Types of crystal glassware

12 Types of crystal glassware

Types of crystal glassware

Have you ever wondered what glasses to use for wine? As far as cocktails go, which glass goes with which drink? Which is better, highballs or lowballs? Regardless of your tipple, this handy guide will help you select the right glassware type.

1) Red Wine Glass

Wine glasses for red wines should be rounder and larger so that they can be easily swirled to aerate the wine. It is also helpful to have a long stem for keeping the hand away from the drink, so there is no chance of it becoming too warm. Wine examples include Pinot Noir and Syrah.

(2) White Wine Glass

The mouth area of white wine glasses tends to be smaller, which means there is less surface area for aeration, which means the wine won’t oxidize too fast. White wines generally have lighter, more delicate notes, so this keeps them delicate. Some examples are Chardonnay and Sauvignon.

(3) Flute Glass

This is even more important when it comes to sparkling wine, as it preserves the bubbles and prevents it from going flat too soon. A flute glass is therefore made of a tall, thin bowl with a small mouth. This glass may also be used for Champagne cocktails. Typical examples include Champagne, Prosecco, and Bellini.

(4) Cocktail Glass

Cocktail glasses are traditionally inverted cone bowls that can come in a variety of sizes, usually between 3 and 6 ounces. Cocktails are served without ice in this glass because of its shape, which was inspired by the fact that many traditional cocktails had interesting perfumes, and the large mouth allows the drinker to enjoy the aroma and taste of the drink. Examples: Martinis, Cosmopolitans, Brandy Alexanders, Kamikazes.

(5) Highball Glass

Highball glasses contain very large proportions of non-alcoholic mixers and are used for serving cocktails and other mixed drinks. They are poured over ice. Although one may interchange it for a Collins Glass, the Highball Glass is narrower and shorter in shape. Bloody Marys, Bloody Stormies, Mojitos, and gin & tonics are all examples.

(6) Lowball Glass

This short tumbler holds around 6 to 8 ounces of beverage. It is also known as the lowball glass, Old Fashioned glass, or rocks glass. This low glass has a solid base that works well with muddled drinks but can also be used as a tool for serving liquor neat. The Old Fashioned, Negroni, and White Russian are all good examples of cocktails.

(7) Irish Coffee Glass

In addition to drink glasses made with heat-resistant glass, Irish Coffee glasses have a handle attached to help you hold the cocktail comfortably.

(8) Hurricane Glass

It was poured into hurricane lamp-shaped glasses for the first time, hence the name. The cocktail was created by New Orleans bartender Pat O’Brien in the 1940s. This drink became a staple of the French Quarter, and its name stuck.

(9) Martini Glass

Cocktail glasses were initially used for Martinis, but their shape evolved into vodka-based ‘tinis’ through the 1990s, and serving sizes increased. In contrast to traditional cocktail glasses, martini glasses have a larger bowl and a fully conical bottom.

10) Margarita Glass

A classic margarita used to be served in margarita glasses, sometimes described as a “stepped-diameter variation of a cocktail glass.” These are no longer common in general bars and homes, as many other types of glassware have become popular.

(11) The Glencairn Whisky Glass

Glencairn Crystal Ltd. developed this piece to maximize whisky flavor. This glass borrows the wide bowl of traditional nosing glasses, used by master blenders to expose aromas and display colors, but has a tapered mouth for ease of drinking.

(12) Snifter Glass

Glasses with snifters have very short stems that are intended to be cradled in the hand, keeping the drink warm. In addition to being able to swirl the drink, the shorter mouth traps aromas and presents them to the drinker as they sip. Brandy and whisky are mainly brown spirits.

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