey glass helps to swirl the glass without spilling and slow down melting of ice. It is also good for sense of etiquette and when you have a fine whiskey.

Your whiskey glassware can last a lifetime with just a bit of periodic cleaning and care. Maintaining your glasses is easy with the following tips.

Crystal whiskey glasses: how to care for them

  • Rinse glasses thoroughly with warm soapy water before drying with a lint-free cloth.
  • When gripping the stem of glasses, avoid twisting them around the cloth to prevent breakage. The entire glass should be rotated gently instead.
  • Dishwashers should not be used to clean crystal glasses. The surface may become dull or scratched due to heat, friction, or detergents.
  • Cold liquids should not be poured into warm glasses, and hot liquids should not be poured into cold glasses. It is possible for cracks or breaks to occur.
  • Whiskey glasses’ finely crafted rims are the most fragile part, so don’t turn them upside down when drying or storing them.


Can a glass improve the taste of whisky

Glass from bapida and glencairn give the standard of whiskey glass and new sensory experience so remember when you choose the whiskey glass to enhance the chance of whiskey experience and their aromas, choose the different and read some blogs before making a purchase.

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