9 Best Wash Basin Mirror Design

9 Best Wash Basin Mirror Design

Wash Basin Mirror Design

There is a mirror that can help you bring both form and function to your bathroom, no matter the theme. Additionally, you can revitalize the feel and vibe of your bathroom decor simply by swapping the mirror if your bathroom feels dated and boring. 

Bathroom mirrors are available in many different styles on the online market, from traditional shapes to ones that are part of a cabinet. You can also experiment with different styles and look for mirrors that serve as decor accessories and vanity mirrors at the same time. 

Rectangular mirrors have a classic, fussfree appeal while round, oval, and oblong mirrors look modern and attractive. We recommend these mirrors to help you decide what kind of mirror you want for your bathroom: 

1. Frameless Bathroom Mirror 

Puzzle Wall Mirror 2

An Astinguish mirror, with its stylish beveled frameless design, makes your bathroom or any other room a masterpiece.

Mirrors like this are extremely beautiful, where their cutting and design make them stand out among the rest. Your bathroom looks great with this mirror.

The main characteristic of this mirror is its bevel. It has been cut in an outstanding manner. This is the perfect mirror to decorate your bathroom.

Mirrors like this have always been popular products. They are 4mm Modi Ultraguard mirrors. Your own look will be reflected in this mirror.

2. Wood Frame Mirror – Excellent for washbasins

As long as there have been mirrors, we have always used them to make ourselves stronger. Mirrors are a reflection of your own beauty. Everyone loves color, so we all do. People are just drawn to this wood frame wall mirror because it comes with a unique color choice.

Color is what makes a mirror attractive and lovable. In this unique piece of art, gold is like jewels, black is like roses, red is like love, green is like foliage, orange is like sunshine and so many other colors can’t be ignored.

A special coating on this Prestigious mirror makes the bevelled more classy and unique with this handmade masterpiece.

White Wood Round Wall Mirror 2

3. Oval Shape Mirror – An Innovative Wash Basin Design

Mirrors are said to be like discovering a whole new world of decor. Therefore, the next beauty masterpiece has a beveled handmade cut that is famous.

An example of adding beauty to your walls would be the beveled with wave shape design.

In a mirror, you don’t just see yourself, you see your desire to be happy every day. The mirror’s frameless 5mm Saint-Gobain quality mirror adds a touch of elegance. 

Oval Decorative Wall Mirror for Home Hotel Bedroom Bathroom White Wall Mirror 1

4. Frameless Vanity Mirror – A super classic design

Decoration defines your class and standard in every corner of your bathroom.

Mirrors without frames have always been a great choice for your bathroom, but their unique cut with beveled edges makes them even more exquisite.

This unique cut mirror features a beveled edge on the inside to add extra beauty to your bathroom.

This 5mm framed 5mm quality mirror from Saint-Gobain adds true beauty to the mirror. You will find that a Frameless Vanity Mirror is the perfect mirror for your bathroom.

5. Long Wall Mirror – Ideal mirror for small bathrooms

Any decor will benefit from a mirror. This has become a popular way of showing off your wall’s beauty. It defines your style.

You probably know how important a mirror is to the look of your bathroom. The room looks larger when it’s decorated with a perfect-sized mirror. 

If you have a small bathroom, you might like to consider a mirror with a wide frame. A unique masterpiece mirror is the answer to your quest for a perfect sized mirror for your small bathroom.

Small bathrooms look even more stunning with this long wall mirror with curved edges. Your bathroom will have a striking look with the curve edges and the handmade bevels. 

6. Square Frameless Mirror – Highly regarded for its simplicity

Today, square-shaped mirrors are often found in houses. Its square edges give it an edgy look, giving it an atypical appearance.

You can enhance your bathroom decor with square edging and bevel. For those who value simplicity at its best, this mirror is the perfect choice.

In its own classical way, this Wash Basin Mirror defines simplicity in all its facets. Add a square wall mirror to your bathroom for added beauty and elegance. Frameless has always been a popular choice for bathrooms.

The simplicity of this mirror is what makes it so beautiful. There is a bevel on top, in the bottom, on the left, on the right that defines the ideal washbasin.

7. Rectangle Decorative Mirror – Beautiful Zig Zag Wash Basin Mirror

It is indeed very difficult to find the perfect mirror for your bathroom. The mirrors that we are introducing have always been in demand for a long time; with us, you can skip the process of finding a perfect one.

The zig zag border of this decorative mirror makes it a perfect and bold choice for your bathroom and wash basin. This mirror has a charming beauty and finishing due to the handmade design work.

There is something highly attractive about the border of this mirror. A bevel polished finish adds an extra touch of elegance to this piece of art. An artwork like this will enhance the beauty of any wall in your house.

One should consider purchasing this mirror because it is a luxurious collection. A decorative masterpiece, the mirror has an extra border mirror above the main mirror that adds to its beauty.

wash basin mirror design

8. The 3D wall mirror – an innovative design for the wash basin

With a 3D Mirror you can make any wall look extraordinary. This is the most unique and innovative mirror out there.

You don’t want to miss out on this unique 3d masterpiece mirror. Not only will it illuminate your bathroom but it will also enhance its beauty. With modern mirror designs, people are fascinated by the variety of styles available.

Bathrooms should have this unique and different design. Despite its top notch bevel and the 3D border that outshines and enhances its beauty even more with the mirror stick atop, there is no way to describe this mirror.

You can bring beauty to your bathroom with 3D mirror designs that people have never seen before.

wash basin mirror design

9. Vanity Wall Art Frame- Single-sided gold border

Vanity Wall Wood Mirror 1

Mirrors have a lot to offer, from their shape to their design, everything about them is adorable. Mirrors with gold mirror borders are relatively rare, but they add an extra level of beauty to this mirror.

It is the quality of the wood that makes every mirror great. Our solid wood mirrors come with a lifetime warranty.

Mirrors of the highest quality possible, the 5mm Saint-Gobin, have been affixed to a masterpiece.

It is a unique design especially made for those who want to create a wonderland of beauty on their walls. 

How to hang a wall mirror above the basin?

1. Prepare the bathroom mirror for installation and be safe while doing so

  • Support your mirror with the studs behind the wall, if possible. Make sure you have all the mounting hardware you need, and if you are using mounting brackets, be sure to place them on a level plane in order to support the mirror equally.
  • It is a good idea to have someone assist you in installing a larger bathroom mirror. Ensure your mirror’s mounting hardware is rated to handle its weight. 
  • For additional installation guidelines on hanging a bathroom mirror if you live in a seismic zone, consult your local building code.

2. A framed mirror

  • Make sure the mirror frame has a hanger bracket if you’re installing a bathroom mirror with a frame. A wire can be connected between two side brackets if the mirror frame does not already have a bracket at the top. Pull the wire tight so that when it is pulled tight, the curve is just below the top edge of the frame. 
  • Snip any excess wire with pliers after winding the wire several times around itself. 
  • Once you have marked the desired spot on the wall, attach a hook of the proper size. 
  • Level the mirror by hanging the wire on the hook and adjusting the mirror.

3. Frameless Mirrors

  • Clips are usually used to hold frameless mirrors. When installing a bathroom mirror, the first step is to choose a mirror location. You will then need to determine how many clips you will need based on the mirror’s size. When mounting the mirror on a wall or door, take into account the composition of the wall or door. 
  • Consider adding a frame to your frameless mirror for an inexpensive way to dress it up. You can create a custom frame using a picture frame moulding. 
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